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Media Editors: loose lips liar-BIDEN BUSHWHACKED: “A swath of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, with lowlife-Kamala Harris leading the way, tore into a stunned loose lips liar-Joe Biden with jabs at his nearly five decades in office and his record on race. In what may well turn out to the biggest moment of the first two Democratic debates, the senator from California, 54, took the former vice president to task for opposing busing (designed to end racial segregation in schools) and declared that she had been a victim at age 6, saying ‘I was that little girl.’” (Washington Examiner)

CENSUS DELAY? “President Trump on Thursday said that he is asking his administration to temporarily delay the 2020 census in light of the Supreme Court ruling blocking the question for the time being,” reports The Hill. In a nutshell, SCOTUS wrongly suggests “purity” transcends constitutionality.

ON THE DOCKET: “The Supreme Court finally agreed Friday to referee a two-year-old dispute between President Trump and Democrats in Congress over the fate of nearly 700,000 undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children. The high court showdown, which could be decided in the midst of the 2020 presidential election, will determine whether Trump has the power to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program known as DACA that President Barack scumbag/liar-nObama created in 2012.” (USA Today)

TROLL MASTER: “With a smirk and a finger point, President Donald Trump dryly told Russia’s Vladimir Putin ‘Don’t meddle in the election’ in their first meeting since the special counsel concluded that Moscow extensively interfered with the 2016 campaign.” (The Associated Press)

TWITTER SPEECH PATROL: “Twitter said Thursday it will start labeling tweets from influential government officials who break its rules against bullying and abusive behavior.” (CNBC)

BORDER FUNDING APPROVED: “After a brief showdown over competing emergency humanitarian aid measures to alleviate the crisis at the southern border, the House voted 305-102 on Thursday to pass the Senate’s less restrictive version of the bill. … The vote marked a serious setback for Democratic House Speaker liar-Nancy Pulosi, who had vowed not to accept the Republican-led Senate’s legislation.” (NPR)

BANK OF … WHAT? “Bank of America announced they will no longer do business with companies who are involved in the operation of migrant detention centers.” (Washington Examiner)

ELECTION MEDDLING: “Russia isn’t the only threat to election security going into 2020, as Trump administration officials say they are preparing for meddling from Iran, China, and North Korea.” (The Daily Signal)

NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION: “Last-ditch talks to persuade Tehran not to exceed nuclear limits within days were on course for failure on Friday, as Iranian officials said their demands had not been met and Washington rebuffed European calls to ease sanctions to allow negotiations.” (Reuters)

CLIMATE RACKET: “The New York City Council on Wednesday approved a resolution declaring a climate emergency, calling a sweeping transition to clean energy systems ‘vital to our future.’ … It’s the only U.S. city with more than 1 million people to declare a climate emergency.” (USA Today)

STRAIGHT-PRIDE GREEN LIGHT: “After initially being turned down by the city, Boston’s first ever ‘Straight Pride’ parade has been granted an official date: August 31,” The Daily Wire reports. Interestingly, “A new Harris Poll commissioned by the pro-LGBT media group GLAAD shows that the percentage of non-gay Americans aged 18-34, who are considered allies of the LGBT community, fell from 63% in 2016 to 45% in 2018,” according to


Right on gerrymandering, wrong on the census (National Review)

Don’t laugh at Democrats on health care. Private insurance is a catastrophe (Washington Examiner)


Major cave-in as Democrat candidates rush to far left side of debate stage (The Babylon Bee)

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Details Emerging of Coordinated Mueller Testimony With Congressional Democrats

by sundance

{ } ~ Details are beginning to emerge about the agreement between Democrats and Robert Muller surrounding his closely constructed upcoming testimony… The baseline here is very important. As we have outlined throughout, and especially since the Democrats won the mid-term election, the Mueller “team” is closely coordinating with the liar-Pulosi, scumbag-Schiff, scumbag liar-Nadler and scumbag-Cummings group about how best to continue the efforts of the Weissmann and Mueller small group within the DOJ and FBI. The connective tissue between House Democrats and the “Small Group” within the FBI Weissmann and Mueller lead, is the Lawfare group. As noted in the text message between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok; and as noted in the hiring of former FBI legal counsel James Baker; and as noted in the scumbag liar-Nadler and scumbag-Schiff hiring of Lawfare members for their staff; the coordination between the seditious group (DOJ/FBI) and the politicians is crystal clear. CTH advised everyone to pay close attention to the details in the agreements between liar-Pulosi, scumbag-Schiff, scumbag liar-Nadler and the corrupt team led by Robert Mueller. Everything they are doing is based on a coordinated plan between ideologues. The effort to remove President Trump is one long continuum…it has not stopped. The Mueller testimony is just another part of this process. Here’s some of the transparently sketchy details as outlined by staff leaks to NBC. Remember, these legislative “staff members” are part of the Lawfare group I cannot emphasize this enough… Need to read the rest of article.


Democrats Push Immigration Policies That Amount To Open Borders In Second Debate

By Rachel Stolitzfoos

{ } ~ There’s one clear policy takeaway from the second Democratic debate in Miami on Thursday night… the Democratic candidates are pushing for de facto open borders. In a stunning moment, every single candidate on stage, including the leaders of the pack — former Vice President loose lips liar-Joe Biden and Independent Sen. commie-Bernie Sanders — raised their hands to signal their support for government-run health care that covers illegal immigrants. The move was particularly notable for loose lips liar-Biden, since former President Barack scumbag/liar-nObama made a point of assuring voters his healthcare plan would not cover illegal immigrants.“You cannot let people who are sick, no matter where they come from, no matter what their status, go uncovered,” loose lips liar-Biden said, when asked to explain the change in policy. “You can’t do that. It’s just going to be taken care of, period. You have to. It’s the humane thing to do.” South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg expressed similar reasoning, then pivoted to saying that the illegal immigrants already in the country should have a pathway to citizenship — a policy no one on stage opposed. “This is not about a handout,” he said of covering illegal immigrants with state-funded health care. “This is an insurance program. And we do ourselves no favors by having 11 million undocumented people in our country be unable to access health care. But, of course, the real problem is we shouldn’t have 11 million undocumented people with no pathway to citizenship.” Later in the debate, all but one of the candidates again raised their hands, this time to signal they would decriminalize border crossings… No one has mention anything about the people who are on the waiting list for years to enter America.


House Dem zealots ignore facts to wrongly cite Trump Cabinet members for contempt

By Hans A. von Spakovsky

{ } ~ A House committee vote Wednesday holding the attorney general and commerce secretary in contempt for failing to turn over confidential documents… dealing with a lawsuit involving the U.S. census was political gamesmanship of the worst kind by Democrats. In a 24-15 vote, all Democrats on the House Oversight and Reform Committee voted to hold Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt of Congress for failing to respond to the committee’s subpoena. Republican Justin Amash of Michigan – who has called for the House to hold hearings on impeaching President Trump – voted with the Democrats. The other 15 Republicans on the committee voted against the baseless contempt citation. The vote by Democrats and Amash was itself contemptible – an example of out-of-control zeal to attack the Trump administration as often and as hard as possible, regardless of the facts. The documents deal with a decision by the Commerce Department to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. “Why don’t the Democrats want to know how many citizens are in the country?” asked Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio. Democrats have said they fear that asking people in the census if they are U.S. citizens will reduce participation in the census by immigrants, resulting in an undercount of the U.S. population in areas with large immigrant populations. However, there is no empirical data to support that claim. President Trump quite properly asserted executive privilege over the subpoenaed documents Wednesday morning. The president took the action because Congress has no right to demand or receive the documents, since they are part of a lawsuit now before the Supreme Court…  https://www. /opinion/dem-contempt-vote-against-barr-and-mcghan


Naval Test Pilot School Adds New Focus on Unmanned Aircraft

By Ben Werner

{ } ~ The Navy just graduated its first class of unmanned aerial vehicle test pilots from a new course designed to apply the lessons of manned test pilot programs to UAVs… For decades, the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School trained aviators how to evaluate new aircraft and the same concepts were applied all aircraft, Marine Lt. Col. Rory Feely, the school’s executive officer, told USNI News. But until now, the school hadn’t created a curriculum focused on training the unmanned aerial systems test pilots. “Here’s my analogy, there was no test pilot school when the Wright brothers flew,” Feely said. “In an industry space, we need a certain amount of momentum behind the industry before the higher learning levels or institutional levels can come into place. Naval test pilot school is one of those institutions.” By design, test pilot training isn’t as focused on the nuts and bolts of flying an aircraft – unmanned or manned – as it is on training the test pilots on what to look for when operating a system, Feely said. The school’s standard 11-month long test pilot course teaches aviators how to convey information about an aircraft’s operation to the rest of the aviation community and the Navy leadership involved with buying the system. The recently completed supplemental course trained test pilots who complete the 11-month course and are heading to work with unmanned aerial systems, Navy Lt. Chris Wright, a systems instructor at the school, told USNI News. The UAS-focused short course involved a combination of academic study and hands-on experience with some unmanned systems currently used by the Navy, such as the unmanned Fire Scout and Triton systems. Eventually, the supplemental course will be incorporated into the full 11-month course. The Navy is moving toward incorporating unmanned aerial systems into its daily operations. At sea, for instance, unmanned tankers that are part of the MQ-25A Stingray program will refuel fighters during carrier operations. The Marine Corps is evaluating how to use unmanned systems to resupply Marines in the field. Six pilots previously selected for the Navy’s unmanned program, participated in the supplemental course. Other pilots attended the academic portion of the short course. Naval Test Pilot School graduates are the personnel who train to provide the Navy and Marine Corps leadership with feedback about how new and developing systems operate, Feely said. In general, test pilots are asked to evaluate aircraft they’ve never seen before. With unmanned systems, the same concept is at work – the test pilots are going to evaluate systems very few people are familiar with operating. “What they need to have is a good idea of how these aircraft are operated or will be operated as well as they also need a very sound working knowledge about how the Navy deploys these capabilities anyway because no system operates by itself these days. These systems are integrated across various platforms,” Feely said.


UN Global Compact: What Happens Next?

By Judith Bergman

{ } ~ In December, world leaders of 165 countries adopted an ostensibly non-binding agreement that propagates a radical idea… that migration — for any reason — is something that needs to be promoted, enabled and protected. The agreement is named the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM), and now comes its implementation. The UN has not wasted any time in setting this “non-binding” Compact in motion. Already at the Marrakesh Conference in December, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres launched the Migration Network Network, a new addition to the UN bureaucracy, and seemingly intended to “ensure effective and coherent system‑wide support to the implementation of the Global Compact”. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) will serve as the coordinator and secretariat of all constituent parts of the Network in implementing the Global Compact. The UN, in other words, has set its enormous bureaucratic infrastructure into full motion to see to it that the Compact will have maximum impact across the globe. IOM director-general Antonio Vitorino has already sent a warning to critics of the UN migration agenda. “If we want to succeed in having a more humane and better world, we should resist the temptation of negative narratives that some want to spread about migration,” Vitorino said recently. His spokesman, Leonard Doyle, recently threatened that unless integrating migrants is taken seriously, terrorism will supposedly occur: “Populism is certainly a toxic issue that is down to a misunderstanding of the issues… When you don’t have integration then you have serious problems like terrorism… It is in everybody’s interests that we work towards a better integration of migrants and refugees, not to do so is to store up problems for the future.” The Global Compact contains a provision, clearly signaling that any disagreement with its agenda will not be accepted and that the signatory states will work to dispel “misleading narratives that generate negative perceptions of migrants.” According to Objective 17 of the Global Compact, member states are obligated to…


Tax Withholding Allows Politicians’ Theft to Go Unnoticed

Louis DeBroux: If the income tax is not the most insidious mechanism for enslaving a free people, it must certainly be a close second.

America’s Founding Fathers explicitly and adamantly rejected a direct tax on its citizens, choosing instead to fund the legitimate operations of government through “duties, imposts (tariffs), and excises,” assessed uniformly throughout the states. That was why a constitutional amendment was required to tax the very act of working.

On the other hand, the Father of Communism, Karl Marx, listed “a heavy progressive or graduated income tax” as the second of 10 planks in his Communist Manifesto.

The income tax was first implemented in America during the War Between the States, with a maximum confiscatory tax rate of 10%. It was repealed just a few years after the war ended, in 1872.

Another income tax was passed in 1894, but was struck down by the Supreme Court. Then, in 1913, with class-warfare-based promises to the American people that only the very wealthy would be punished, Congress passed the 16th Amendment, giving constitutional authority to enact an income tax.

At its inception, the top tax rate was a mere 7%, and only on incomes over $4,000 (or $103,500 in 2019 inflation adjusted dollars). During the tax debate, William Shelton of Georgia expressed his support for the income tax as a way to hammer the rich, declaring, “None of us here have $4,000 incomes, and somebody else will have to pay the tax.”

As is often the case with actions rooted in envy, it backfired. The “somebody else” turned out to be us.

The income tax rates rose stratospherically. Under President Herbert Hoover, the tax rate was raised from 24% to 63%, and then Franklin Roosevelt, not to be outdone, raised rates to 79% and then 90%. He then issued an executive order setting a draconian tax rate of 100% for all income above $100,000, which was later repealed by Congress.

Over time, Americans were lulled into a casual acceptance of such tyrannical theft by politicians who used the revenue to enact vote-buying schemes. After all, having a mere 35% of your earnings taken by force seems downright generous when the alternative is 79%, or 90%, or 100%.

FDR also used the machinery of the Bureau of Internal Revenue as a weapon against his political enemies, a despicable habit perpetuated by Presidents Richard Nixon and Barack scumbag/liar-nObama.

Like the proverbial frog in boiling water, Americans came to tolerate, accept, or even demand (for others, at least) tax rates orders of magnitude higher than the original promised maximum tax rate. And one way of keeping Americans lulled in complacency was the implementation of withholding taxes from paychecks.

During WWII, seeking a way to fund the war effort without having to wait for revenue at the end of each year, Congress passed tax withholding, in which taxes were taken from each paycheck based on each citizen’s estimated tax liability over the course of the year.

Surprisingly, Nobel Prize-winning libertarian economist Milton Friedman, then a young Treasury Department employee working in a small technical group, first proposed withholding. Friedman later declared it “a very interesting and very challenging intellectual task.” He explained, “I think it’s a great mistake for peacetime, but in 1941-43, all of us were concentrating on the war. … I really wish we hadn’t found it necessary and I wish there were some way of abolishing withholding now.”

Withholding has been as much a boon for greedy politicians as it has been an intellectual sedative for the American people.

It allows government to take ever more of our earnings without raising our suspicion or ire, for how can we miss what we never see? If the American people had to write a check each month for their portion of the nation’s debt and governmental operating expenses, there would be outrage at the reckless nature of federal spending, which has placed us $22 trillion in debt.

Yet countless millions of Americans now get excited at their annual tax refund, treating it as a bonus rather than what it is; government paying back a mandatory interest-free loan.

Democrats’ lies have been so successful that, following the 2017 Tax Cut and Jobs Act passed by the Republicans, which slashed personal and corporate income taxes and kick-started the economy, deceitful Democrats convinced Americans they’d suffered a tax increase.

How is it possible for Americans to get a double-digit tax rate cut and still think their taxes were increased?

Because with tax rates slashed, less money was taken out of each paycheck, and therefore tax refunds were smaller than the previous year. Americans kept more of their earnings but felt they were robbed.

And we can all thank withholding for that inverted view.

Now, with the 2020 presidential campaign in full swing, the clown car of Democrat candidates are all promising to repeal the Trump/GOP tax cuts, while simultaneously promising to pass budget-busting programs like “free” Medicare for All, “free” college, and “free” health care, as well as the Green New Deal, “affordable” housing, “free” child care, reparations for slavery, and a guaranteed basic income.

With the Green New Deal alone costing an estimated $93 trillion, spending-addicted Democrats absolutely must have high income-tax rates, and withholding allows them to take more and more of our earnings largely unnoticed.

That is a victory for progressive Democrats … for now. Because we all know what happened the last time the American people woke up and realized how heavily they were being taxed. ~The Patriot Post  


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