Thank you for starting this nice site for Cain.  I appreciate it very much. I hope more  and more join.

Cain said he does not want us to become part of Europe. I am glad for that. He has many great ideas.

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Yvonne, we must invite all our friends to join! Great post! Thank you Steve Foley for starting this group!

I am going to tell my son-in-law today. He is going to be so happy. Awhile back he told me about Cain, but he did

not know his name then, just that he won the Republican debate that he saw, and that he was CEO for a pizza place. Then I found Cain's name on the Tea Party site and checked him out on You Tube.  I am also going to tell friends. I would feel so much better with Cain in office.

I sure did send my friends the site. As he becomes more out there the more people will listen. Look what he did in the Fox debate. The majority was for him. He has a great personality too go along with common sense.


Thanks Pam, I sure do agree, and thanks for telling your friends. Let me tell you what Obama did lately. He came

to one of the border towns in Texas, and acted like those people were a bunch of paranoids because they were

worried about the border. He has not even fixed it where the fence goes over fully, and he said some snide remark

about people wanting a mote with alligators. One lady wrote Obama a letter to tell him the drug cartel made 2 huge

fires near her, and there have been break ins. I sure hope Cain takes his place.


I did see Obama in Texas on Fox. He is such a piece of work. Sooooooo arrogant. My husband just came back from the great State of Texas. He loved the billboards with Obama and on it,it said Socialist. When I heard he wouldn't even return a call from Gov Perry for help for the wild fires that made me sick,but he jumped in to help Mexico with their wild fires. What the crap is this about ? If you noticed any Republican Gov doesn't get the help they need,goes back to oil spill in LA. Crist got into bed with Obama FL came ok ,but then he lost his election because of it,people was smart then,and will be smart again.

The boders have to be secured for Amercians safety,who knows how many of the Muslim's has came over here along with the drug cartels.We are in trouble and so many people don't even have an idea.







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