Republicans are looking at seats that can be picked up in the fall election to give the Republicans a majority in the House of Representatives.  

One of the best pick up opportunities is in Florida’s 13th Congressional District.  This district is currently represented by Charlie Crist. You may remember him. He was a Republican, then he was an independent and now he is a Democrat.  As a Democrat, he votes in lock step with Nancy Pelosi.

Several Republicans are running in the Republican Primary to try and take Crist out.  One is George Buck.  He is a veteran of the 101st Airborne.  He is a firefighter. He is a patriotic American.

While Charlie Crist goes on MSNBC to spread the hysteria about the Chinese Wuhan Virus, George Buck wants to make America Great.

Florida 13 is only a D+2 district. In plain, non-political English, that means a Republican can win in this district, especially with a good turnout.  George Buck is the candidate who supports President Trump and we need more Members of Congress who support President Trump.

Tea Party Nation is proud to endorse George Buck to be the next Congressman from Florida’s 13thCongressional District.


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