Friday Top Headline Summary

by Media Editors: “Andrew Wheeler will be the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency after the Senate voted to confirm him in a mostly party-line … 52-47 vote on Thursday, seven months after his predecessor Scott Pruitt resigned. Republican Sen. Susan Collins was the only Republican to vote against Wheeler.” (ABC News)

“Sen. commie-Bernie Sanders’ new deputy national press secretary likely won’t be eligible to vote in the 2020 election due to what she says is her status as an undocumented immigrant. The hiring of Belen Sisa, an Arizona leftist activist, was announced Wednesday evening. Sisa, who says she was brought to this country illegally from Argentina by her parents at age six, is currently protected from deportation under President Barack scumbag/liar-nObama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program.” (Washington Examiner)

“Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announced Friday he’s running for president, saying he will emphasize attempts to combat climate change during his bid for the Democratic nomination. … But it’s far from clear that voters will make the environment a priority on Election Day. Inslee lost a 2018 ballot initiative in his home state that would have imposed the nation’s first carbon fee on large polluters.” (CNBC)

“Tax refunds have increased this week, the Treasury Department announced Thursday, after critics attacked the initial lower refunds that resulted from Americans paying less to government coffers. Through four weeks of the filing season, the average tax refund in 2019 increased to $3,143 — up from last week’s average of $2,640, according to the Treasury Department. … The average refund at this point in the filing season is now up 1.3 percent over last year.” (The Daily Signal)

“Israel’s attorney-general announced on Thursday he intends to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges, a decision coming just six weeks before a closely contested national election. It was the first time a serving Israeli prime minister has been put on official notice of planned prosecution, and deepened uncertainty over how Netanyahu … will fare against a coalition of upstart centrist rivals.” (Reuters)

“Trump derangement syndrome has gone so far into overdrive that his detractors are now criticizing him even when he does something solely to their benefit. The LGBT pushback against his administration’s policy to decriminalize homosexuality worldwide is perhaps the most puzzling example. According to Fox News, LGBT activists have largely denounced the Trump administration’s policy on decriminalizing homosexuality as a cheap ploy rather than an actual promise.” (The Daily Wire)

Always blame Trump: “Undocumented immigrants are increasingly choosing to cross the U.S. border illegally rather than waiting in line to claim asylum at legal ports of entry. … Immigration lawyers and rights advocates say asylum seekers are opting for illegal crossing because they are growing frustrated with waiting lines caused by Trump administration policies.” (NBC News)

Lazy journalism: “A sinister game called ‘The Momo Challenge’ exists online. It involves a creepy woman’s face popping up when children are watching cartoons on YouTube or playing video games or just messaging each other. Momo orders these children, as part of this game, to do harmful things to themselves, up to and including suicide. The most important thing to understand about ‘The Momo Challenge’ is that it doesn’t exist. … This is a great example of media people conjuring fake news.” (Reason)

Not-so-humorous: Democrats essentially say, “The only thing more precious than a newborn baby is the right to kill it” (The Babylon Bee)

Policy: “Properly understood, state and local taxes don’t reduce your ability to pay federal income tax, and don’t tax the same dollar of income twice. Instead, they reflect a choice you made to live in a place in which the government provides a certain set of goods and services to taxpayers. Residents of lower-tax states should not be on the hook for spending decisions of governments in higher-tax states. … Congress should get rid of the deduction entirely. To minimize disruption, the deduction should be set on a gradual glide path toward zero over a number of years.”(Michael R. Strain, Bloomberg Opinion)

Policy: “Colorado is joining a list of states attempting to overturn the way Americans have selected their presidents for over two centuries. … While the Constitution, intentionally, gives wide latitude to states to create their own electoral systems, the law passed in Colorado, along with the rest of this effort, would be unprecedented. It would be the first time states potentially outsource their Electoral College votes to the will of the nation as a whole, rather than having elections determined by their own voters. The result of this, ironically, could be very undemocratic.” (The Daily Signal)

~The Patriot Post


scumbag-Adam Schiff-ty Claims Michael Cohen INCREASED His CREDIBILITY

by S.Noble

{} ~ After the hours-long clown show of a hearing in which Michael Cohen appeared to have lied and admitted to a felony… scumbag-Adam Schiff told the PBS audience that the hearing somehow made Cohen more credible. Cohen was actually prepped by the Democrats, including scumbag-Schiff, before the hearing. Michael Cohen admitted during testimony that he had spoken to Rep. scumbag-Adam Schiff about what “topics” might be raised during the House Oversight Committee hearing. That is a bombshell. It came up during Jim Jordan’s questioning of Cohen.“I spoke to Mr. scumbag-Schiff about topics that were going to be raised at the upcoming hearing,” Cohen responded when the Ohio Republican asked what the two men had discussed prior to the hearing. “Whoa,” Jordan, Jordan, the ranking member of the committee, reacted. “Not just what time you’re going to show up, but what you’re going to talk about? Wow.”On Wednesday’s “PBS NewsHour,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman scumbag-Adam Schiff (D-CA) stated that former Trump attorney Michael Cohen “bolstered his credibility” with many of the things he said before the House Oversight Committee… scumbag-Schiff should be also questioned by the House Oversight Committee. But he won’t.



James Dobson: Sen. scumbag-Murray Telling ‘Outright Lie’

by Bob Unruh

{} ~ James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family and the James Dobson Family Institute, the author of dozens of books on family and adviser to at least five presidents, has battled the abortion cartel much of his career… Now he’s calling on Americans to urge senators to approve S.311, the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which is scheduled for a floor vote Monday. He’s calling out Sen. scumbag-Patty Murray, D-Wash., for claiming that such protections already exist. “In all my time in the pro-life movement, never did I think I would need to publicly declare my support for a bill like the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act,” he said in a statement on Friday. “I am truly saddened that we as a country would even have need to protect a child who has survived the horrors of an attempted abortion and has been left to die on a porcelain tray. Shockingly, despite what some politicians like scumbag-Sen. Murray would have you believe, we do not currently have federal protection for babies who have survived such a procedure.” He provides a link for ways to contact members of Congress. “Politicians such as scumbag-Sen. Murray would have you believe that this bill is an affront to a woman’s ‘health,’” he said…




Get Rid of the State-Tax Deduction Altogether

by Michael R. Strain

{} ~ The 2017 tax law capped at $10,000 the amount of state and local tax payments a household can deduct from its federal income taxes… Previously, people could deduct the entire amount they paid in state and local property taxes, and either the state individual income tax or state sales tax. According to a Treasury Department estimate released Tuesday, this cap will stop 10.9 million tax filers from writing off these payments from their federal income taxes, with the largest bite felt in high-tax states like New York, New Jersey and California. Though politicians from these states are howling — New York Governor Andrew evil-Cuomo recently met with President Donald Trump to discuss his concerns — limiting this deduction was the right thing to do. Congress should go all the way and repeal what remains of it. Importantly, just because 11 million people may lose this popular tax break — which has been in the federal code since the income tax was created a century ago — does not mean that all of them will be paying a larger share of their income in federal taxes. An analysis by the Tax Policy Center in December 2017 found that 80 percent of households would receive a tax cut in 2018, while only 5 percent will face a tax increase. As temporary provisions of the 2017 law expire, more households will face a tax increase in future years. An initially appealing argument in favor of this deduction is that it reduces an individual’s marginal income tax. Imagine you are in the 35 percent income tax bracket and you earn an additional $100. Say you owe $10 in state taxes on that extra income. If you can deduct the $10 state tax payment, you now pay 35 percent on the remaining $90. Overall, you get to keep $58.50 after taxes. If you can’t deduct the $10, you can only keep $55 after taxes. So far, it seems that the deduction lowers marginal tax rates, improving incentives to work, save and invest. That’s only part of the story…


Trump Was Right to Walk Away From North Korea’s Bad Deal

by Aaron Kliegman

{} ~ Hopes were high in Hanoi, Vietnam, this week, as President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un smiled and shook hands, ready for their second summit… Perhaps the United States and North Korea would finally reach a deal to denuclearize the latter, paving the way for a more benign, fruitful relationship between the two countries. Alas, it was not meant to be. Trump and Kim ended their summit on Thursday after failing to agree on any steps to curb North Korea’s nuclear-weapons program. But while the talks collapsed—at least for the moment—people should not view the result as a failure. Indeed, Trump should be commended for walking away from a bad deal. Many observers thought Trump would be so desperate for a deal that he would agree to almost any terms, succumbing to dreams of diplomatic greatness. They watched Trump call Kim his “friend” and worried the president was too trusting. Perhaps Kim felt this way, too, hence his widely one-sided proposal more on that in a moment. Ultimately, however, Trump did not do what his critics feared. “I am never afraid to walk from a deal,” Trump told reporters after the summit ended. “Sometimes you have to walk.” Lifting sanctions on North Korea seemed to be the main roadblock to further negotiations. According to Trump, Kim insisted that all of the United Nations’s sanctions imposed on Pyongyang be lifted in exchange for dismantling the Yongbyon nuclear facility, the site of a reactor and plutonium-reprocessing plant and a central piece of the North’s weapons program. “It was about the sanctions,” Trump said. “Basically they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety, but we couldn’t do that.”…


The Devastating Anti-Communism of ‘Cold War’

by Matthew Continetti

{} ~ The best narrative art eschews didacticism in favor of subtlety and nuance and moral reflection. The Polish film Cold War, released last year and directed by Pawel Pawlikowski, is no exception… It tells the story, inspired by Pawlikowski’s parents, of Wiktor Warski (Tomasz Kot) and Zula Lichón (Joanna Kulig), whose amour fou burns against the backdrop of postwar Europe. Wiktor’s passion for Zula consumes him. It haunts him for years after he flees Poland, and drives him to return despite the certainty of imprisonment. Zula herself is a beautiful, broken creature, the victim of abuse, talented but insecure, flirtatious, charming, impetuous, melancholy, who dulls her anxieties with alcohol. This passionate and doomed romance also has a political dimension. Which is why Cold War is not just melodrama. It’s a masterpiece. The film is a subtle but devastating critique of the socialist phenomenon. Wiktor and Zula meet shortly after the end of World War II, when Wiktor is tasked with assembling a musical troupe that will perform folk music for the nomenklatura of the Soviet client government. With his partner, choreographer Irena Bielecka (Agata Kulesza), Wiktor tours the countryside, recording ancient melodies. They occupy what looks to be an old estate—a ruin of the ancien régime—where they hold auditions. Among the aspiring dancers and singers is Zula, to whom Wiktor is immediately drawn. Irena doesn’t share Wiktor’s enthusiasm, especially after Zula performs a song from a Soviet movie. But she relents. Zula joins the group.Its fate is intertwined with the conformism, corruption, and coercion of socialism. Near the expropriated property where Wiktor, Irena, and Zula reside is a devastated church. The art on its walls has been blotted out. Of one painting only Jesus’ eyes remain. They gaze silently and sadly on the human folly before them. During a tryst in the field beyond the church, Zula confesses to Wiktor that she has been informing on him to Lech Kaczmarek (Borys Szyc), a sort of commissar assigned to Wiktor and Irena. Kaczmarek wants to know if Wiktor is politically correct, if he believes in God. “Do you? I do,” Zula says. It’s a belief that can be admitted only in confidence. Wiktor, who doesn’t answer, is furious Zula has been spying on him. But he can’t remain angry for long. Not at her…


The Rat Race-Bait

by Willie Richardson: “Rat Race” is a 2001 American movie comedy that includes a bunch of day-to-day misfits given the daunting task of winning $2 million based on a bet by high rollers of a Las Vegas casino. They created this game for their own entertainment. The “big cheese” is in a duffel bag over 500 miles away at a train station in New Mexico. The six participants took to the airplanes, trains, and backwoods just to claim the spoils. As you can imagine, this was a total disaster as people’s greed and self-aggrandizement took over their more noble character. They would do anything to win the “big cheese” — especially after being told by the conspirator, “There are no rules” to this Rat Race. No rules? Hmm.

Fast forward to the Windy City. Jussie Smollett, a biracial actor/musician and self-proclaimed homosexual, took to social media claiming two Trump supporters wearing Make America Great Again hats assaulted him. He said they doused him with bleach, called him racial and homosexual slurs, and put a noose around his neck on the streets of Chicago. Really? On first take, this sounded suspect at best, but how could this even make headlines with people actually believing it?

As in “Rat Race,” there are “no rules” to winning the “big cheese.” In this case, becoming the victim is winning the spoils. There are no limits to the despicable measures the liberals will use to concoct another emotional racial fairy tale. Even the boy who cried wolf was eventually ignored and eaten alive because of his love affair with victim hood. Fortunately, the two men, Ola and Abel Osundairo, who were paid to conspire the attack on Smollett came out and said: “We are not racist. We are not homophobic and we are not anti-Trump. We were born and raised in Chicago and are American citizens.”

The Rat Race toward victimization is the new conquest, triumph, or victory in America, especially for the Left. No longer is becoming a victor over oppression, regression, or suppression seen as the ultimate goal. For Jussie Smollett, being a liar to smear President Trump and gain notoriety from liberals was worth it. Smollett knew that, as a “black man,” he could use a “white lie” to hide behind his own misery and “the people” would believe it. He did it because it works in today’s media culture!

As the boy who cried wolf ended in demise, he will have a similar fate as he cries “racism” — his career and integrity will be in question. ~The Patriot Post


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