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Article 4 - The States: Section 4

  I have been puzzled about this Article for quite a few years and have wondered why it seems to be completely overlooked or ignored for th…

Started by Jack Coleman

0 Jul 6, 2012

If a state seceeds, are its people still American citizens?

This is a hypothetical question, but with the SCOTUS ruling and the way that Odrama is ripping our Constitution and country asunder, it soo…

Started by Chris Jurrians

9 Jun 27, 2012
Reply by Phillip J. Barker

New Follower

Hi ~ I've just joined the Constitutional Study Group, as I did study the 10 week course via Hillsdale College ;)  I am also retaking the co…

Started by Constance Strait

6 May 17, 2012
Reply by Mark

Why not a Constitutional Convention (Con Con)?

The idea of a "Con Con" seems to be brought up from time to time as a solution to overcome all obstacles that have been constructed over ti…

Started by Dallas Jordan

55 Mar 20, 2012
Reply by Publius Huldah

The Declaration of Independence - The principle points of controversy between Great Britain and Her Colonies

Being grateful to Publius and this group I feel compelled to try to give something in return and as is often necessary to have my understan…

Started by Jon Brunke

47 Mar 17, 2012
Reply by Jon Brunke

The Broken Contract

The Constitution is the document under which the original 13 States AGREED to be bound together as the United States of America. Subsequent…

Started by J. Andrew Reid

15 Mar 7, 2012
Reply by J. Andrew Reid

Free Speech

Can I say what I want to can't I? Fed Gov cannot tell me what I can say. It cannot limit my free speech. That is easily understood if you r…

Started by Ed Bradford

8 Feb 3, 2012
Reply by Ed Bradford

Fifth Amendment

CAN the federal gov't and/or its employees claim the 5th against incrimination? I know that the mobsters used it, some corporate executives…

Started by Chris Jurrians

3 Jan 20, 2012
Reply by William Eugene


PasswordsA recent court case came up where a person is being compelled to divulge the password to her encrypted disk drive. At issue is whe…

Started by Ed Bradford

4 Jan 11, 2012
Reply by Larry Cumbie

The EPA or Not!

How would a CONSTITUTIONALIST handle the problem of universally acknowledged pollution originating in another state? Are federal laws the o…

Started by Ed Bradford

5 Jan 10, 2012
Reply by Publius Huldah


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