Friday Top Headline Summary

by Media Editors: The platforms of Senators lowlife-Kamala Harris and Elizabeth dinky-Warren include slavery reparations, according to Fox News. “Reparations would involve the federal government’s acknowledgment of the ongoing legacy of slavery and discrimination and providing payment to those affected. Policy experts say it could cost several trillion dollars.” National Review’s Kevin D. Williamson construes reparations as lacking substance: “The proposals are not intended to mitigate evil. They are intended to make Elizabeth dinky-Warren … or lowlife-Kamala Harris, or Kirsten Gillibrand … president of the United States.” Notably, lowlife-Harris this week met with race hustler scumbag-Al Sharpton.

“House Democrats pushed ahead Friday with a measure that seeks to terminate President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration that he issued last week in order to circumvent Congress and build his wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. … Once it passes the House, the measure would be sent to the Senate, where unlike most pieces of legislation, GOP leaders could not block it from reaching the floor. The federal law requires that the Senate take up the House-passed resolution within 18 days. The resolution is considered ‘privileged’ — which means it would not be subject to a filibuster and require 60 votes to move forward. Instead, it would simply require 51 votes to pass. If all 47 Democrats were to support the measure, they would need only four Republican defections to pass it.” (NBC News)

“The U.S. is not completely pulling out of Syria just yet,” NPR reports. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders on Thursday stated, “A small peacekeeping group of about 200 will remain in Syria for a period of time.” NPR adds, “A senior administration official … [explained] that the decision to leave some troops in Syria was intended to encourage France and Britain to also keep troops there.”

Via Variety: “Jussie Smollett is back on the set of ‘Empire’ in Chicago following his release from police custody on Thursday… Smollett was released after posting bail in Chicago after police charged him with staging what was originally reported as a hate crime last month. He was originally intended to film throughout this week on the Fox series, but his role was dramatically reduced in light of his ongoing legal troubles.” It goes without saying that his role should be reduced entirely.

According to ABC News, “The father of a so-called ‘ISIS bride,’ who was born and raised in the U.S. and now wants to return home with her son, has sued the Trump administration after it declared that she is not a citizen and has no right to enter the country.” Former prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy warned about this possibility yesterday in National Review, where he reasoned, “I would strongly urge the Justice Department to file an indictment against Muthana for treason, material support to terrorism, and any other readily provable offenses. She is less likely to press the issues of citizenship and right to enter if she understands that she faces prosecution and, very likely, lengthy imprisonment if she succeeds in coming here.”

“North Carolina officials on Thursday ordered that a second election take place in the state’s ninth district after the initially victorious Republican candidate conceded that the first vote was tainted by an illegal get-out-the-vote effort indirectly backed by his campaign. The state board of elections voted unanimously to hold a second election after being presented with evidence that Leslie McCrae McDowless, a contractor hired by Republican Mark Harris’s campaign, ordered his volunteers to go door-to-door collecting absentee ballots and, in some cases, filling them out in favor of Harris.” (National Review)

“A veteran IRS employee has been charged with leaking the banking records of President Trump’s onetime personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to Michael Avenatti, the attorney for adult film star Stormy Daniels,” Fox News reports. Regardless of Cohen’s guilt, this is unbecoming. The IRS’s targeting of conservatives was merely a glimpse into what remains a toxic, scandalous environment.

Cue the outrage mob: “Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee wore Confederate uniform in 1980 yearbook photo,” headlines The Washington Post. The best line of the story? “A Lee spokesman added that the governor has never worn blackface.”

And since we’re on the subject of outrage… “Vandals targeted a statute of General Lee outside a North Carolina museum in what the museum curator believes was an act of mistaken identity,” The Daily Wire reports. “The statue defaced was that of General William C. Lee — who fought during World War II — not of General Robert E. Lee, the Confederate general during the Civil War whose monuments are now being vandalized.” Oops.

Regulatory commissars: “A coal-fired power plan that’s operated for more than 100 years is shutting down, and its owners say scumbag/liar-nObama-era regulations are to blame. Alabama Power’s Plant Gorgas will officially close in April. It’s only the latest coal industry casualty, driven by Environmental Protection Agency regulations and market forces. … Federal regulations for handling coal ash and wastewater made it too costly to continue operating Plant Gorgas.” (The Daily Caller)

Humor: commie-Bernie Sanders disappointed to learn that $6 million in campaign donations was actually in Venezuelan money (The Babylon Bee)

Policy: “Has Pakistan supplanted Iran as the leading terror sponsor?” Read more on why the Washington Examiner’s Michael Rubin believes Pakistan deserves more scrutiny.

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More Backwards Liberal Thinking – Congress Paving the Way for Illegal Aliens

by Dustin Koellhoffer

{} ~ scumbag/liar-nObama Democrats and their RINO allies passed a budget bill that basically paved the road to America in gold for illegal aliens. They attempted to strip President Trump of any authority for securing the border… President Trump immediately declared a national emergency to finish the wall and increase border security to levels necessary to stop the illegal immigrant invasion, drug and human sex trafficking, and the crimes that uninvited foreign invaders bring to the United States. The leftist media immediately slandered him as violating the law and Democrats called for riots and an insurrection to overthrow him. When scumbag/’liar-nObama violated laws and the restrictions Republicans tried to put on him to stop him from shutting down coal mines and doing other harm to America, he declared he had a pen and a phone with which to dictate. Barack Hussein scumbag/liar-nO put almost a million coal miners out of work by closing down American coal mines, thereby forcing states and cities to import coal from China. When President Trump undid this treachery, scumbag/liar-nObama claimed credit for improving the economy. What did the lamestream media do? They praised scumbag/liar-nObama for his dictatorial tyranny, and again for his lies. In another piece of backward logic, a reporter actually asked President Trump if “voices on the right” were forcing his policies? To this he replied with the truth – that it is his policies that draw those voices from the right in support of him. The media continues to slander American geniuses like Trump and Rush Limbaugh while giving credit to their own charlatans, frauds, and hateful liars working against American citizens. As Democrats turn more and more to socialism the truth that socialism is the ideology of stealing from those who work for a living is brought more and more into the light…


dirty cop-Mueller probe could end next week

by Chuck Ross

{} ~ The special counsel’s investigation could wrap up as soon as next week with the delivery of a confidential report to the Justice Department, CNN is reporting… According to the network, Attorney General William Barr is preparing to receive a report from special counsel dirty cop-Robert Mueller, who took over an FBI investigation of the Trump campaign on May 17, 2017. Barr, who was confirmed to office last week, will determine soon after receiving dirty cop-Mueller’s report what information will be provided to Congress. The exact end date for the dirty cop-Mueller probe has been a longstanding source of speculation in Washington, D.C. In December, NBC News reported that dirty cop-Mueller & Co. planned to deliver a report by mid-February. But a delay in Barr’s confirmation may have contributed to a delay in handing over the report…


Ilhan Omar, Islamic Law & The US Constitution

by Bethany Blankley

{} ~ Central to the controversy surrounding the anti-Semitic and disparaging remarks about Jews and Israel made by the newly elected some argue, fraudulently Somali-born Congresswoman from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar… is the distinction between two laws: Islamic law and the U.S. Constitution. It is unlikely that Omar would present a history of making such claims if she were not an adherent of Islamic ideology rooted in the Qur’an. The Qur’an is the basis for Islamic law, just as the U.S. Constitution is the basis for U.S. law. Discussions about Omar’s apology are ongoing; numerous elected officials have requested House Speaker Nancy Pulosi to remove her from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. A petition on has more than 178,891 signatures calling for Omar’s removal as of Feb. 19; the number has grown by more than 10,000 signatures daily. Another petition demands Omar be censured for her “repeated history of false, derogatory and hateful communications that go well beyond the bounds of acceptable discourse….” She should be removed from being an representative.


scumbag-Dick Durbin Reacts To Green New Deal: ‘What In The Heck Is This?’

by Henry Rodgers

{} ~ Democratic Illinois Sen. scumbag-Dick Durbin shared his views on the Green New Deal, saying he doesn’t know what exactly it is or whether he would vote for it after reading the legislation… scumbag-Durbin spoke about the Green New Deal on “Morning Joe” Wednesday and whether he would be supporting it after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced he would be bringing it to the floor for a vote to put lawmakers on the record. The Illinois Democrat said although he has read the legislation, he does not know “what in the heck” it is. “At this point, I can’t tell you,” he said. “I’ve read it and I’ve reread it, and I asked Ed Markey, ‘What in the heck is this?’” “He says, ‘It is an aspiration. It’s a resolution aspiration. What we’re going to do is ask the Republican leader, ‘What’s your position on global warming?’ while we’re at it. ‘Shouldn’t you come out on the record and say if human activity is having an impact on our environment?’ Let’s get on the record on both sides,” scumbag-Durbin continued…



White House Deputy Press Secretary Says Goodbye

by White House deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters, who regularly defended the administration’s economic policies, plans to leave in April to work for Edelman Public Relations… Walters is the only White House spokesman besides Press Secretary Sarah Sanders to remain on the job since the first day of Donald Trump’s presidency. She joined the White House staff after working with former press secretary Sean Spicer at the Republican National Committee and concentrated on economic issues, including the 2017 tax overhaul and trade negotiations with China. Walters said it was “time for a change” and that she was excited by the opportunity at Edelman. “It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the president in this administration,” Walters said in a statement. White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney praised her “savvy, sophistication, and street smarts” in a statement. Sanders said Walters “helped us thrive every day and her steadfastness is matchless.”…


Californians Want to Flee Their Socialist ‘Paradise’

by Culture Beat: The problem with California is Californians — at least that’s what the latest survey data indicates. According to the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer, 53% of California residents are considering moving out of state due in part to high housing costs, homelessness, and an overwhelming belief that the state’s best days are behind it. But to whom are Californians looking to solve these problems their own voting for leftists has caused? Well, 53% believe it is the federal government’s job to solve California’s problems. Sorry, wrong answer.

Like New York Gov. Andrew evil-Cuomo shifting blame to President Donald Trump and the Republicans for ending the federal government subsidizing high SALT deductions in tax heavy states, too many California residents are blaming the feds for the very problems their local politicians have created. As Stacey Lennox, writing for The Resurgent, observes, “Judging by the responses, it is as if citizens of this state by and large see themselves as victims. Like they have completely forgotten they put the yahoos in office who have made the policies that have caused housing prices, homelessness and other problems to skyrocket.”

The other entity Californians believe owes it to the state to contribute more is business — you know, the biggest drivers of the state’s economy. According to 63% of Californians, businesses need to do more to improve the state, not their leftist elected officials. Some 59% believe corporations need to spend more on community issues. An astounding 67% want tech-industry business leaders to do more for the state, and 68% see the tech industry as not regulated enough, with 59% wanting regulations increased.

For all those conservative Californians who suffer under the increasingly socialist nightmare, you have our sincerest sympathy and we lay out the welcome mat to relocate to conservative states where individual freedom and limited government is still prized. But to all you Californians voting Democrat — you made your bed; now lie in it. 

 ~The Patriot Post  


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