Friday Top News Executive Summary

Media Editors: Economy

JULY JOBS REPORT: “Payroll growth rose in line with expectations in July and the unemployment rate remained at 3.7% amid a sharp jump in the size of the labor force to its highest level ever. The Labor Department reported Friday that payrolls increased 164,000 during the month, just 1,000 below the 165,000 Dow Jones forecast. … Wages also continued to increase, with the 3.2% year-over-year gain topping expectations by one-tenth of a percentage point.” (CNBC)

CHINA TARIFFS: “President Donald Trump said Thursday that the U.S. is putting 10% tariffs on another $300 billion worth of Chinese goods, effective Sept. 1. … The surprise tariff announcement came after the U.S. and China restarted trade talks in Shanghai this week, the first in-person trade talks since a G-20 truce. The White House said Wednesday … that the meetings were ‘constructive,’ adding that China confirmed its commitment to increase purchases of U.S. agricultural exports.” (CNBC)

National Security

ILLEGALS FREED: “A total 218,400 people who either illegally entered the country or showed up without proper documentation at a port of entry along the southwest border were let go from Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody and set free in the U.S. between Dec. 21, 2018 through July 28,” according to the Washington Examiner. “All of those released were family units, which means each person arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border with a child or parent. Adults sometimes travel with children they are unrelated to and claim to be a family.” Speaking of which, The New American reports, “The Border Patrol has apprehended nearly 6,000 fake families at the southwest border, and now devotes upwards of 60 percent of its manpower in high-crossing areas on what amounts to babysitting.”

NUKE PACT NUKED: “The United States formally withdrew from a landmark nuclear missile pact with Russia on Friday after determining that Moscow was in violation of the treaty, something the Kremlin has repeatedly denied. … ‘The United States will not remain party to a treaty that is deliberately violated by Russia,’ Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement about the U.S. withdrawal.” (Reuters)

AFGHAN WITHDRAWAL? “The Trump administration is preparing to withdraw thousands of troops from Afghanistan in exchange for concessions from the Taliban, including a cease-fire and a renunciation of al-Qaeda, as part of an initial deal to end the nearly 18-year-old war, U.S. officials say. The agreement, which would require the Taliban to begin negotiating a larger peace deal directly with the Afghan government, could cut the number of American troops in the country from roughly 14,000 to between 8,000 and 9,000, the officials said.” (The Washington Post)

NOKO BRINKMANSHIP: “North Korea fired what appeared to be short-range ballistic missiles twice Friday into the sea off its eastern coast in its third round of weapons tests in just over a week, South Korea’s military and presidential office said. The increased testing activity is seen as brinkmanship aimed at increasing pressure on Seoul and Washington over stalled nuclear negotiations.” (Associated Press)

Government & Politics

BUDGET APPROVED: “The Senate on Thursday passed a two-year budget and debt-ceiling deal, sending the bill to President Trump, who has indicated that he will sign it. The bill, which passed 67 to 28 with bipartisan support, is projected to add approximately $1.7 trillion to the deficit over the next ten years. It will lift the debt ceiling until 2021, set a $1.37 trillion limit on agencies’ annual budgets for fiscal year 2020, and raise that limit in fiscal year 2021. It will also essentially end the automatic spending cuts put in place by the 2011 Budget Control Act.” (National Review)

scumbag-COMEY DODGES: “The Justice Department has decided against prosecuting former FBI Director scumbag-James Comey for leaking classified information following a referral from the department’s inspector general, sources familiar with the deliberations told Fox News. … scumbag-Comey penned memos memorializing his interactions with President Trump in the days leading up to his firing. He then passed those documents to a friend, Columbia University Law Professor Daniel Richman, who gave them to The New York Times. scumbag-Comey admitted to that arrangement during congressional testimony.” (Fox News)

scumbag-CUMMINGS’S HOME BURGLARIZED: “Baltimore Police are investigating after the home of Rep. scumbag-Elijah Cummings was broken into early Saturday morning. … This was several hours before President Donald Trump tweeted criticizing scumbag-Cummings and his district including Baltimore.” (CBS Baltimore)

HAPPENSTANCE, OR MACHINATION? “A redesign of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation website will make it harder for voters to inspect Sen. lowlife-Kamala Harris’s controversial record as the state’s top cop. The department removed public access to a number of reports on incarceration in the state, including when presidential candidate lowlife-Kamala Harris (D.) was California’s attorney general.” (The Washington Free Beacon)

KAVANAUGH COMPLAINT DISMISSED: “A panel of federal judges dismissed complaints against Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh Thursday, saying the process for deciding on misconduct allegations against a Supreme Court justice is outside its reach. The complaints stemmed from Justice Kavanuagh’s confirmation battle last year, when he was accused of sexual misconduct and angrily denied the allegations and denounced some of those who made them.” (The Washington Times)

Around the Nation

BIRTH FIGURES: “The births of white babies outnumbered those of minorities by a hair, according to new U.S. Census Bureau data that also showed that the most common age for whites is 58 versus 11 for Hispanics. The latest census data, covering up to 2013, showed that there were 2,943 more white babies born than minorities out of a total of 3,942,783. Census had expected minorities to overtake white births, but the data shows that it hasn’t happened as fast as expected, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of the data.” (Washington Examiner)

FIRST AMENDMENT RESTITUTION: “The University of Florida (UF) agreed … to pay their Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) student chapter $66,000, and amend their school policy to allow conservative groups to have access to more financial resources. In December of last year, the UF student YAF chapter filed a lawsuit against the school for allegedly violating students’ First and Fourteenth Amendment rights.” (The Daily Caller)

Closing Arguments

POLICY: Should (can) fake news be regulated? (Foundation for Economic Education)

POLICY: How not to solve the homelessness crisis (National Review)

HUMOR: Experts warn we have only 12 years left until they change the timeline on global warming again (The Babylon Bee)

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Following Debrief President Trump Announces 10% Additional Tariff on $300 Billion of Chinese Goods…

by sundance

{ } ~ US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin returned from two days of talks in Shanghai on Thursday… After debriefing President Trump on the results the president announced a decision to apply a 10 percent tariff on $300 billion worth of Chinese products. This announcement would answer the question of whether the Chinese were willing to restart discussions from the previous point of contention. Obviously they are not. The Wall Street financial/investment class will go bananas. U.S. based multinationals who have invested massively in Chinese manufacturing are apoplectic. The ‘Wall Street’ -vs- Main Street battle now enters a new phase of confrontation and adversarialism. As we have discussed, President Trump consistently implied he did not see how any deal with China is possible unless they were willing to fundamentally restructure their trade position. It has been clear -validated by the G20 outcome- that President Trump is not going to accept anything less than a full and complete structural change in the U.S. trade position with China. Lighthizer’s severe compliance and enforcement clauses, specific to each unique trade sector, are non-negotiable…


Trump Hires Sean Spicer, Again

by ~ President Donald Trump says he intends to nominate his former press secretary, Sean Spicer, to serve on the Board of Visitors to the United States Naval Academy… Board members review the state of morale and discipline at the Naval Academy and its curriculum and fiscal affairs. Spicer would serve the remainder of a three-year term that expires December 30, 2021. He tweeted: ‘Thanks @realdonaldtrump for the honor to serve as a member of the Board of Visitors to the US @NavalAcademy.’ Spicer, 48, serves in the U.S. Navy Reserve. He joined the Reserve in 1999, and holds the position of commander, just one ranking below captain. Spicer joined the Reserve while still actively pursuing his career as a Republican media strategist and operative. He also obtained a masters degree in national security and strategic studies from the Naval War college in 2012. Spicer was relatively short-lived as press secretary, being fired in June 2017, with Trump unhappy with his performance. His most notorious performance was his first, when he delivered an tirade about the size of the crowd at Trump’s inauguration then took no questions from reporters…


Video of Cocaine Bust at Sea Shows Importance of Coast Guard Funding

by Emma O’Connor

{ } ~ A dramatic video depicting the Coast Guard’s seizure of a drug-smuggling semi-submersible vehicle back in June has since gone viral… The operation resulted in the confiscation of more than 16,000 pounds of cocaine after a Coast Guardsman leaped onto the submarine in choppy eastern Pacific Ocean waters. Vice President Mike Pence applauded the success of “this momentous occasion and this historic offload.” The video has drawn attention to a unique issue facing U.S. efforts to combat drug smuggling—namely, low-profile vessels. In recent years, the Coast Guard has reported an increase in the use of semi-submersible vessels in drug-smuggling operations. That particular style of vessel rests just below the water, hidden from view, and is difficult to track as they are built to deter detection by radar, sonar, and infrared systems. The Coast Guard reported the seizure of seven of these vessels between the months of June and September of 2017. However, it’s estimated that they only detect and intercept 11% that pass through the eastern Pacific, most in known drug-transit zones off the coasts of Central and South America. Most originate with Colombian drug cartels, which build them in the jungles to avoid detection. They are thought to cost about $2 million to build, are typically constructed of fiberglass, and are propelled by a diesel engine. Most take upwards of a year to build. Successes like the interception depicted in the video are only possible when the Coast Guard has sufficient numbers of ships, aerial assets, and other tools. All of these things require long-term, consistently adequate funding, and that’s something that has not always been the case for the Coast Guard…



Trump Aide Lynne Patton: Where’s the $16 Billion in Federal Funds that Went to Baltimore in 2018

By Deneen Borelli

{ } ~ Liberals continue to scream racism over President Trump’s tweets criticizing Maryland Democrat Representative scumbag-Elijah Cummings for not doing enough to clean up the streets of Baltimore… While liberals direct their anger at President Trump and provide cover for scumbag-Cummings, they are ignoring the deplorable condition of some areas of Baltimore. Liberals are also ignoring what happened to the billions of dollars directed to the district. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regional administrator Lynne Patton questioned the whereabouts of approximately $16 billion in federal funds given to scumbag-Cummings’ district in the Fiscal Year of 2018 on Fox News. President Trump criticized scumbag-Cummings and also asked what happened to the money, raising the question if the federal funds were “stolen or wasted.” Democrat Baltimore Mayor Bernard “Jack” Young responded to President Trump’s tweets, essentially seeking more federal assistance. Real Clear Politics reports: “We are a city that has problems like any other city, but we are moving forward,” Mayor Young said. “My message to the president is, stop tweeting and send federal help and federal resources to the city of Baltimore. Not just to the city of Baltimore, to urban cities around the country that are having problems with aging infrastructure, with crime and grime, and reduction in resources from the federal government.”…



commie-AOC’s District City Housing and Day Camp Full Of Maggots, Roaches, And Dead Rats

By Daphne Moon

{ } ~ By far one of my favorite sayings about situations like this is; if you give a Republican a pile of brinks they’ll build a city, give A democrat a city and they’ll turn it into a pile ao bricks… Such is the case with New York City Mayor scumbag-De’Blasio’s entire career and it’s evident in places such as this. A child day camp in East Harlem, New York City closed last week by HUD Region II Administrator Lynne Patton was overrun by rats, roaches and maggots for over a year as NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority) failed to solve the problem, according to a report by WNBC-TV. Far left Democrat New York City Mayor scumbag-Bill de Blasio, running for the Democratic Party presidential nomination while still mayor, has been in office since 2014. 48 of the 51 seats in New York City Council are held by Democrats, only 3 are held by Republicans. Patton called out Rep. commie-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) on Fox News Monday for being more concerned about migrants than Americans in her own backyard of New York City. commie-AOC represents New York’s 14th Congressional District that covers parts of The Bronx and Queens. East Harlem is in the 13th CD and is represented by Adriano Espaillat. The proof of just how badly Dems have ran New York into the ground is in the following video. It should maggots, dead rats and roaches all falling through the ceiling of this East Harlem community center and public house. During the summer the building is also used as a day camp for children. The Jackie Robinson development administrators have alerted NYCHA to the issue but after a year of these sick conditions, no action had been taken. That is until they were alerted about the report…,%20Roaches,%20And%20Dead%20Rats



Politicizing Jamestown at 400

Lewis Morris: Today, July 30, is the 400th anniversary of the first meeting of the Virginia General Assembly, the first instance of representative democracy in the New World. Known at the time as the House of Burgesses, that elected body was put in place to help run the English colony of Jamestown, which was having a tough time becoming a viable revenue source for the British crown in 1619.

Jamestown was founded in 1607 after King James I granted a charter to the Virginia Company of London. The goal was to gain a foothold in North America where the Spanish and the French were already establishing colonies and trade routes. Trouble with the natives, inability to adapt to the climate and prepare for winters, and poor management of available resources drove Jamestown to the brink of failure. Disease and starvation thinned the ranks considerably, but the British government and the Virginia Company were intent on making their investment work.

They set upon the idea of establishing a local government that would be more responsive to the colonists without making them totally reliant on the mother country, which was several weeks away by ship. Voters in each of Jamestown’s four provinces and seven plantations elected two burgesses to represent them. Along with these 22 assembly members were six additional members chosen by the company. They met for the first time on July 30, 1619.

That we have the opportunity to recognize 400 years of uninterrupted representative government is an impressive feat that should be honored by every lover of Liberty. But the modern Democrat Party, which does not fall under that category, is making a mockery of these monumental proceedings by pushing its own agenda.

Several Virginia Democrats recently railed against President Donald Trump attending the anniversary proceedings. Why? According to a statement by state Democrat leaders, “The current President does not represent the values that we would celebrate at the 400th anniversary of the oldest democratic body in the western world.” They have threatened to boycott any events at which Trump is present. Former Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe further clarified their whine with, “Racists and white nationalists have no place in the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

First, Jamestown was not a democracy (conservatives need to take back that word), and second, by boycotting, Democrats are inadvertently keeping the actual racists from attending. Score another one for Trump.

The hypocrisy of this stance by Virginia Democrats is enough to stain one’s cheeks with tears. None of these people have boycotted any Jamestown events with Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam or Attorney General Mark Herring, both of whom have admitted to wearing blackface in the past. These admissions would have cost both men their jobs were it not for the fact that they would have been replaced by Republicans. When that became evident, the scandal melted away and the Dems silenced their guns. Northam or Herring went on with their jobs as if nothing had happened. This fight provides insight into the rationale of the Left, which is that all Republicans are racists, and all racists are Republicans. No one else fits this description.

It was Northam who extended the invitation to Trump in the first place almost a full year ago. But that fact, like Northam and Herring’s own racism, at least as defined by Democrats, is conveniently absent from this latest row involving the president. Inviting the president of the United States to such event should be standard procedure, and should the president attend, then the event should take place free from the current politics of the moment.

Democrats are not capable of divorcing politics from their duty as elected officials. They also don’t really have any respect for the country or its republican institutions, which is why they are willing to potentially slander the Jamestown proceedings for their own political gain, short term though it may be. ~The Patriot Post  


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