I met Herman Cain in Las Vegas last year at an Americans for Prosperity event.  Then heard him in New Orleans this month.  I think he is just the expert we need at this time in our poor damaged county's life.

I am solid for him, my only concern is that I cannot seem to reach him so that I can help here in Shenandoah and Roanoke Valley's of Virginia!  I have a small but dedicated team ready to help Herman win!!  Anyone have a suggestion?  Is there a ground game set up in Virginia?  If so, who?  We don't want to be paid staff, but are experienced and committed to Constitutional governance and believe Herman Cain would bring that to our federal system.

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Have you tried contacting his campaign through Facebook.  Just put Herman Cain in the Search block and it will show up.


I really like him too.


Dan Dunham

Mooresville, IN

Thanks but I do NOT do face book nor any social media.  I will connect with him sooner or later.

As do I Mr. Morrris, I do the same in the western part of Virginia.  I have finally made contact with a person and also donate what I can when I can.  My main issue was an opportunity to get copies of his booklet that outlines his positions as I was attending a Republican Women's Retreat last weekend and will be attending a significant event for Republicans on July 9th.  I wanted to hand out the material, I was willing to pay for the material.  To date I have received a phone call saying that would be difficult and then nothing more.


Ground game is important and these are lost opportunites to raise public awareness in a group needed to win primaries.  His team is not doing him any favors to ignore such a request.


Let's keep up our efforts.  He is doing very well with 50% of the public knowing who is is as opposed to nearly 100% for Romney.


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