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Republican Richard Burr is one of several senators who, as we previously reported, is suspected of leveraging non-public coronavirus information for insider trading. The North Carolina lawmaker “temporarily stepped aside as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday after the FBI served a search warrant for his cellphone,” according to the AP. Meanwhile, The Hill adds that “Sen. Dianne Fein-stein (D-Calif.) spoke to the FBI and handed over documents last month related to recent stock transactions by her husband.” However, Fein-stein’s spokesman says “there have been no follow up actions on this issue.” Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler has also furnished trade documents. Unfortunately, Burr’s recklessness in particular could have political ramifications for Republicans this fall.

The House will vote today on House Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi’s dreamy debt bomb. According to Fox News, “liar-Pelosi acknowledged Thursday the long odds of the Democrats’ $3 trillion coronavirus relief legislation of becoming law and suggested the massive bill could be a starting point of negotiations with the White House and Senate.” The Hill adds, “Striking a bipartisan deal over a new coronavirus relief bill is becoming increasingly unlikely before June” due to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s legitimate concerns about runaway spending and the Democrats’ statist agenda.

Government & Politics

White House will add to coronavirus task force with an emphasis on reopening the country (Washington Examiner)

Ousted whistleblower Dr. Rick Bright — who was not under oath — unloads on Trump administration’s coronavirus response in congressional testimony (NBC News)

PBS stations that received millions in federal funds partnered with Chinese foreign agent on pro-Beijing film (The Daily Caller)

“Hard to capture in words”: Fed survey shows almost 40% of American households making less than $40,000 lost a job in March (The Week)

National Security

Trump floats cutting off “whole relationship” with China as punishment (The Daily Caller)

Chinese state media warn country will interfere in U.S. election (The Washington Free Beacon)

Senate passes FISA surveillance bill with new protections, but differences with the House version makes its political fate uncertain (NPR)

Trump administration to extend border restrictions until coronavirus no longer poses a “danger”; just two asylum seekers have been granted access since March (National Review)

Culture & Heartland

Social distancing in U.S. drops significantly from height of COVID-19 pandemic (USA Today)

Of the 5,141 virus deaths in Massachusetts, 3,095 have occurred in the state’s nursing homes — more than 60%, double the percentage even in New York (Boston Herald)

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer slapped with lawsuit over “drastic” lockdown (The Washington Times)

Other Notables

Leaked data from a Chinese military-run university suggests China may have 640,000 coronavirus cases, not 80,000 (New York Post)

Profiles of Valor: Staff Sgt. Ron Shurer, Medal of Honor recipient who saved lives in Afghanistan, dead at 41 after cancer battle (Fox News)

Trump to ask Supreme Court to stop emoluments lawsuit claiming president profits unlawfully from DC hotel (CNBC)

Closing Arguments

Policy: How much are we spending to prevent one COVID-19 death — millions, billions, trillions? Nobody knows (Issues & Insights)

Policy: Poor savings habits have left Americans vulnerable to economic crises (E21)

Humor: Democrat states deploy Greta Thunberg drones to lecture people who go outside (The Babylon Bee)  

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Intel pro tells Mollie Hemingway most on unmasking list weren’t investigators, had no reason to be accessing unmasked info

by Brett T.{ } ~ All of the usual suspects can be found on that now-declassified list of unmasking requests that ultimately exposed incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn… It’s not a shock but it is big news that loose lips liar-Joe Biden appears on the list, just after he told “Good Morning America’s” George Stephanopoulos he knew nothing about the scumbag/liar-nObama administration’s efforts to investigate Flynn on which he later backtracked, claiming he misunderstood the question. A lot of people are wondering why Barack scumbag/liar-nObama’s White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough appears on the list, putting in his unmasking request the same day as that Jan. 5, 2017 Oval Office meeting where scumbag/liar-nObama told Deputy Attorney General liar-Sally Yates about Flynn’s call with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak and scumbag-James Comey brought up the Logan Act. The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway spoke to an intelligence professional who wondered why the vast majority of people on the list were even there. Why did Samantha Powers’ name pop up seven times? No doubt. Too bad all those Woodward and Bernstein wannabes who went to journalism school only learned the big prize is to take down a Republican administration, or we might have more reporting on this.    

Devin Nunes Discusses Unmasking: “It’s Much Worse Than This” – The Entire Trump Transition Was Under Surveillance

by  } ~ Devin Nunes appears with Lou Dobbs to discuss the recent list of scumbag/liar-nObama-era officials who unmasked NSA intercepts of Michael Flynn talking to foreign government officials… Rep. Nunes reminds the audience that Flynn is only one person within a much larger group of Trump transition team members who were under surveillance by Team scumbag/liar-nObama. March 27, 2017, then House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Devin Nunes, held a brief press conference and stated he was provided intelligence reports brought to him by unnamed sources including ‘significant information’ about President-Elect Trump and his transition team.These reports included unmaskings of President Trump campaign officials; and included Donald Trump himself…. You know what that means…  VIDEO 1: 2: 3:

Even whistleblower attorney Mark Zaid called out loose lips liar-Biden’s rapid response director for ‘going maliciously low’ against Catherine Herridge

by Sarah D.{ } ~ In case you missed it, loose lips liar-Joe Biden’s rapid response director Andrew Bates took a nasty shot at CBS News’ Catherine Herridge… after she committed the crime of reporting on the list of scumbag/liar-nObama administration officials — including loose lips liar-Biden — who had submitted unmasking requests for the individual who would ultimately be revealed as Michael Flynn. For Bates to have deleted that tweet — a tweet he was no doubt very proud of — he must’ve gotten a lot of unexpected blowback. And we mean a lot. From average Joes on Twitter to CNN’s Jake Tapper with an asterisk, of course to … whistleblower attorney Mark Zaid. Zaid’s not the kind of guy who’s shown any inclination to promote a narrative that could benefit the Trump campaign, but even he was disgusted by Bates’ low blow: It’s nice to see an avowed Trump foe call out the loose lips liar-Biden campaign for bad behavior. Would’ve also been nice if, unlike Tapper, he’d resisted the urge to compare Bates’ actions to those of someone from Team Trump Oh well. Hopefully at least Trump fans and foes alike can agree that Herridge didn’t deserve to be smeared.   

Donald Trump found a secret batch of documents that could run scumbag/liar-Adam Schiff out of Washington, D.C.

by ~ scumbag/liar-Adam Schiff’s day of reckoning finally arrived. No one in the D.C. establishment thought it would get to this point… Now Donald Trump found a secret batch of documents that could run scumbag/liar-Adam Schiff out of Washington, D.C. for good. On Thursday, the Justice Department shocked Washington, D.C. by announcing it was dropping the criminal charges against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. United States Attorney Jeffrey Jensen – a former FBI agent– reviewed the case and determined there was no criminal basis for the FBI to have conducted its January 24, 2017 interview with Flynn where Robert Mueller claimed Flynn lied about his December conversations with the Russian Ambassador. But that was just the start. Fox News showed footage of acting Director of National Intelligence Rick Grenell walking into the Department of Justice carrying a satchel full of documents. Ed Henry told viewers that the documents in Grenell’s possession could induce a frightening level of panic in scumbag/liar-Adam Schiff. “But breaking tonight, scumbag/liar-Schiff may be even more panicked right now because I am hearing from two sources familiar with this that as early as tomorrow, Rick Grenell, the acting Director of National Intelligence, is going to reveal even more documents shedding light on the Russia probe of President Trump and how scumbag/liar-Schiff and other investigators knew for a long time there was no collusion even though they kept saying they had direct evidence there was,” Henry said. “What’s also new tonight, Fox is learning there is a second set of documents that Rick Grenell, who now has the job scumbag-Clapper had, brought to the Attorney General William Barr today in a satchel,” Henry said. Fox News anchor Shannon Bream also teased a major “bombshell” that was going to drop next week. Whatever happens, it is clear that the cover-up of the criminal conduct by the FBI and scumbag/liar-nObama administration during the Russian collusion hoax is finally collapsing. And the American people will learn the truth about how scumbag/liar-nObama and the FBI fabricated a tale of international intrigue to take down their political enemies.  

Republican Mike Garcia picks up Katie Hill’s California seat as Dem candidate concedes race

By Gregg Re{ } ~ Democrat Christy Smith conceded the special election race for California’s 25th Congressional District to Republican Mike Garcia on Wednesday… marking the first time Republicans will retake a Democratic-held congressional seat in the state since 1998 — and, Republicans said, indicating that enthusiasm for President Trump is strong heading into the 2020 elections.  “While it’s critical that we ensure every vote is counted and recorded, we believe that the current tally shows Mike Garcia is the likely victor in the May 12 special election,” Smith said in a statement posted to Facebook on Wednesday afternoon. “As such, I’d like to congratulate him.” Trump lost the district by 6 percentage points in 2016. He went out of his way to promote Garcia in recent weeks as strong on guns and immigration, and some Democrats had hoped he would be a liability in the race. Former President Barack scumbag/liar-nObama, scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton and other high-profile Democrats all lined up behind Smith. The seat became vacant last year after the resignation of Hill, who stepped down after admitting to an affair with a campaign worker and the House opened an ethics probe into an allegation that she was involved with a member of her congressional staff, which Hill denied. Smith and Garcia topped a crowded field of candidates in the state’s March 3 primary and advanced to separate elections: One, on Tuesday, to fill the remainder of Hill’s two-year term, and a second in November for the full, two-year term starting in 2021. Two years ago, Democrats picked up seven Republican House seats in California, helping the party retake control of the chamber. The GOP now holds just six of California’s 53 House seats. The 25th District anchored in Los Angeles County, with a slice of Ventura County with the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on its western end, has a Democratic registration edge and Hill captured the seat by 9 points in 2018. “So proud of Navy combat vet @MikeGarcia2020 for his outstanding Election Night!” remarked New York GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik, as initial results came in on Tuedsay. “Proud to support him! I know he worked incredibly hard A LOT of swing district newly elected House Dems nervously watched these results. Big trouble for liar-Nancy Pelosi!”…  


Durham moving ‘full-throttle’ on Russia probe review, top federal prosecutors involved

By Brooke Singman{ } ~ U.S. Attorney for Connecticut John Durham is going “full throttle” with his review into the origins of the investigation into suspected Russia-Trump coordination in the 2016 election… with additional top prosecutors involved in looking at different components of the original probe, sources told Fox News. Two sources told Fox News that Jeff Jensen, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri who was tapped by the Justice Department in February to review the case of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, is continuing to help with Durham’s investigation even after the DOJ’s move last week to drop the case against Flynn. The sources told Fox News that interim U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Timothy Shea is also assisting with components of the investigation. “They farmed the investigation out because it is too much for Durham and he didn’t want to be distracted,” one of the sources told Fox News. “He’s going full throttle, and they’re looking at everything,” the source told Fox News. The Justice Department declined to comment on Jensen and Shea’s involvement. Any indication that Durham could be building a case against anyone involved in the original Russia probe, however, is sure to inflame tensions between the Trump administration and congressional Democrats — who already are ramping up accusations that these Justice Department reviews have become politicized. They slammed Attorney General Bill Barr for the DOJ’s decision Thursday to drop the Flynn case. House Judiciary Committee Chairman scumbag liar-Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., who was a key figure during Trump’s impeachment proceedings, called the decision “outrageous.” “The evidence against General Flynn is overwhelming,” scumbag liar-Nadler, D-N.Y., said in a statement. scumba liar-Nadler and Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee on Friday also formally requested that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz launch an investigation into Barr’s “pattern of conduct that includes improper political interference.” The DOJ determined that the bureau’s 2017 Flynn interview — which formed the basis for his guilty plea of lying to investigators — was “conducted without any legitimate investigative basis.”…  


Ex-DOJ Officials Attack Barr as DNI Unmasks Flynn Unmaskers

Thomas Gallatin  

A mere three days after Barack scumbag/liar-nObama’s conveniently leaked private phone call — in which he blasted Attorney General William Barr’s decision to drop the case against Gen. Michael Flynn as a risk to the “Rule of Law” — comes a letter signed by nearly 2,000 former Justice Department officials sent to Congress calling for Barr’s resignation and censure.

The letter, echoing scumbag/liar-nObama’s erroneous claim that no one charged with perjury has ever gotten off scot-free, decried Barr’s “unprecedented” decision. They assert, “If any of us, or anyone reading this statement who is not a friend of the President, were to lie to federal investigators in the course of a properly predicated counterintelligence investigation, and admit we did so under oath, we would be prosecuted for it.”These ex-DOJ officials assert as if it were an unmitigated fact that the counterintelligence investigation run by scumbag/liar-nObama’s DOJ was “properly predicated.” Yet recently released DOJ documents show that the investigation was anything but “properly predicated,” which is the central issue at the heart of Barr’s decision. No wonder scumbag/liar-nObama and this army of 2,000 ex-DOJ officials are attempting to obfuscate and attack Barr.Who are these 2,000 former DOJ officials, and how were they so quickly organized into sending this letter? It’s clear this is an orchestrated action ultimately aimed at defending scumbag/liar-nObama. The best defense is a good offense. scumbag/liar-nObama and his lackeys are targeting Barr in an attempt to create the false narrative that he is acting corruptly in support of President Donald Trump, and therefore any of his actions taken in uncovering the deep-state plot to undermine Trump’s presidency should be rejected as illegitimate. The real objective is to lay the groundwork for defending against any possible DOJ criminal indictments against scumbag/liar-nObama era officials by U.S. Attorney John Durham.It’s important to note that Durham’s criminal probe into the origins of the collusion hoax has only grown in scope and now is said to be going “full throttle,” as a third U.S. attorney has recently been added to the case.Meanwhile, acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell is unmasking the unmaskers of Flynn. He recently sent to the DOJ a declassified list of the scumbag/liar-nObama administration officials who were responsible for the unmasking — a significant development that may help the DOJ get to the bottom of who leaked about Flynn to the media. As Flynn attorney Sidney Powell notes, “The leak of the Kislyak transcript is a felony that should be prosecuted to the max, including a conspiracy charge for all those who decided to make it happen as part of the setup and framing of General Flynn.”Furthermore, Barr noted last week that from what he’s seen of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation, it “did not have a basis for a counterintelligence investigation against Flynn at that stage, based on a perfectly legitimate and appropriate call he made as a member of the transition.” So, in short, the battle lines are reforming as the links connecting those responsible for orchestrating the Russia-collusion hoax appear to lead all the way to the top.  ~The Patriot Post  


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