Friday Top Headlines

by Media Editors: Five dead in targeted attack at Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis (Capital Gazette)

Journalists blame Trump for Annapolis shooting despite complete lack of evidence (The Federalist)

Unhinged reporters cause embarrassing spectacle, scream wildly at Trump after newsroom massacre (BPR)

Color us skeptical: mad-Maxine Waters cancels events over “very serious death threat” after she told people to harass Trump associates (National Review)

Trump meets with lawmakers to discuss Supreme Court vacancy (Fox News)

Deputy AG Rosenstein, FBI Director Wray grilled by House panel on liar-Clinton inquiry (USA Today)

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly expected to depart as early as this summer (The Wall Street Journal)

House passes $675B Pentagon spending bill (The Hill)

Senate farm bill ignores conservatives: It’s bad on food stamps and farm subsidies (The Daily Signal)

DOJ charges 600 with $2 billion in opioid fraud (National Review)

California’s costly global warming campaign turns out to be worse than useless (Investor’s Business Daily)

Fallout: University of Missouri struggles with $50 million shortfall, reduced enrollment after racial protests (The College Fix)

Humor report: First Star Destroyer in Space Force to be named “USS Civility” (The Babylon Bee)

Policy: The real prescription for lower drug prices: Get Europe to drop its price controls (Washington Examiner)

Policy: After Janus, conservatives and teachers’ unions should collaborate (National Review)

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Matthews Melts Down – Commies Won’t Accepts 30 Years of Conservative Supreme Court


{ } ~ Libtard Bobble-Head Chris Matthews is so incensed at the prospect of another Supreme Court seat going to a conservative Justice… that he can’t think or talk straight and he’s never been very good at listening. His brain and his mouth seem totally disconnected as he lashes out at dummycrats-Democrats for the anticipated upcoming loss of their strangle hold on the Supreme Court. Just a few years ago they were poised, following the legalization of homosexual ‘marriage’ in the United States and with infanticide already the law of the land, and with huge sums of money pilfered from the Treasury to fund it, to turn America into the libtard ‘utopia’ they, Hussein liar-nObama and Karl Marx had been dreaming of. Now the sudden reversal is so extreme they had to put “Tingles” Matthews on a remote shot by himself, just to protect the rest of their staff from the foaming spit shower. MSNBC host Steve Kornacki asks his lunatic libtard guest, “What is the best tactic the dummycrats- Democrats would have to pick off those Republicans” needed to defeat a Trump nominated conservative…



Benghazi Attack Plotter Learns His Punishment

by Will Racke

{ } ~ A Libyan militia leader who was convicted for participating in the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi in 2012… was sentenced to 22 years in prison on Wednesday. Ahmed Abu Khattala, 47, was convicted in November on charges including conspiracy and providing material support to terrorists for his role in the attack, which killed four Americans, including U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens. However, the jury acquitted Khattala of more serious charges of murder and attempted murder, after defense lawyers cast doubt that his actions led directly to the deaths of Stevens and State Department information officer Sean Smith on Sept 11, 2012. Before handing down the sentence, U.S. District Court Judge Christopher R. Cooper acknowledged the defense’s claim that the jury had found reasonable doubt to believe Khattala was not directly responsible for the killings — in part because surveillance video showed him arriving at the consulate after the attack was mostly over…


scumbag-Soros-Backed ‘United We Dream’ Behind Mitch McConnell, Elaine Chao Ambush

by Joe Schoffstall

{ } ~ An intern at an undocumented immigrant-focused group funded by liberal billionaire scumbag-George Soros… and which is an approved group of the left’s biggest dark money donor network cofounded by scumbag-Soros, was behind the ambush confrontation of Sen. Mitch McConnell and his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, as they were leaving an event at Georgetown University on Tuesday evening. “Why are you separating families, huh? Why are you separating families?” one protester yelled. “Why don’t you leave my husband alone? You leave my husband alone!” Chao responded. The incident was filmed and uploaded to Twitter by a user named Roberto…


Federal Authorities Stick It to Antifa, End ICE Occupation or Face Arrest


{ } ~ Federal authorities warned Antifa members Monday to stop occupying an Oregon Immigration and Customs Enforcement building or be arrested… “Individuals who continue to obstruct the entrance of this federal facility will be subject to arrest and prosecution in federal court,” a flyer Federal Protective Service agents distributed to Portland Antifa members reads. “It is unlawful under federal law to obstruct the entrances, foyers, lobbies, corridors, offices and/or parking lots of federal facilities.”…Its about time. It should of been done a long ago.


Facebook now under fire for Deep Spying


{ } ~ Facebook is facing growing negative reaction to its privacy intrusions… Joseph Farah, WND founder and CEO, explained in a commentary this month how Facebook and Google, “sharing an ultra-left worldview, dominate both advertising revenues and control of the distribution of content in America and throughout the Western world. Add Amazon to the mix and the deck is so stacked against independent media voices and freedom of speech that the First Amendment could soon become a meaningless, irrelevant relic. Together, the three companies, are without question the most important media companies in the world – even though they aren’t known for creating content.” Those trends certainly impact consumers, with the loss of choice, alternative voice and freedom of expression…


Media’s Constant Attacks on Trump Backfiring

by Louis DeBroux: Donald Trump is the modern-day Dread Pirate Roberts.

In the movie classic “The Princess Bride,” the hero, Wesley, is captured and forced into servitude by the Dread Pirate Roberts, only to assume the role of Roberts when the actual Dread Pirate Roberts decides to retire.

Roberts/Wesley discovers a plot to kill his beloved by the prince who will marry her, and sets out to find and defeat the criminal band hired to do the killing. After defeating the giant brute and the master swordsman, Wesley then engages in a battle of wits with Vizzini, the genius behind the plan. Wesley pours two glasses of wine, poisons one with iocane powder, and leaves the genius to use his deductive reasoning to determine “who is right, and who is dead.”

After the genius makes his decision and they both drink, Wesley reveals that both glasses were poisoned; Wesley has actually spent years taking small doses of iocane powder in order to build up an immunity.

Thus it is with Donald Trump. The media, by spending the better part of the last two years in a state of perpetual outrage at Trump, have unwittingly immunized Trump from their hysterical criticism. Their Outrage Meter is eternally pegged at 100, unchanged whether screaming about Trump’s immigration policies or his latest tweet. No matter what he says or does, it is officially The Worst Thing Ever™.

But sane, normal people can’t sustain that level of interest, much less outrage. It becomes a tsunami of whining and accusations that regular Americans just tune out. So, ironically, in a desperate attempt to destroy Trump, leftists have immunized him from their attacks.

Of course, their perpetual outrage is not just a result of their hatred of Trump. It’s calculated to increase profits — the greedy capitalist pigs!

A recent report revealed The New York Times, the bible of the Left, has done quite well as the anointed mouthpiece for anti-Trumpers. Since Election Day 2016, the NYT has seen its stock value skyrocket 141% (netting its largest shareholder, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helu, a cool $423 million in profits).

Late-night comedian Stephen Colbert struggled in the ratings before he repackaged himself as a vicious (and often vile) anti-Trumper, with a nightly onslaught of criticism and mockery of the president. And without Trump’s tweeting criticism of them, poor CNN, which recently dropped below Nickelodeon and HGTV in cable ratings, may be lost from the American consciousness altogether.

It seems that CBS Chairman Les Mooves was half right when, in 2016, he said that Donald Trump’s candidacy “may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.” The greedy One Percenter continued, “The money’s rolling in and this is fun. … It’s a terrible thing to say. But, bring it on, Donald. Keep going.”

One wonders if the Leftmedia appreciates the irony that the president they now seek to take down was made possible by the estimated $2 billion in free media coverage they gave him during the primaries (calculating that Trump was the weakest Republican candidate).

However, there is growing evidence that the constant barrage of vitriol directed at Trump by the press is focusing the intensity of his detractors, but it is not expanding the number of critics. In fact, not only is the criticism not hurting Trump, it may actually be helping him.

According to the Real Clear Politics polling aggregate, in recent months Trump’s approval rating on the economy has risen to 51% (higher than Barack liar-nObama ever achieved), with just 36% disapproving, and his overall approval rating has risen to 41%, with a 10-point drop in his negative ratings. This is even after the non-stop coverage of the border situation of some children being separated from their illegal alien parents, and the press depicting Trump as cruel and heartless. Surprisingly, Trump’s handling of that situation had little effect at all on the polls either way.

It almost seems the opposite of liar-nObama, whose personal likability was high with the American public while his policies were frowned upon. Many Americans may not like Trump’s tweeting or his street-fighter style, but they sure do like the prosperity his policies are bringing.

Paradoxically, the more the media attacks Trump, the less credibility it has with the public. In 2016, more Americans believed media bias was a problem than big campaign contributions. That was before the 24/7 Trump-bashing began in earnest, and that percentage is likely higher now as Americans become more and more numb to the “Pollaganda Effect” (agenda-driven polling masquerading as news).

There are signs that the dummycrats-Democrats are getting worried, and rightfully so. Their endless attacks on President Trump are failing. An astute observer will notice that dummycrats- Democrats no longer talk of impeachment, and the Russia investigation has yielded little of substance other than exposing a coordinate effort by senior FBI officials under liar-nObama to sabotage Trump.

November is a long way away, and anything can happen between now and then (like Trump’s plan for tariffs undermining his pro-growth policies). But for now, that predicted Blue Wave is looking less like a tsunami and more like a leaky faucet.

And the biased, anti-Trump media deserve at least some of the credit for that. ~The Patriot Post


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