Friday Top Headlines

by Political Editors: Americans’ wealth surpasses $100 trillion (The Wall Street Journal)

Pulosi scoffs at strong U.S. consumer confidence figures (Fox News)

Trump DOJ asks court to invalidate liar-nObamaCare regulations (Washington Examiner)

Trump to leave G-7 summit early amid feud with world leaders, calls Trudeau “so indignant” (USA Today)

Trump calls for Russia to rejoin G7, exacerbating rift with allies (National Review)

Congressional Republicans say they just cut $15 billion in spending, but it’s actually only $1.1 billion. (Reason)

GOP staves off immigration revolt — for now (The Hill)

Despite “zero tolerance,” illegal immigration still up at southwestern border (The Washington Free Beacon)

Former Senate intelligence committee staffer indicted for lying to FBI about leaks (The Washington Times)

Memo to black voters: Alice Marie Johnson thanks Trump for “second chance” after commutation, says faith kept her strong (Fox News)

Why Kanye West and more black Americans are supporting Trump (The Daily Signal)

Country Time takes on the bureaucrats shutting down your kids’ lemonade stands (Reason)

Baby born to transgender “man” could become first person without a legal mother (UK Telegraph)

Latest higher ed debate: Are there differences between women and “trans women”? (The College Fix)

Humor: Man who handed out hundreds of participation trophies can’t figure out why this generation is so entitled (The Babylon Bee)

Policy: Six forces disrupting higher education (Manhattan Institute)

Policy: All downhill for Social Security and Medicare trust funds (E21) ~The Patriot Post


diGenova – IG Report Release Delayed by Rosenstein for a Thorough ‘Scrubbing’


{ } ~ Joe diGenova believes the reason the release of the IG Report on the corruption within DOJ and the sham investigation of liar-Hillary Clinton is being delayed is obvious… Rosenstein and the boys are deleting and changing things. He says, “What’s happening right now is that the IG report is being scrubbed by Rosenstein and his minions and people at the FBI, and they are removing as much embarrassing information about the bureau as possible. And unfortunately, it’s going to delay the release of the report and perhaps put it out during the Singapore summit.” “This conduct by Rosenstein and the people responsible for the delay is reprehensible,” says diGenova, “but it is of a pattern, because what they want to do is they want to hurt the President. Believe it or not, the Deputy Attorney General wants to hurt the President and he wants to prevent the release of truthful information to deny transparency to the American people, to protect career people inside the Department of Justice and the FBI.”…



liar-nObama’s Treason: Even Worse Than We Thought

by Robert Spencer

{ } ~ The Washington Free Beacon reported Wednesday that “the liar-nObama administration skirted key U.S. sanctions to grant Iran access to billions in hard currency… despite public assurances the administration was engaged in no such action, according to a new congressional investigation.” And it gets even worse: “The investigation, published Wednesday by the House Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, further discloses secret efforts by top liar-nObama administration officials to assure European countries they would receive a pass from U.S. sanctions if they engaged in business with Iran.” This revelation comes after the news that came to light in February, that, according to Bill Gertz in the Washington Times, “the U.S. government has traced some of the $1.7 billion released to Iran by the liar-nObama administration to Iranian-backed terrorists in the two years since the cash was transferred.”…


Prager U Video: The Dark Secret Behind the Iran Deal

by Prager University

{ } ~ Ami Horowitz breaks down the details of Iran’s nuclear secrets in the aftermath of America’s withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal.



CAIR Furious After Trump Trolls Muslim Groups With Ramadan Dinner Bait and Switch


{ } ~ Activist American Islamic cultural groups — including the controversial Council on American-Islamic Relations… have protested the White House’s decision to host an iftar dinner without inviting them. Iftar is the traditional Ramadan dinner held after sunset when observant Muslims are allowed to break the daily fast required during the holy month. The Trump White House broke with tradition by not holding one in 2017, but surprised many by hosting one this year — albeit with what The Associated Press described as “an intimate audience that included Cabinet members and ambassadors from many Muslim-majority nations including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.” Trump wished the attendees a “Ramadan Mubarak” — a blessed holiday — and gave the assembled 30 to 40 individuals a “message of unity,” the AP reported…What is your problem CAIR, the President can invite anyone he wishes.



Judge Jeanine Pirro is Reportedly Angling For Jeff Sessions’ Job As Attorney General

by Rachel Dicker

{ } ~ Judge Jeanine Pirro of Fox News fame may very well be the next Attorney General of the United States… considering President Donald Trump‘s feelings about her compared to his feelings about current AG Jeff Sessions. Four people familiar with the conversations told Politico that Pirro has been chatting with Trump’s staffers for the past 18 months about the possibility of becoming attorney general. One Fox News employee also told Politico that Fox News colleagues have laughed off her suggestion of taking the job from Sessions. Additionally, two White House aides said they don’t think Trump is seriously considering booting out Sessions for Pirro. But Trump is known to favor television personalities over political veterans, in some cases. The president replaced his former economic adviser, Gary Cohn, with CNBC’s Larry Kudlow...


Primary Results — Both Parties Held Serve

by Thomas Gallatin: California, due to its high population and “jungle primary” system, was the clear focus for analysts seeking any hints as to whether Democrats’ hope for a “blue wave” in November is materializing or if Republicans will be able to repel the challenge and maintain their majority control of Congress. The results, as is often the case, are proving to be a mixed bag. In other words, both national parties have positives they can take from Tuesday’s results, specifically in California, though neither comes away with an obvious or decisive advantage.

For Democrats in California, their goal of getting a candidate on the ballot in every district looks to have been accomplished, pending the results in a couple of districts. This sets the stage for Democrats to challenge all the Republican-held House seats in the state, which they need to have any hope of seeing a blue wave come November. Secondly, California Democrats locked up the Senate seat, as Dianne Fein-stein easily won the primary and will be pitted against fellow and far-left Democrat Kevin de Leon. Republicans failed to even secure a challenger.

However, the biggest surprise of the night may prove to be a bigger problem for Democrats than many realize. Going into Tuesday, it was widely assumed that the state’s governor race would boil down to a fight between two well-known Democrats, current Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. However, Republican candidate John Cox’s strong second-place finish blew up that narrative, guaranteeing a Republican challenger for the governorship. In the weeks leading up to the primaries, Cox got a strong endorsement from President Donald Trump, which clearly benefited his campaign. And as Cox noted, “It wasn’t Donald Trump who made California the highest tax state in the country. It was Gavin Newsom and the Democrats.” Having Cox on the ballot bolsters the GOP’s get-out-the-vote drive. Republicans now have a chance to vote for their candidate at the top of the ticket, which in turn boosts Republican congressional and state candidates down the ballot. Secondly, it’s a win for Trump in the state that represents the Democrats’ vanguard in their anti-Trump resistance.

It’s also worth highlighting former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s comments over the weekend. Gingrich opined, “I actually believe we are closer to a ‘red wave’ than a ‘blue wave.’ … Starting with passing the tax cuts, with what President Trump has done consistently on conservative judges, on deregulation, on trade negotiations, what he’s done with North Korea — I think people now have a sense that we’re moving in the right direction.” ~The Patriot Post


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