Friday Top Headlines

by Political Editors: Multiple dead, unknown injuries in shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas, perpetrator in custody (ABC News)

Gunman arrested at Trump resort in Florida after opening fire, yelling “anti-Trump sentiment” (Fox News)

DOJ’s inspector general finally completes probe of liar-Hillary Clinton (The Washington Times)

Trump administration set to resurrect ban on abortion counseling at federally funded clinics (Fox News)

Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards given human rights award (CNS News)

Gina Haspel confirmed as CIA chief (The Washington Post)

Democrats: Trump judicial nominees care too much about being impartial (National Review)

California’s second Gilded Age: bigger mansions, more homeless (USA Today)

U.S. resettling more refugees than the population of Philadelphia (The Washington Free Beacon)

Rejecting Rand Paul’s budget, Republicans commit to fiscal irresponsibility (Reason)

China plans up to $200 billion in trade concessions, but skepticism abounds (The New York Times)

Trump promises Kim “protections” if North Korea surrenders nuclear weapons (National Review)

dinky-Warren reveals her plan to fundamentally transform America (The Western Journal)

Two in five top-ranking liberal arts schools have no full-time Republican professors (Reason)

“The Handmaid’s Tale” now suggests Christians want child brides (The Daily Wire)

Humor report: Someone’s dad not attending royal wedding or something, or wow, who cares, seriously (The Babylon Bee)

Policy: Tax reform: Growing our economy and creating jobs (American Action Forum)

Policy: CDC neglect is killing Americans (Hudson Institute) ~The Patriot Post


Levin Told Giuliani How to Call MuellerbDogs Off Trump – And it Worked


{ } ~ Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani is making the announcement of the effective end of the witch hunt… that Robert Mueller has conceded to him the inevitable, that a sitting president cannot be indicted and that Mueller has assured him that he will not seek an indictment against President Trump. The fact that he has no case against him might have helped steer him towards that conclusion as well. What’s left now is a search for a means to get out of this fiasco he, Sessions, Rosenstein and Wray have created. Saving face, aside from the obvious failures personally in that department for “Old Seabiscuit,” is now topping the to do list, along with crafting a report to be released in time and worded in such a manner as to be most effective politically before the midterms. Charles Payne evidently doesn’t watch Mark Levin, who has been stressing that Mueller was violating DOJ regulations as well as opinions by the Office of Legal Counsel, both on his own program and on Hannity. He asked his guest, former DOJ Assistant Chief Deputy Ron Bamieh why he’s just now hearing about determinations that it is impossible to indict a sitting president. Aside from the obvious response that it would have made the witch hunt impossible, Bamieh pretty much ignores the why it’s been kept a secret portion of the question and explains instead why it has to be this way…



Congressional Leaders say FBI and DOJ ‘Lying through their Teeth’!

by Onan Coca

{ } ~ Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) is preparing to retire from Congress… and I wonder if the disgusting mess in our intelligence community has anything to do with his decision to leave public life? Issa recently appeared on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the moral collapse at the FBI and the Department of Justice. Darrell Issa: I’ve been in their shoes of having to sit at the table in meetings with Justice Department officials, and then having to turn that “good conversation” into actual production of documents…I once sat in the capitol with scum-Eric Holder as he told me there were only 200 documents, and he would give us those documents in an unprecedented way if we put an end to the investigation of Fast & Furious. Tens of thousands of additional documents, some of them showing his actual interference with the discovery process, and we’re still not done with it…


Commies Celebrate PA Primary Wins – Dems Tout Totalitarian Progress


{ } ~ The commies, globalist Democrats, have something to cheer about in their effort to take over the United States… continuing the liar-nObama push away from representative government towards universal slavery for the masses. There also seems to be a bit of a patriotism problem in Pennsylvania, with four of the supporters of jack-booted wealth redistribution and mandated sameness winning primary elections on Tuesday. But they weren’t just your garden variety Democrats, the communist-lite version that presently votes en bloc to disrupt and obstruct every positive effort by Republicans and conservatives in our government. They were members of the most radical, commie-red variety of Democrat, the Democratic Socialists of America. Their website features a quote from anti-American “intellectual” Cornel West that encapsulates the threat pretty well. He says, “DSA is the major organization on the American left with an all-embracing moral vision, systematic social analysis, and political praxis rooted in the quest for radical democracy, social freedom, and individual liberties.”…


Liberal Media’s Love Affair with Murderous Hamas Continues

by Brigitte Gabriel

{ } ~ As I browsed through the headlines of mainstream media outlets reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian clash in Gaza… which has resulted in 58 dead so far and more than 1,000 wounded, I couldn’t help but wonder: Why is anti-Semitism so well-tolerated by the Left? With the historic opening of the U.S Embassy in Jerusalem, President Donald Trump has finally given our greatest ally, Israel, the respect and dignity it deserves by recognizing its right to determine its own capital. While this would seem a no-brainer to those who believe in national sovereignty, not all are celebrating. As was expected, the historic embassy opening was met with violence from Palestinian terrorists, who continue to verify why supporting Israel, and defunding the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) — which incentivizes terror attacks against Israelis — is so critically important…


World must tell Gaza’s Hamas-abused masses the truth: There will be no ‘return’


{ } ~ After Monday’s terrible violence and loss of Palestinian life on the Gaza border… the world owes the Palestinians some painful but simple truths. Weeks of Hamas-spurred “March of Return” rallies — with their accompanying riots, bids to cut through the border fence in order to carry out attacks inside Israel, dispatch of blazing attack kites, trashing of the Gaza aid infrastructure at the Kerem Shalom crossing, et al — are not going to work. Just like terror tunnels, and rocket fire, and suicide bombings, car rammings and drive-by shootings haven’t worked. The Hamas strategy won’t work, no matter how successfully it captures the international narrative of what is playing out here. Anguished by the loss of life, Israel will nonetheless defend its borders…


Compromise in Transgender Debate Demands Rejection of Reality

by Louis DeBroux: By its very nature, truth exists independent of our beliefs, opinions, prejudices and superstitions. It does not bend to our will and is not subject to a majority vote. We may reject truth, we may rage against it, but truth remains, unfazed. “Facts don’t care about your feelings,” as Ben Shapiro put it.

It is curious, then, that the conservative National Review would publish an article calling for a societal rejection of biological truth in the name of compromise. Conservatism, after all, is a philosophy rooted in the pursuit of objective truth.

In “Time for a Compromise on Transgenderism,” NR’s J.J. McCullough calls on conservatives, in the name of compromise, to set aside rational thought and biological reality and embrace the delusion behind transgenderism; namely, that sex/gender is not rooted in our DNA, but in our feelings. Though laudable in its attempt to strengthen social cohesion, it is nevertheless a study in falsehoods and contradictions.

McCullough declares, “Homosexual people are unavoidable and common. … Through education, and especially exposure, homosexuality is no longer regarded as bizarre, threatening, or mysterious.”

First, homosexuals and transgenders are actually only a tiny subset of the population. According to ULCA’s Williams Institute, just 1.7% of the U.S. population identifies as homosexual, and just 0.3% as transgender. Other studies put the number of homosexuals at 3-4%. But fewer Americans identify as transgender than have heterochromia (two different colored eyes). It should also be noted that both homosexuality and transgenderism are behaviors, not biological traits.

Second, social acceptance of a behavior does not convey moral validity. The Communist Chinese implemented the one-child policy, but social acceptance of the policy does not make the tens of millions of abortions it brought about any less murder. Or you could go the Nazi Holocaust route. Enough said.

McCullough declares resistance to the normalization of deviant sexual behavior is an “immature, demagogic phase” of American life, ignoring the fact it is the LGBT proponents who are aggressively trying to overturn thousands of years of social order and proven biological science.

Americans who hold to traditional morality and biological reality are accused of hatred and bigotry, forced by the state to deny reality and violate deeply held religious beliefs, or face hate-crimes charges, public vilification and even the loss of their livelihoods.

McCullough’s “compromise” is for the reality-based population (i.e., “cultural conservatives and traditionalists”) to extend “broad tolerance for the reality that transgender men and women exist, and are entitled to basic human dignity, just like everyone else.” This is a straw man. No conservative calls for mistreating transgenders or denying basic human rights. Just the opposite; Christians proclaim the eternal worth of every soul as a child of God.

However, dignity is a subjective term. It flows outward from dignified people, and cannot be granted. Despite being mocked, cursed and spat upon, Christ could not be robbed of his regal dignity by the offending Jews. On the other hand, those engaged in the most flamboyant displays of sexual deviancy during LGBT parades cannot obtain dignity, regardless of the coercive power of the state.

Though McCullough claims transgenderism is a “persistent aspect of humanity,” that is demonstrably false. Examples of effeminate homosexual men, or “butch” lesbians, have long been with us, but the claim that a biological male is an actual woman, or vice versa, is very recent, not to mention delusional.

More important than these battles in the culture wars are the implications for life itself.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the first U.S. institution to perform “sex reassignment” surgery, “The belief that gender identity is an innate, fixed human property independent of biological sex — so that a person might be a ‘man trapped in a woman’s body’ or ‘a woman trapped in a man’s body’ — is not supported by scientific evidence.”

Furthermore, studies show a staggering 41% of transgendered people attempt suicidein their lifetimes, and that suicide rate is relatively constant regardless of other variables, like living in an area where homosexuality/transgenderism is widely accepted. Nurturing their delusion, rather than providing treatment, is cruel and deadly.

Even McCullough admits, “The risk of psychologically and physically damaging children by encouraging or enabling them to embrace transgender identities before pubescence must be acknowledged as a valid concern backed by credible evidence.”

Yet if the first phase of the compromise is for conservatives to accept the delusional altered reality of transgenderism, then on what basis does one then reject allowing a sexually confused child to “transition”?

The problem with McCollough’s entire argument is that the Rainbow Mafia is not interested in compromise; they simply demand our surrender. Prior to the Supreme Court’s Oberge fell ruling, LGBT proponents mockingly asked conservatives to tell them how our lives would change if same-sex marriage was legal. As we predicted, so they have done. Christians are being persecuted by the state, ostracized by society and denied their constitutionally protected rights to freedom of religion, speech and association. Their livelihoods are being destroyed.

So while McCullough’s intentions are worthy, his approach is completely wrong. No person should be forced to accept biological falsehoods, nor violate their moral and religious beliefs, to appease a few militant, biologically confused people. We should never, ever allow the compulsive power of the state to silence debate, especially when one side is rooted in delusion. ~The Patriot Post


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