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CEASEFIRE IN NAME ONLY? U.S., Turkey reach agreement on Syria, but differ over whether it’s a ceasefire or pause in operations (ABC News)

scumbag-SCHUMER THWARTED: Chuck scumbag-Schumer’s bid to rebuke Trump over Syria fails in Senate (The Washington Times)

Government & Politics

PERRY OUT: Energy Secretary Rick Perry to resign after Trump blamed him for Ukraine call (PJ Media)

FANNING THE FLAMES: White House announces G7 to be hosted at Trump resort amid conflict-of-interest allegations against loose lips liar-Bidens (National Review)

BORDER WARS: Senate again fails to override Trump veto on border wall (The Washington Times)

FREE SPEECH: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says he fears “erosion of truth” but defends allowing politicians to lie in ads (The Washington Post)

SNUBBING NEARLY HALF THE UNION: San Francisco blacklists 22 states over pro-life laws (National Review)


TARIFF FALLOUT: China’s GDP growth grinds to near 30-year low as tariffs hit production (Reuters)

BREXIT DOGFIGHT: Boris Johnson is in a race against time to sell the Brexit deal he has struck with the EU to MPs ahead of a Commons vote on Saturday (BBC News)“ABSURD, IMMORAL, AND OFFENSIVE”: UN member states hand Venezuela’s brutal Maduro regime a seat on the Human Rights Council (

Closing Arguments

POLICY: What does Brexit Deal 2.0 look like? (American Enterprise Institute)

POLICY: Why Mexico is cooperating with us on immigration (National Review)

SATIRE: Congress votes to protect Syria’s border but not the U.S. border (Genesius Times)  

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Syria: Endgame

by Matthew Continetti { } ~ The slaughter going on in Syria is not a consequence of American presence. It’s a consequence of a withdrawal and a betrayal by this president of American allies and American values.

—Pete Buttigieg, October 15

Mr. Mayor has a point. For 75 years, from Fulda Gap to the 38th Parallel, the American soldier has been the last line of defense against violence, chaos, and oppression. From Kosovo to Anbar, he has kept a lid on cauldrons of bloodlust. Remove him, and the poison boils over. That is what happened when Congress reduced aid to South Vietnam in 1975. It is what followed U.S. withdrawal from Iraq in 2011. It is happening now in northeast Syria, and it will happen again when Americans leave Afghanistan. Our forces depart; our allies collapse; our adversaries take command. The pattern was established well before Donald Trump took office. It will persist after he departs. There is nothing so consistent as American ambivalence toward our superpower status. Most great powers covet hegemony. We hate it. The costs are too high, the demands too stressful. “For every exercise of the great power’s prerogative, there has been an equally strong recoiling from the use of power,” wrote Robert Kagan in A Twilight Struggle (1996). “While the United States cannot escape behaving as the hegemonic great power, it is also a great power with a democratic conscience, a strong anti-imperialist streak, and an unwillingness to adopt the role of policeman anywhere for more than a brief time.” Kagan was describing U.S. policy toward Nicaragua. He might as well have been talking about the Middle East. Trump is getting America out of a country we were never really in. Our presence in Syria was not enough to deter Turkey. One thousand troops do not constitute a tripwire. They are chips in a high-stakes game. Erdogan called the bluff…   

Syria cease-fire in question after fighting, shelling reported

By Edmund DeMarche { } ~ Just hours after President Trump announced a cease-fire between Turkish and Kurdish-led forces in Syria, journalists have reported continued fighting in the Syrian town of Ras al-Ayn on Friday morning… while other areas have reported relative calm since the agreement. Journalists from the Associated Press reported witnessing shelling and said they could see smoke billowing around the town, which sits along the border with Turkey. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a war monitor, reported intermittent clashes in Ras al-Ayn, but calm elsewhere. Reuters also reported machine-gun fire and shelling that could be heard from a border town in Turkey near Ra al-Ayn. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo,  who is in Jerusalem, did not respond to repeated questions on whether or  not the agreement was violated, the New York Times reported.  Trump had praised the cease-fire agreement as “a great day for civilization.” He pointed to it as a victory after being criticized for his decision to withdraw U.S. forces from the region. At a rally on Thursday, he said it was his “unconventional” approach that led to the deal. The agreement requires the Kurdish fighters to vacate a swath of territory in Syria along the Turkish border, largely solidifying Turkey’s position. A senior military official — who worked on designing the U.S. anti-ISIS strategy with both the Kurds and the Turks — told Fox News earlier that the 120-hour cease-fire had little chance of success. “There is no way the Kurds can leave that security zone,” the source said. “There are thousands of Kurds who live in what the Turks want as a buffer zone. That’s what these fighters’ families live. That is where they are from.”…  


Trump Administration Cracks Down on Chinese Diplomats in U.S.

by Adam Kredo{ } ~ The Trump administration issued new restrictions on the actions Chinese government diplomats are permitted to take in the United States… in response to the communist government blocking American personnel stationed in Beijing from meeting with key assets, according to U.S. officials.  The State Department will now require all Chinese foreign missions, including embassy staff and those working in consulates across the United States, to notify the Trump administration in advance of all official meetings held on American soil. The new directive, U.S. officials say, is a response to China’s ongoing constraints on American diplomats. In many cases, the communist government blocks American personnel in China from meeting with local officials, academics, and dissident groups, among others. The U.S. restrictions are meant to pressure the Chinese government into providing American diplomats with greater freedom of movement and access to certain officials and groups. “Until that happens, we are going to take some actions that will … go some ways toward leveling the playing field,” a senior State Department official, speaking only on background, told reporters. “The State Department is going to be requiring that all of the People’s Republic of China foreign missions—their embassy and their various consulates around the United States—will have to notify the Department of State in advance of official meetings with state officials, official meetings with local and municipal officials, official visits to educational institutions, and official visits to research institutions,” the official said. These restrictions will “basically add a little bit of reciprocity into the way that U.S. diplomats are treated in China as opposed to how Chinese diplomats are able to operate here in the United States of America,” the official continued. “Of course, our job as diplomats is to improve mutual understanding, and to do that we need access to, of course, a broad range of stakeholders in the countries that we’re assigned to. Unfortunately, in China, U.S. diplomats do not have unfettered access to a range of folks that are important for us to do our job there.”…  

MUOS Passes Final Tests Before Full Operational Capability Declaration

By Ben Werner{ } ~ The Navy’s next-generation narrowband satellite communications system is ready for unrestricted operations, having passed the final milestone before a full operational capability (FOC) determination… The narrowband satellite communications system, called Mobile User Objective System (MUOS), recently completed the required Multiservice Operational Test and Evaluation (MOT&E). The test included participants from the Navy, Marine Corps and Army, according to a statement released by Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR) this week. “Since MOT&E was the last prerequisite, we expect FOC designation shortly,” Steven Davis, a NAVWAR spokesman, said in an email to USNI News. The commander of the Navy’s Operational Test and Evaluation Force determined MUOS was effective, suitable and cyber-survivable for regular operations. The test was the last critical milestone before turning MUOS over for full operations, according to NAVWAR. “Sailors and Marines can already use MUOS in situations like humanitarian response, disaster assistance and training,” said a statement from John Pope, who leads the Navy’s Program Executive Office for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence and Space Systems (PEO C4I and Space Systems). “Now, these same advanced communications capabilities will be available in the tactical warfare environment. The advantages MUOS provides will help the warfighter compete, deter and win on the battlefield.”…  

NJ Republican Blasts scumbag-Booker for Ignoring Home State During 2020 Run

by Graham Piro{ } ~ A new Republican challenger to Sen. scumbag-Cory Booker (D., N.J.) in New Jersey criticized the former Newark mayor for focusing on his presidential campaign at the cost of his own constituents… Rik Mehta’s Senate campaign announcement video  accuses scumbag-Booker of “showboating around Iowa” and pretending to be concerned about his own state as he runs for the Democratic presidential nomination. “In a few weeks, when scumbag-Cory Booker is done showboating around Iowa and drops out of the presidential race, he’ll run back to New Jersey to pretend he cares about all of us he left behind,” Mehta said. “One third of New Jersey’s population are immigrants and minorities like myself. Yet politicians like scumbag-Cory Booker and New Jersey senator scumbag-Bob Menendez built their careers off the backs of our proud immigrants all while encouraging illegal immigration,” he continued. Mehta blasted scumbag-Booker for focusing on his presidential run instead of devoting his attention to issues affecting New Jersey, specifically referring to an ongoing  water crisis in Newark. “Where’s Spartacus now?” Mehta asked, referring to scumbag-Booker’s “Spartacus moment” during Brett Kavanaugh’s initial round of confirmation hearings. Mehta, a political newcomer with a background working for the Food and Drug Administration and in pharmaceutical sales, told he believes his political inexperience can be an advantage. Mehta also praised President Donald Trump, saying the president has “done an incredible job at staying true to his campaign promises.”… Don’t you see that in all dems running for office.  


Mulvaney: Ukraine Aid Held Up in Part Over Election Probe

by ~ Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney effectively acknowledged that President Donald Trump offered Ukraine a quid pro quo for military aid… but tied it to demands that the country investigate the origins of the Russian election interference probe — not loose lips liar-Joe Biden and his son. “Get over it,” Mulvaney said Thursday in a White House press briefing, adding there’s always “going to be political influence in foreign policy” and “elections have consequences.” The top aide, who placed the hold on aid to Ukraine, provided some of the administration’s most extensive comments about the uproar over Ukraine that has fueled an impeachment inquiry by House Democrats. “The money held up has absolutely nothing to do with loose lips liar-Biden,” Mulvaney said. But Democrats zeroed in on Mulvaney’s acknowledgment that the decision to hold back funding was connected to Trump’s determination that Ukraine investigate what he maintains was Democratic wrongdoing during the 2016 campaign. scumbag-Adam Schiff, the California Democrat who’s head of the Intelligence Committee and is one of the leaders of the impeachment inquiry, tweeted that “Things just went from very, very bad to much, much worse.” Many Republicans have have been ducking questions about whether tying aid to a political goal was appropriate, but Alaska Senator rino-Lisa Murkowski on Thursday was more direct. “You don’t hold up foreign aid that we had previously appropriated for a political initiative. Period,” she told reporters. She said she hadn’t heard Mulvaney’s remarks and wanted to study them before commenting on whether how he described amounted to an impeachable offense. Mulvaney suspended aid shortly before Trump told Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy in a July 25 phone call that he wanted him “to do us a favor” and that “there’s a lot of talk about loose lips liar-Biden’s son, that loose lips liar-Biden stopped” a prosecution in Ukraine…   

.A New Insight Into Media Bias

 Cal Thomas

Since America’s colonial days the press has been a target of those who believe journalists have a point of view that shapes their reporting.There have been numerous articles and studies revealing a journalistic predisposition to opinions and subjects that reinforce liberal points of view.Now comes an excellent critique from World Magazine editor Marvin Olasky. His latest book, “Reforming Journalism,” is a philosophical and even theological deconstruction of historic and contemporary media.Olasky dismisses the notion of “objectivity” in journalism. Everyone has a belief system, he argues, and it influences how each person approaches stories.The author says American journalism has gone through four phases: In phase one, “many early American journalists assumed God is objectively real, with an existence independent of our minds.” Noting that the spiritual, then, regularly shaped the way journalists looked at the world, he adds, “Although no one in early American journalism used the term ‘objective reporting,’ some editors obviously understood that factuality demanded taking into account the spiritual.”Then came phase two: “Starting midway through the 19th century, though, a new phase in the understanding of objectivity took hold among American journalists. They began to see ‘fact’ only as that which was scientifically measurable. As photographs began to provide a record of the visible, many journalists equated the visible with the real and began seeing the world as largely non-mysterious. They did not use the term ‘objectivity,’ but they made their own eyes the standard of authority: they were human cameras.”What did those human cameras produce? Phase three, which was influenced by the rise of Marxism and Freudianism: “Objectivity could be reached, they thought, only through a balancing of multiple subjectivities. The outcome might be neither truthful nor accurate, but who knew what accuracy, let alone truth, really was? The triumph of theological liberalism in major Protestant denominations in the United States occurred at the same time. … This was no coincidence, since the balancing-of-subjectivities mode often suggests right or wrong does not exist — just opinion.”Phase four was characterized by “disguised subjectivity, sometimes called ‘strategic ritual’ (pseudo-objectivity that provides defense against criticism). A key aspect of strategic ritual is choice of sources and selection of quotations. With half a dozen legitimate spokesmen on a particular issue, reporters can readily play journalistic ventriloquism by using the one who expresses their own position. As NBC reporter Norma Quarles acknowledged, ‘If I get the sense that things are boiling over, I can’t really say it. I have to get somebody else to say it.’”Late in the last century, Olasky writes, “…some well-known American television journalists attacked the entire concept of objectivity. Robert Bazell said, ‘Objectivity is a fallacy. … There are different opinions, but you don’t have to give them equal weight.’ Linda Ellerbee wrote, ‘There is no such thing as objectivity. Any reporter who tells you he’s objective is lying to you.’ In the United States, some writers argued for a ‘new journalism’ in which reporters emphasized their own subjective impressions.”Beyond the predictable distrust of journalists this has caused, the claim of objectivity has had considerable limitations. Some examples: “Reporters have never felt the need to balance anti-cancer statements with pro-cancer statements. In recent practice, secular-liberal reporters have seen pro-life concerns or ‘homophobia’ as cancerous, and many other Christian beliefs as similarly harmful. Objectivity was a reporting of multiple subjectivities, and truth was out there at a constantly receding horizon. If journalists in phase two happily saw themselves as cameras, journalists in phase three unhappily started to see themselves as stenographers or tape recorders.”See how this works? It’s the same with “climate change,” abortion and many other issues. Anyone who goes against the faith of the secular-progressive culture is simply ignored, or ridiculed. In totalitarian societies it’s called propaganda.Olasky’s faith shapes his positions, as the non-faith of secular progressives shapes theirs. For journalism to recover its reputation, a degree of fairness, accuracy and at least small doses of “objectivity” when reporting issues needs to be restored. Olasky’s book shows the way.  ~The Patriot Post  


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