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Jordan Candler  The Latest on Coronavirus

liar-Speaker Pelosi – says House will vote on relief bill Friday, outlines fourth bill to satisfy leftists (The Daily Wire)

Trump reveals new coronavirus guidelines will address potential changes to social-distancing rules (Fox News)For the record: Health versus wealth is a false choice (National Review)

U.S. and China are “working closely together” in fight against coronavirus (CNBC)

Narrative buster: U.S. was more prepared for pandemic than any other country, Johns Hopkins study found (Fox News)

“We don’t have evidence of that”: Dr. Deborah Birx says coronavirus data doesn’t match the doomsday media predictions (RealClearPolitics)

“Cognizant” of coronavirus constraints, EPA eases up on enforcement of pollution rules (Washington Examiner)

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus, is experiencing “mild symptoms” (CNBC)WorldChina supplied faulty coronavirus test kits to Spain, Czech Republic (National Review)

Iranian officials stole more than $1 billion in humanitarian funds (The Washington Free Beacon)

Twenty people are charged over the murder of Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey, including two aides to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (Daily Mail)

Venezuela President Maduro wanted by DOJ for drug trafficking, AG William Barr announces (Fox News)

Economy & Heartland

“All they want is the money”: Hospitality union demands dues from members left unemployed (The Washington Free Beacon)

Bending the curve: Dow exits bear market on optimism of $2 trillion relief package (Fox Business)

Tone deaf: Planned Parenthood sues Texas after governor declares abortion nonessential (The Daily Wire)

Closing Arguments

Policy: COVID-19 is killing the case for socialized medicine (Issues & Insights)

Policy: Making it easier to see a doctor in the future (RealClearPolicy)

Policy: Fossil fuels, not the Green New Deal, improve human welfare (Issues & Insights)

Humor: Government accidentally shuts itself down with ban on nonessential businesses (The Babylon Bee)  

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Phase Four – Supply Chain Prioritizes – Proteins Return, Manufactured Processed Grain Products Still Lag

by sundance{ } ~ • Phase One was retail. • Phase two was distribution. • Phase three was the space between manufacturing and distribution… • Phase four is raw material supply to manufacturing. U.S. food processing, and manufacturing is now operating at full capacity.By now the majority of protein manufacturing has caught up. Beef and pork should be solid at your local market; however, chicken, while available, will lag to full replenishment capacity in the protein sector. The reason is: “chicken” is an ingredient component in many shelf stable items (soup etc.), that are still short as the manufacturing sector runs at capacity. We enter a phase where grain commodities are now arriving at manufacturing. ♦ Between the Appalachian mountain range and the Colorado mountain range there is a massive amount of grain, meal, and derivative (farming) product generated. Thin component inventories, now exhausted at processing, are the cause of the current manufacturing supply chain stress… This lag will take a little longer…  

The public’s resilience in the face of the coronavirus pandemic

By ALEX SELSKY{ } ~ In the coming weeks and months, Israel’s national character will be tested to its limits. Already, Israelis have had restrictions placed on their movements, ability to assemble and work, and leave their homes… Life has changed completely, as children and students of all ages have been sent home and their institutions shuttered for almost one and a half months, and perhaps much longer. Already one citizen has died, and more than 1,000 have been sickened in varying degrees. More than 150,000 Israelis who have been quarantined, completely cut off from life, sometimes sitting in one room for 14 days. All of these measures are placing a tremendous strain on our economy and the ability of our nation to function. Nonetheless, so far, Israel has acted with a national understanding that these steps are what it takes to be victorious over an invisible and deadly enemy. When the coronavirus  leaves us and life returns to some semblance of normalcy, it will only be a matter of time before our terrorist enemies once again test us with a barrage of rockets and missiles targeting our civilian population centers. Our responses in recent years to this have been minimal, to say the least. More often than not, our political decision-makers decide to bomb a few empty buildings and then seek a truce with the offending party, whether Hamas or Palestine Islamic Jihad. When one asks political and security officials intimately involved why the response is so extremely limited, many argue that the public does not have the stomach for lengthy wars with large casualty figures. They are mistaken, and now we have some evidence. Israelis are showing every day that they are prepared to suffer in the short-term for a long-term good…    

Trump Exposes liar-Pelosi’s “TERRIBLE” Coronavirus Bill

by ~ In case you hadn’t heard, the Democrats threw a wrench into the works on Sunday and Monday when all but ONE of their Senators voted against the bipartisan bill… designed to relieve pressure on the economy and send money to American workers. On Tuesday, during a Fox News town hall, President Donald Trump took aim at House liar-Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Congressional colleagues for denying American people the support they need. He also exposed the “terrible” nature of the bill Democrats proposed in its place. Specifically, Trump exposed how the proposed replacement legislation is packed full of measures that the Democrats have been trying to get passed for years, but have consistently failed to do. Why do the Democrats think the American people want their insane proposals at a time of national crisis? “I cancelled the deal last night, I said, ‘I’m not gonna sign that deal,’ because liar-Nancy Pelosi came in and put a lot of things in the deal that had nothing to do with the workers,” Trump told Fox. “It had to do with an agenda that they’ve been trying to get passed for 10 years. And, I came in, I told Mike Pence, I told a lot of people, ‘there’s no way I’m signing that deal.’” The president also explained how he had received calls from Republican Senator for Louisiana John Kennedy, Republican Senator for Nebraska Ben Sasse, and various other people who told him “This deal is terrible, what they’ve done.” During the town hall event, Trump also explained how the Republicans had worked on a bipartisan basis to construct a bill that could be supported on both sides of the aisle. Despite working in good faith with the Democrats, however, it was shot down when it came to the vote. Trump said they “almost had a deal” on the stimulus bill. “They took a deal, you know we almost had a deal the day before and it was between scumbag-Schumer and Mitch and it was really a good solid deal,” President Trump explained. “All of a sudden they start throwing all of the little Green New Deal stuff in, right? And the boardrooms, what they look like, and we want green energy, we want all this stuff…they had things in there that were terrible.” So what does this mean? Well, Americans shouldn’t expect any support from the government until the Democrats decided to stop playing games. Had liar-Pelosi and the Democrats supported the legislation, Americans who earn under $75,000 per year would have been given $1,200 to help navigate through the coronavirus pandemic. Who knows if or when the Democrats will decide to play ball?.  

Dem Senator: I’m Embarrassed By My Party’s Selfish Partisanship

by Beth Baumann{ } ~ Democrats are taking a beating because House liar-Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) derailed a bipartisan Wuhan coronavirus relief plan… Members of both parties worked through the weekend to come to an agreement and, at the last minute, liar-Pelosi decided it would be better for the House to introduce their own coronavirus relief plan. Her reasoning? There weren’t enough progressive items in the bill and Democrats saw this as the perfect opportunity to fundamentally transform America into what they think it should be. Senators who were part of the negotiations and agreed to the bill before liar-Pelosi blew it up decided to follow liar-Pelosi’s lead. But not every Democrat is happy with the party’s hyper-partisanship, especially as Americans across the country are suffering. Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) was the only Democrat to vote in favor of cloture on Monday, which would fast-track the proposed Wuhan coronavirus relief bill. Even though he voted alongside Republicans, Democrats were able to get their way, yet again. The motion failed with a vote of 49-46. Jones told CNN’s Manu Raji he’s “embarrassed” by the political games that are taking place. The Senate is expected to vote on the Wuhan coronavirus relief package sometime Wednesday evening, assuming no further delays take place.  

Which industries won the coronavirus stimulus lobbying battle?

By Karl Evers-Hillstrom{ } ~ Powerful companies and trade groups with sway in Washington are asking for more than $2.7 trillion in grants, loans and other assistance amid the coronavirus pandemic… And that’s only those that have put a price tag on the financial aid they need. Congress is poised to provide far less than that. The Senate unanimously passed a bipartisan $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief bill Wednesday that will establish a $450 billion lending program to support struggling businesses and provide $350 billion in loans to small businesses. The House is expected to pass the bill and President Donald Trump has said he will sign it.  Lobbying groups representing various business interests requested direct assistance for their members, but many of those companies will now have to battle with others for government loans. Only a couple of industries received specified aid. Airlines and airports, among the first industries to ask for government assistance, are big winners. Passenger airlines and cargo carriers will receive $29 million in direct grants and up to $29 billion in loans. Airports will get the $10 billion they requested. Aerospace giant Boeing is also likely to receive billions in federal loans thanks to a provision in the bill, the Washington Post reported. Those funds provide crucial assistance to the air transport  industry that has steadily increased its lobbying spending, reaching record levels last year. Hospitals will also get much of the assistance they were looking for as they fight COVID-19. The stimulus bill provides $100 billion to hospitals battling the coronavirus pandemic. Senate Minority Leader Chuck scumbag-Schumer (D-N.Y.), whose closely tied super PAC is bankrolled by New York hospitals, pushed to secure those funds. Health industry groups including the American Hospital Association  called for $100 billion, while for-profit hospitals asked for $225 billion. The health sector has smashed lobbying records in recent years and shown tremendous influence in Congress…  

FBI Agents Kill ‘Neo-Nazi’ Who Blamed Jews For COVID-19

by ~ Timothy Wilson, a man who died in an FBI shootout in Belton, Missouri, was planning to bomb a hospital providing “critical medical care”… during the current coronavirus health care crisis, according to a statement from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Wilson felt compelled to act when the Belton mayor issued a stay-at-home order to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak, The New York Times reported. The Informant’s Nick R. Martin has unearthed social media posts he says were made by Wilson on Telegram channels using the handle Werwolfe 84; according to Martin’s research, Wilson was “an admirer of the 1980s terrorist group The Order” and was linked to “two active neo-Nazi organizations,” the National Socialist Movement (NSM) and Vorherrschaft Division (VSD). Elon University computer science professor Megan Squire helped Martin with the research. According to Martin, Wilson was active on Telegram on Tuesday, March 24, writing that he thought the government was using coronavirus as an “excuse to destroy our people,” adding, “Mark my words it’s coming I hope people are ready.” He also commented on COVID-19, according to Martin, writing, “If you don’t think this whole thing was engineered by Jews as a power grab here is more proof of their plans. Jews have been playing the long game we are the only ones standing in their way.” In the March 25, 2020 statement, the FBI revealed that it had executed a probable cause arrest the day before for Timothy Wilson, 36, at the 100th block of Wilbur Parish Circle in Belton, Missouri. That action came “at the conclusion of a long-running domestic terrorism investigation,” the FBI wrote. FBI agents went to arrest Wilson, who was armed, when Wilson “was injured and transported to an area hospital where he was later pronounced deceased,” according to the statement from the FBI. The New York Times reported that Wilson was killed in a shootout with FBI agents. It’s not clear whether he died at his own hand or was shot by the agents…   

.China Virus Demands Reckoning for Beijing

Harold Hutchison  

The China Virus has wreaked economic havoc. It has infected tens of thousands of Americans, killing several hundred so far. This is an immense tragedy for all those affected, whether they have lost jobs, health (either temporarily or permanently), or loved ones.

Sadly, it didn’t have to happen. Despite massive disinformation efforts, evidence has emerged that the government of the People’s Republic of China engaged in a cover-up that lasted weeks, if not months. Even as this evidence mounts, the Chinese Communists have spewed the despicable lie that the Wuhan coronavirus is somehow a biological weapon developed by the United States Army.Mainstream media outlets like The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the Times of London — all of which are grossly biased against President Donald Trump — have published reports about what the Chinese Communists knew, when they knew it, and how they tried to keep that knowledge from the world. The Financial Times has some even more damning reports about how Taiwan’s warnings to the World Health Organization were ignored.Take a look at this January 14 post on Twitter from the WHO. Take a look at what life in America is like as of today, and what has been in the news. Reread what those mainstream outlets have reported about how the government of Communist China responded and how Taiwan’s warning was ignored.China fed the world lies and propaganda for weeks to cover up the existence of the Wuhan coronavirus, and at the very least the WHO went along. It may be more than coincidence that China backed the election of WHO  Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in 2017. Ghebreyesus has spent the last two months downplaying the threat, while providing cover and offering fawning praise for the ChiComs.Moreover, that cover-up cost time — time that could have, at the very least, mitigated the effects of what became a pandemic. Imagine if it hadn’t been covered up. Imagine being worried about how your NCAA bracket is going to turn out instead of whether all the toilet paper has been bought up — or if you’ll receive a paycheck on Friday.Because of the cover-up orchestrated by the People’s Republic of China and the WHO’s inexcusable failure to heed Taiwan’s warning, Americans have suffered a serious economic hit. Because of this cover-up, Americans have gotten sick. Because of this cover-up, Americans have died. For what? To avoid embarrassing Beijing’s dictator?When companies perpetrate crap like this that doesn’t  cost lives (see Enron), they face class-action lawsuits. Sometimes, executives even go to jail. We don’t exactly have those options when it comes to what was negligence at best and depraved malevolence at worst on the part of the People’s Republic of China. But we can do stuff on multiple fronts to hold the Butchers of Beijing accountable and ensure that this never happens again. The payment for the rebuilding of our economy can, in a way, come from the hide of the People’s Republic of China — primarily by us extricating ourselves from dependence on China for so many goods. That is not nearly sufficient when Beijing’s BS cost Americans their lives. But it will be a start.   ~The Patriot Post\  


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