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Ride to support cincinnati tea party on sept 5 in west chester ohio, Voice of America park.
Stand With Us Now. Our kids are fighting and Dying for Freedoms that are Evaporating before our eyes. To HONOUR all of our Veterans and those Active in Afganistan,Iraq and everywhere else. We MUST stand up to those who are burning the very core of what we are...The Constitution of The United States.

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God Bless Each And Everyone One of You! I'm not a rider but my heart will be with you. I am a tea partier and I will carry a sign in honor of all veterans and the soldiers dying now for our freedom. I AM standing up to what they are doing to our country, our constitution and our freedom every chance I get. I'm reading everything I can and when I show up in Washington DC on Sept. 12, I'll know what I'm talking about. WE HAVE TO STAND STRONG TOGETHER AGAINST ANYONE WHO WOULD TAKE AWAY OUR RIGHTS AND DIMINISH OUR COUNTRY'S HERITAGE111 I'm from Michigan and will be attending every activitiy including four tea parties and protests at the radical left activities to promote Obama's government takeover of our health system. Everyone needs to read Dick Morris's book Catastrophe to get a real insight to what our government, Obama and his czars are really trying to do to this country!


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