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Comment by American Infidel on March 12, 2012 at 7:55am

Rick and his oldest daughter Elizabeth Santorum's campaign schedule for Monday, March 12th:

Monday, March 12:

8:30am CST: Senator Santorum will be meeting and greeting patrons at McElroy's On the Bayou in Ocean Springs, MS.

McElroy's On the Bayou
705 Blenville Boulevard
Ocean Springs, MS 39564

9:15am HAST: Elizabeth Santorum will participate in a Rick Santorum for President sign wave in Honlulu, HI.

Corner of King & Punch Bowl
Honolulu, HI

11:00am CST: Senator Santorum will speak at the Gulf Coast Energy Summit in Biloxi, MS.

Gulf Coast Coliseum and Convention Center
2350 Beach Boulevard
Biloxi, MS 39531

12:30pm HAST: Elizabeth Santorum will be the special guest at a brown bag lunch at the Republican Party headquarters in Honolulu, HI.

Republican Party Headquarters
725 Kapiolani Boulevard #C-105
Honolulu, HI

1:30pm CST: Senator Santorum will be meeting and greeting patrons at Dreamland Bar-B-Que in Tuscaloosa, AL.

Dreamland Bar-B-Que
5535 15th Avenue, East
Tuscaloosa, AL 35405

2:00pm HAST: Elizabeth Santorum will visit the Hawaii State Capitol Building in Honolulu, HI.

Hawaii State Capitol
415 South Beretania Street
Honolulu, HI

4:00pm HAST: Elizabeth Santorum will participate in a Rick Santorum for President sign wave in Honolulu, HI.

Corner of King & Punch Bowl Street
Honolulu, HI

5:00pm CST: Senator Santorum will be participating in the
Alabama Republican Party Candidate Forum in Birmingham, AL.

Alabama Theatre
1817 3rd Avenue North
Birmingham, AL 35203

6:30pm HAST: Elizabeth Santorum will be the featured guest at the Republican Party Open House/Potluck Dinner in Honolulu, HI.

Republican Party Headquarters
725 Kapiolani Boulevard #C-105
Honolulu, HI

8:00pm CST: Senator Santorum will be holding a Rally for Rick in Montgomery, AL.

Alabama Activities Center
201 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104

Comment by CW Jovaras on September 16, 2011 at 11:39am

Mychal Massie is chairman of the National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives-Project 21 – a conservative black think tank located in Washington, D.C. He was recognized as the 2008 Conservative Man of the Year by the Conservative Party of Suffolk County , N.Y. He is a nationally recognized political activist, pundit and columnist. He has appeared on Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC, C-SPAN, NBC, Comcast Cable and talk radio programming nationwide. A former self-employed business owner of more than 30 years, Massie can be followed at mychal-massie.com.


Three significant historical events have been eclipsed by Obama: 1) Jimmy Carter will no longer be looked upon as the worst president in American history; 2) Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton will no longer be recognized as the greatest liars in presidential history; 3) Clinton's stain on Monica's dress, and what that did to the White House in general and the office of the president specifically, will forever pale in comparison to the stain and stench of Obama.

 I need not spend much time on the failure of Obama as president. His tenure has been a failure on every measurable level. So much so, in fact, that some of the staunchest, most respected liberal Democrats and Democratic supporters have not only openly criticized him – some even more harshly than this essayist – but they have called for him to step down.

 Richard Nixon's words "I am not a crook," punctuated with his involvement in Watergate, and Bill Clinton's finger-wagging as he told one of the most pathetic lies in presidential history, in the aftermath of Obama, will be viewed as mere prevarications.

 Mr. Nixon and Clinton lied to save their backsides. Although, I would argue there are no plausible explanations for doing what they did, I could entertain arguments pursuant to understanding their rationales for lying. But in the case of Obama, he lies because he is a liar. He doesn't only lie to cover his misdeeds – he lies to get his way. He lies to belittle others and to make himself look presentable at their expense. He lies about his faith, his associations, his mother, his father and his wife. He lies and bullies to keep his background secret. His lying is congenital and compounded by socio-psychological factors of his life.

 Never in my life, inside or outside of politics, have I witnessed such dishonesty in a political leader. He is the most mendacious political figure I have ever witnessed. Even by the low standards of his presidential predecessors, his narcissistic, contumacious arrogance is unequalled. Using Obama as the bar, Nero would have to be elevated to sainthood.

 As the stock markets were crashing, taking with them the remaining life saving of untold tens of thousands, Obama was hosting his own birthday celebration, which was an event of epicurean splendidness. The shamelessness of the event was that it was not a state dinner to welcome foreign dignitaries, nor was it to honor an American accomplishment – it was to honor the Pharaoh, Barack Hussein Obama. The event's sole purpose was for the Pharaoh to have his loyal subjects swill wine, indulge in gluttony and behavior unfit to take place on the property of taxpayers, as they suffer. It was of a magnitude comparable to that of Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski's $2 million birthday extravaganza for its pure lack of respect for the people.

 Permit me to digress momentarily. The U.S. Capitol and the White House were built with the intent of bringing awe and respect to America and her people. They were also built with the intent of being the greatest of equalizers. I can tell you, having personally been to both, there is a moment of awe and humility associated with being in the presence of the history of those buildings. They are to be honored and inscribed into our national psyche, not treated as a Saturday night house party at Chicago 's Cabrini-Green.

 The people of America own that home Obama and his wife continue to debase with their pan-ghetto behavior. It is clear that Obama and family view themselves as royalty, but they're not. They are employees of "we the people," who are suffering because of his failed policies. What message does this behavior send to those who today are suffering as never before?

 What message does it send to all Americans who are struggling? Has anyone stopped to think what the stock market downturn forebodes for those 80 million baby boomers who will be retiring in the next period of years? Is there a snowball's chance in the Sahara that every news program on the air would applaud this behavior if it were George W. Bush? To that point, do you remember the media thrashing Bush took for having a barbecue at the White House?

Like Nero – who was only slightly less debaucherous than Caligula – with wine on his lips Obama treated "we the people" the way Caligula treated those over whom he lorded.

 Many in America wanted to be proud when the first person of color was elected president, but instead, they have been witness to a congenital liar, a woman who has been ashamed of America her entire life, failed policies, intimidation and a commonality hitherto not witnessed in political leaders. He and his wife view their life at our expense as an entitlement – while America 's people go homeless, hungry and unemployed.

Comment by CW Jovaras on September 9, 2011 at 6:37am

On 9/8/2011 President Obama gave a speech about Jobs.  Remember this fact about his speech.

General Electric is planning to move its 115-year-old X-ray division from Waukesha, Wis., to Beijing. In addition to moving the  headquarters, the company will invest $2 billion in China and train more than 65 engineers and create six research centers. This is the same GE that made $5.1 billion in the United States last year, but paid no taxes-the same  company that employs more people overseas than it does in the United States.

So let me get this straight. President Obama appointed GE Chairman Jeff Immelt to head his commission on job creation (job czar). Immelt is supposed to help create jobs.

I guess the President forgot to tell him in which country he was supposed to be creating those jobs.
If this doesn't show you the total lack of leadership of this President, I don't know what does.

 View this video and explain why American companies are sending jobs and the technology to China.
 This is an act of Treason.


Comment by Pete Riehm on July 21, 2011 at 9:14am

We need to take a stand and show public support for those standing against more taxes and continued deficit spending.  We are organizing state wide rallies 28July.  Please check out this call to action and contact us.  Thanks.



Comment by JOE EARL ADAMS on June 25, 2011 at 4:33pm

If you haven't done so, then check out this link on how much money is being wasted, borrowed, interest, and is killing our nation.


Comment by Big John Smith on June 25, 2011 at 11:48am
Sadly, what is missing in the conscience of most Americans is the knowledge of what has held this great country of ours together; belief in God, Family and one of the greatest documents ever conceived with the help of divine providence, our Constitution.

     Today, people in desperation are wondering what is going on in our society and cannot put their finger on the problem. What they can see with their senses is that, living is becoming a hard proposition to sustain. It is like ever mounting problems are closing in on existence, mainly now coming from our institution of federal government.

      With our citizens working hard to make ends meet, there are those in the shadows of a growing power crafting ordinances that are molding a greater central totalitarian authority that is taking advantage of Americans in dismay.

      American brethren, we have but to look to our God for guidance and history as our compass and realize what brother Beck has stated, “We are the key to restoring our nation!” we must have the heart and will to take back the rings of power to change our outcome for the better.



Comment by JOE EARL ADAMS on June 18, 2011 at 12:23pm

I'm glad to see that Alabama has signed the Illegal Alian law as promised by the governor.

With the Republicans controlling the state government for the first time in 146 years, we finally did it.

I had my drivers license renewed Wednesday in Tuscaloosa, and noticed all the Spanich signs were down, only good ole American!

Comment by JOE EARL ADAMS on June 5, 2011 at 4:50pm

There is no local group for me to join. I've had two Lipton Tea bags hanging from my rear view mirrow since 2004 When Rus and Dee Fine had the first Tea Party I've ever heard of. It was in the Winfrey Hotel. Had to do with a tax for schools. I've still got the yard sign I put up to vote NO

Taxed Enough Already

I'm a REAL Teabagger.

Comment by William A McCrory on May 21, 2011 at 2:41pm
Sorry. Spelling of Governor!
Comment by William A McCrory on May 21, 2011 at 2:40pm

Perhaps we can use what Ed Koch (former Gonernor of New York) said about Barack Obama and his inability as a Foreign Affairs Liaison. Mr. Koch said he would switch parties if Republican's introduced an intelligent candidate who is also good in Fareign Affairs. Let us seek the Jewish population.

What do you think of Oliver North as President and Mike Huckabee as Vice President?


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