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Jordan Candler  Coronavirus

“WE’RE CLOSE”: House Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi aims for coronavirus package deal with White House today (Washington Examiner)

NOT A CHECK: Federal Reserve to inject $1.5 trillion into markets to offset economic impact of coronavirus (National Review)

COMMUNIST DISINFORMATION: China government spokesman says U.S. military may have brought virus to China (Reuters)

A RELUCTANT DECISION: NRA cancels annual meeting (The Washington Free Beacon)

MORE SPORTS FALLOUT: Major League Baseball announced Thursday it will cancel the rest of spring training and delay the start of the regular season for at least two weeks amid the coronavirus outbreak. MLB followed in the footsteps of the National Basketball Association and Major League Soccer in deciding to put their season on hold. The NBA and NHL both suspended their seasons. (Fox News)

PRIME MINISTER IN ISOLATION FOR TWO WEEKS: Justin Trudeau’s wife tests positive for new coronavirus (AP)

Government & Politics

RETALIATION: U.S. launches strikes in Iraq against Iranian-backed militias after attack that killed coalition troops (The Washington Post)

OH, BY THE WAY: Buried from Trump Tower meeting: translator telling FBI “no collusion” (RealClearInvestigations)

Around the Nation

SEVEN MONTHS TOO LATE: 1619 Project leader admits she got it wrong (Washington Examiner)

“I HAVE DECIDED TO STEP DOWN”: U.S. Soccer president Carlos Cordeiro resigns amid women’s national team pay dispute (ESPN)

BORROWING DENIED: Had enough? Taxed-enough-already Californians turn down higher taxes, debt (AP)

Closing Arguments

POLICY: The case against a coronavirus stimulus plan (E21)

POLICY: No, the Fed is not cutting a check to banks (National Review)HUMOR: Parents worried they’ll have to raise their own children as government schools shut down (The Babylon Bee)  ~The Patriot Post   

Dems to pass bill to keep Trump from ordering travel bans during virus crisis

By M. Dowling{ } ~ The House and Senate Democrats are so concerned about the American public that they decided to pass or try to pass a bill stripping the President of his legal authority… to impose travel bans to protect American citizens. CDC’s Dr. Anthony Fauci made it clear that the China travel ban greatly slowed the spread of coronavirus in this country. This evening the President stopped travel from Europe except the UK since Europe did not institute China travel bans and are in much worse shape than we are. Europeans coming into the United States and spreading the illness. While the spreading of Wuhan Virus continues, Speaker liar-Pelosi is playing politics and trying to keep the President from doing his job. The president implemented travel bans on China and Iran, two heavily affected nations, and it is well within his responsibilities in this health emergency. Speaker liar-Pelosi is out to stop him for political expediency, without regard for the safety and welfare of her countrymen. The “No Ban Act,” originally introduced by Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA) and co-sponsored by 219 House Democrats, would have prevented the President from immediately implementing a travel ban on China once the outbreak of the coronavirus spread past its origins of Wuhan. The No Ban Act would have allowed travelers from Wuhan to continue to arrive in the U.S. while the president received guidance from Congress, a long, slow process, perhaps an impossible one. “This bill imposes limitations on the President’s authority to suspend or restrict aliens from entering the United States and terminates certain presidential actions implementing such restrictions,” a summary of the legislation reads. The legislation would mandate Trump “only issue a restriction when required to address a compelling government interest,” though that interest is not defined. Before imposing a travel ban, Trump would have to “consult with Congress,” the legislation dictates. liar-Pelosi wants to control everything by assuming the powers of the presidency…    

Sen. Lindsey Graham To Self-Quarantine As President Of Brazil Awaits Results For Coronavirus

by HENRY RODGERS{ } ~ Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham announced Thursday that he will self-quarantine after being close to the president of Brazil… who is currently being tested for Coronavirus.  “Senator Graham was at Mar-a-Lago last weekend. He has no recollection of direct contact with the President of Brazil, who is awaiting results of a coronavirus test, or his spokesman who tested positive,” Graham’s office said in a statement. “However, in an abundance of caution and upon the advice of his doctor, Senator Graham has decided to self-quarantine awaiting the results of a coronavirus test. This is a precautionary measure. He will continue to work from home.”Hours before, Republican Florida Sen. Rick Scott announced that he will self-quarantine after meeting with a Brazilian delegation member who tested positive for Coronavirus. Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was the first to announce the self-quarantine Sunday, saying that he will be staying home in Texas for the week after he was informed that he met the individual who attended CPAC who is infected with coronavirus. Cruz made it clear in a statement that he has not had any symptoms  since the interaction at the conference and that it was a quick conversation and a handshake, but he said in order to be safe he will be staying home instead of returning back to Washington D.C. Cruz also said he has spoken with health officials across the board. Republican Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar became the second member of Congress to self-quarantine Sunday. The Arizona Republican said that three of his senior staff are also under self-quarantine, but that none of them have been diagnosed or feel symptoms of the disease. The Senate passed an $8.3 billion funding bill to help fight coronavirus as the disease continues to spread in the U.S. President Donald Trump signed the bill Friday.  

US, coalition forces launch strikes targeting Iran-backed militias after deadly rocket attack, official says

By Jennifer Griffin & Lucas Tomlinson{ } ~ The U.S. military launched multiple strikes using coalition warplanes targeting multiple bases used by Iranian-backed Shia militias believed to be behind the rocket attack on Camp Taji, Iraq… the day before that killed two Americans and one British soldier, a senior U.S. military source told Fox News. The launch began after 1 a.m. Baghdad time. The U.S. military strike was “proportional,” according to the U.S. military source, and hit multiple bases used by the Kata’eb Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed militia that fired 30 Katyusha rockets yesterday at the Taji Base, which housed American and British troops. Of the 12 troops wounded yesterday, five are in serious condition. “The U.S. does not want to escalate the conflict with Iran,” the U.S. military source told Fox News, but wanted to send a deterrent message, according to a message telegraphed by the Defense Secretary and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs during a briefing to Pentagon press earlier Thursday. President Trump authorized the strike earlier in the day. The Pentagon released a statement following the strikes, confirming that they were conducted in response to the rocket attacks on Wednesday. “Earlier this evening, the United States conducted defensive precision strikes against Kata’ib Hizbollah (KH) facilities across Iraq,” the Defense Department said. “These strikes targeted five weapon storage facilities to significantly degrade their ability to conduct future attacks against Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) coalition forces. These weapons storage facilities include facilities that housed weapons used to target U.S. and coalition troops.” “These strikes were defensive, proportional, and in direct response to the threat posed by Iranian-backed Shia militia groups (SMG) who continue to attack bases hosting OIR coalition forces,” the Pentagon added…  


Netanyahu Faces Hurdles to Building Governing Coalition After Narrow Israeli Election Win

by James Phillips{ } ~ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did better than expected in Israel’s March 2 elections, but nevertheless still might lose his job… Netanyahu is seeking a record fifth term in office, after serving as prime minister from 1996 to 1999, and since 2009. He may be blocked from forming a governing coalition once again, however, as he was in stalemated political negotiations after inconclusive elections in April and September of 2019. Netanyahu, the longest-serving prime minister in Israeli history, won a significant political victory as his Likud party re-established itself as the largest party in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament. In Israel’s third election in less than a year, Likud won 36 seats up from 32 in the September election, eclipsing its biggest rival, the center-left Blue and White party, which again won 33. However, Netanyahu failed to restore the 61-seat majority that he assembled with allied political parties in elections that he won in 2015, but lost in 2019. The alliance of right-wing and religious parties that formed Netanyahu’s previous government this time won 58 seats, three short of the majority needed to form a government in the 120-seat Knesset.Netanyahu, who campaigned under a cloud after he was indicted in December on corruption charges (which he vehemently denies), outperformed expectations. He thanked voters for the “biggest win in my life” in his victory speech. But it remains unclear whether he can break through the political stalemate that has prevented the formation of a coalition government after the past two elections… 

China doubles down on blaming America for coronavirus

by ~ A Chinese government official on Thursday doubled down on his regime’s claim that the coronavirus is an American invention…  It was originally dubbed the “Wuhan coronavirus” because it was believed to have originated in the northeastern Chinese city. Communist Chinese authorities at the time acknowledged that, but as the coronavirus became a global pandemic, they backtracked. It was Zhao Lijian, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, who charged Wednesday it was “extremely irresponsible” for media to say the virus originated in China, saying his government “is still tracing the origin of the virus and there is no conclusion yet.” On Thursday, he suggested the U.S. Army might have brought the virus to Wuhan. On Twitter, he wrote that Centers for Disease Control Director Robert Redfield “admitted some Americans who seemingly died from influenza were tested positive for novel #coronavirus in the posthumous diagnosis, during the House Oversight Committee Wednesday.” “CDC was caught on the spot,” the Chinese official wrote. “When did patient zero begin in US? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals? It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! US owe us an explanation!” The reaction from the Chinese erupted shortly after U.S. officials, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, referred to the threat as the Wuhan virus. Fox News reported  Chinese state-run media began spreading the wild suggestion that “President Trump went to China and released vials of COVID-19 on groups of unsuspecting men, women and children.” “Beijing has been bending over backward trying to convince the world that the United States is the real culprit behind the quickly spreading virus that’s already claimed more than 4,600 lives across the globe,” the network said. “It’s a high-stakes strategy for the Asian nation fighting to keep its superpower status amid a national lockdown and palpable anger over claims that Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the coronavirus, at first covered it up, triggering a worldwide health and economic crisis.” China expert Gordon Chang told Fox News that, at best, China is engaged in an ambitious propaganda campaign. At worst, it’s actively misleading the world “while working overtime to save its own skin.” Zhao Lijian earlier acknowledged that the COVID-19 virus “first appeared in China,” but he insisted that “doesn’t mean its origin is in China.”…    

McConnell says Senate will skip recess next week to address coronavirus legislation

by Madison Dibble{ } ~ The Senate nixed a recess scheduled for next week to act on coronavirus legislation, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced on Thursday… “Notwithstanding the scheduled state work period, the Senate will be in session next week. I am glad talks are ongoing between the Administration and Speaker liar-Pelosi,” the Kentucky Republican wrote. “I hope Congress can pass bipartisan legislation to continue combating the coronavirus and keep our economy strong.”The Senate was scheduled to be on recess next week to allow members to attend to matters in their home district, but McConnell stressed coronavirus legislation would take precedence. Earlier in the day, Sen. Lamar Alexander, a Tennessee Republican, said the upper chamber would not consider the coronavirus legislation until after next week’s recess. “The Senate will act when we come back, and we have a clearer idea of what extra steps we need to take,” he told CNN. The House is preparing to vote Thursday on the legislative package meant to respond to the economic fallout from the coronavirus threat. Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi has so far resisted Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s suggestion that the House cancel its scheduled recess next week to hash out their differences in the legislation. “We don’t need 48 hours. We need to just make a decision to help families right now,” liar-Pelosi said during her weekly news conference on Thursday. “We are responding to their concerns, we don’t want them moving the goalposts, and that’s it.” The California Democrat added, “I’m not sticking around because they don’t want to agree to language.” Earlier Thursday, McConnell applauded Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and the Trump administration for “engaging in bipartisan talks” with liar-Pelosi. “Following the billions in health funding we approved last week, the Senate is ready and eager to consider bipartisan policies to mitigate the economic impact of the coronavirus,” McConnell said in a tweet thread…    

.What ‘Climate Change’ Is Really All About

 Mark Landsbaum

At the polls this year voters have a rare opportunity to slow or even halt the runaway scaremongering campaign of global warming, a.k.a. climate change. Or as yours truly refers to it, hucksterism by profiteers intent on separating people from their money.As I’ve written for nearly a quarter of a century, global warming never has been about the globe getting warmer. It’s always been about control and money. Warmists’ control and your money.It’s not difficult to discern a candidate’s stance on the issue. The warmists in particular are loud about their positions. If you’ve already been persuaded that man is creating unprecedented, dangerous increases in earth’s temperature, you’ve been misled.The real science is clear. Man is not dangerously raising the planet’s temperature. Doom is not just around the corner. Don’t believe me? Check out the in-depth studies here.Voters shouldn’t be stampeded into costly fixes for what’s not broken. What we should be asking is, “Why would anyone want me to believe something that’s not true?”There are trillions of reasons. They’re called dollars. (See above: what global warming always has been about.)Common sense helps cut through the clatter. What on earth do alarmists even mean when excitedly squalling about earth’s temperature?Well, they don’t mean local temperatures. They’re up and down all the time.No, like politics, the climate that really matters is local. Global “averages” are meaningless. The “average” human being has ½ penis, ½ vagina, one testicle, and one female breast. Average is a statistical caricature. It’s not real. It doesn’t exist except on paper — or in computer models in the case of global warming’s “settled science.”Voters should also ask why environmental alarmists promote endless fear of any change in nature. By their logic, any warmer change automatically is man’s fault. Doesn’t it then follow that any cooler change means we should celebrate whatever we did to bring that about? Don’t count on it. In the 1970s, when things actually got cooler, the same breed of opportunists screamed that a new ice age was near, and man was to blame.What’s a man to do? If it’s hotter, it’s his fault. If it’s cooler, ditto. Either way, guess who will be forced to pay to fix it? Yep. Man.The reality is that climate has continually changed since earth’s first sunrise. It will continue to change as long as the planet exists. Greenland once grew grapes. London’s River Thames used to freeze over. Change is the constant. Unchanging climate exists in the same place as “average global temperature” — in the imagination. That’s also the only place you’ll find the predicted horrifically high temperatures.But as long as “change” is considered the problem, these exploiters of fear will reap perpetual paydays. Here is what actually is settled about global-warming alarmism: Nothing will stop the pretend “problem,” no matter how much you pay in taxes, regulatory costs, penalties, and interest.You’ll always be told, no matter how much you’ve already paid, that you must pay more. And more again, ad infinitum. It’s the perfect marriage of faux science badly applied and criminal shakedowns that would make the mob envious.Regarding change, climate physicist/meteorologist Richard Lindzen said, “We are scanning for small changes … we are talking about tenths of a degree … and viewing them as ominous signs of something.”Such infinitesimal differences are doubly absurd when you realize temperatures alarmists tout aren’t even real. They shamelessly “adjust” already dubious raw data, pushing earlier readings down and later readings up — and, voila! The numbers fall in line with their talking points. Like magic. Or something.Global warming alarmism began with apocalyptic predictions of dying polar bears, mass starvation, and metropolis-submerging tidal waves. Four decades have passed. No such events have occurred. Yet every 10 or 12 years we’re told we have only 10 or 12 years left before “it’s too late!”But Gaia-worshiping alarmists continually harp on “change” as if it were an evergreen hymn. Change itself has become the thing to fear, particulars aside. Who needs particulars when they’ve got taxes, regulatory costs, penalties, and interest?If a purported “increase” of a few hundredths of a degree over decades justifies the current shakedown of hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide, imagine how much in taxes, regulatory costs, penalties, and interest climate-change cashiers will ring up if things actually do get warmer — say, by a whole degree or two.When you cast ballots this year, don’t be duped. Global warming, or its alias, climate change, is not about you making the globe warmer. It never has been. Its motives are as old as politics.In addition to the site linked above, you can catch up on the facts about the global warming controversy at Enjoy and be enlightened.But in this campaign year, as always, be leery of global warming advocates who stand to gain taxes, regulatory costs, penalties, and interest if they persuade you.   ~The Patriot Post  


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