Friday Top Headlines

by Political Editors: Payrolls rose 223,000 in May while the unemployment rate fell to an 18-year low of 3.8% (CNBC)

E-commerce retail sails up 95% in five years (CNS News)

Trump threatens NAFTA after imposing tariffs on U.S. allies to punish “unfair competition” (The Washington Times)

Mueller probe spending tops $17 million (Politico)

Former liar-nObama DNI James Clapper: No “smoking gun” evidence of collusion (The Daily Caller)

Prosecutors interview Comey as they investigate whether McCabe should be charged (The Washington Post)

Grassley: Fusion GPS founder’s testimony “extremely misleading” if not “outright lie” (National Review)

Google lists “Nazism” as the ideology of the California Republican Party (Vice News)

Federal employees sue Trump over executive order restricting union activity (The Hill)

TSA and Border Patrol stole a man’s life savings but never charged him with a crime (Washington Examiner)

Samantha Bee to be honored by TV academy one day after calling Ivanka Trump a “c—t” on TBS (CNS News)

Dick’s shocked to find their gun sales plummeting after anti-gun moves (Hot Air)

Virginia Democrat’s ad: After 9/11 the greatest threat to America lived in a cave; now he lives in the White House (Hot Air)

Italy finally agreed on a government, ending months of political deadlock (Business Insider)

J. Crew markets “gay pride” Clothes to little kids (The Daily Wire)

Policy: It’s time for Trump to rethink the One-China policy (American Enterprise Institute)

Policy: Freezing the Paris climate accord is a job for the Senate (The Washington Times) ~The Patriot Post


Joe DiGenova Rips Disinfo Propagandist Trey Gowdy and Backstabber Jeff Sessions


{ } ~ Sean Hannity sets the stage for Joe diGenova’s stinging rebuke of RINO propagandist for the left, Trey Gowdy… by first addressing the fact that the actions of AG Jeff Sessions have now been exposed as completely unnecessary and indefensible. DiGenova says, “It was an unforced betrayal of the President of the United States, who had appointed him. And here’s the problem,” going into the fact that it the Russia hoax was at that time a counterintelligence ‘investigation,’ and that Sessions didn’t have to recuse himself, and could and should have supervised the case. He says, “Even if criminal matters came up, he would not necessarily have had to recuse himself. In fact, we now know that it remains basically a counterintelligence investigation, and the only thing that Mueller wants to do is interview the President of the United States, for no good reason, in order to get evidence so he can refer it to the House of Representatives.”…



Trump Turns the Tables: Mueller MEDDLING in 2018 Election

by Andrew

{ } ~ President Trump knows how to fight dirty, and if the special counsel’s office wants to indict every Tom, Dick, and Harry who ever delivered pizza to Trump Tower… then the president is going to go after this travesty of unconstitutional proportions with everything he’s got. He proved that this week with a series of vicious tweets against Robert Mueller and his “13 Angry Democrats” a term we love, by the way. Trump insinuated that the only tangible reason for the investigation to exist at this point is to give Democrats something to run on in November. And while his critics will say he’s trying to distract from the evidence against him, that’s an argument that works better when there actually is, you know, evidence against him. So far, we’ve seen zilch. “The 13 Angry Democrats plus people who worked 8 years for liar-nObama working on the rigged Russia Witch Hunt, will be MEDDLING with the mid-term elections, especially now that Republicans stay tough! are taking the lead in Polls,” Trump warned on Tuesday. “There was no Collusion, except by the Democrats!”…


Watch as Secret Service Tell Cocky Jim Acosta He’s Not Getting in


{ } ~ It isn’t too often that someone in the White House media corps tries to pull a “do you know who I am?”… on anyone, much less the Secret Service. There’s a reason for this: Unlike athletes and singers and other such people who use the “do you know who I am?” card, most people don’t know who White House press correspondents are. Dan Rather was arguably the most famous, but this was in the days before he was the host of the “CBS Evening News.” In other words, there aren’t too many people who can pull that ugly get-out-of-jail-free card in the White House briefing room…



The Deep State Is Hiding This Document From Trey Gowdy And Devin Nunes


{ } ~ “Democratic lawmakers said on Thursday they heard nothing in classified briefings by the FBI and intelligence officials… to support President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated allegation that the agency placed a “spy” into his 2016 presidential campaign to help his Democratic rival liar-Hillary Clinton…Nothing we heard today has changed our view that there is no evidence to support any allegation that the FBI or any intelligence agency placed a spy in the Trump campaign or otherwise failed to follow appropriate procedures and protocols,” scum-Adam Schiff, the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee’s top Democrat, told reporters. scum-Schiff said he was speaking for all the Democrats who attended including top Senate Democrat Chuck clown-Schumer, top House Democrat Nancy Pulosi, and top Senate Intelligence Committee Democrat Mark Warner.”… Without access to all the documents, it is impossible to know the truth.


Trump: Where is my apology from Disney CEO?

by Mary Chastain

{ } ~ No one is defending Roseanne Barr’s tweet about Valerie Jarrett… but you cannot deny the double standard that exists in Hollywood. Bob Iger, the CEO of ABC’s parent Disney, personally called Jarrett to apologize. Roseanne is now beginning to defend herself, asserting one tweet shouldn’t ruin a lifetime of work. Donald Trump weighed in on Twitter, and wondered why he hasn’t received an apology. Kelly O’Connell of NBC News asked Press Secretary Sarah Sanders about President Donald Trump’s tweet that criticized Disney CEO Robert Iger. Oh what a surprise that people forget that ESPN employee Jemele Hill called Trump and the people around him white supremacists!…



Belgium Terror Attack Mirrors an All Too Familiar Pattern

by Patrick Dunleavy

{ } ~ Watching summer reruns on TV can be entertaining. Watching reoccurring patterns in Islamic terrorist attacks is not… The latest terror attack in the European Union occurred Tuesday in Liege, Belgium, and appears to follow an all too familiar pattern. A petty criminal, radicalized in prison and released prematurely, carries out a deadly attack on law enforcement officers and civilians shouting “Allah Akbar” before he is brought down by a hail of bullets. Benjamin Herman was a career criminal on a temporary release program from prison. Hours after being released, he stabbed two Liege police officers and then executed them in cold blood with their own service weapons. Herman also shot and killed Cyril Vangriecken, a 22-year-old school custodian. He is suspected of having murdered a fourth individual, Michael Wilmet, a former prison cellmate, prior to the attack on the police officers…


The Warrior’s Tale

by Daniel Greenfield

{ } ~ The warrior’s tale is a simple enough thing. Strong as steel, but fragile as chance. It is the wind in his soul and the wall we build around ourselves to tell us who we are.

Before there were cities or nations, and railways and airports, computers and telephones– the tale was told around campfires. Acted out in pantomime, dressed up in animal furs and cave paintings. But the tale was the same. The people were confronted with a threat and they called upon the best and strongest of their men to go out and fight it. These were their warriors. What they did in the face of that threat is the tale.

The tale has many variations. Sometimes there are many warriors, sometimes only a handful. They march into the village of the enemy in triumph, or they make a last stand on a rocky outcropping, spending the last of their heart’s blood to buy time they will never know. There is the weak man who becomes strong, the strong man who becomes weak, the woman who mourns the man who will never return, and the man who goes off to battle with nothing to lose. These tales have been told countless times in the ages of men, and they will be told again for as long as men endure.

It is not only the warriors who need the tale, or those left behind. Future generation learn who they are from this tale. “We are the people who died for this land,” is the unseen moral of each tale. “We bled for it. We died for it. Now it is yours to bleed and die for.”

The warrior’s tale tells each generation that they stand on the wall against a hostile world. And that the wall is made not of stones, but of their virtues. Their courage, their integrity and their craft. Theirs is the wall and they are the wall– and if they should fail, then it will fail. And the land and the people will be swept away.

What happens to a people who forget the warrior’s tale and stop telling it around their campfires? Worse , what of a people who are taught to despise the figure of the warrior and what he represents? They will not lose their courage, not all of it. But they will lose the direction of that courage. It will become a sudden unexplained virtue that rises to them out of the depths of danger. And their wall will fail.

It is the warrior’s tale that makes walls. That says this is the land that we have fought for, and we will go on fighting for it. It is sacrifice that makes mere possession sacrosanct. It is blood that turns right to duty. It is the seal that is above law, deeper still to heritage. Anyone can hold a thing, but it is sacrifice that elevates it beyond possessiveness. And it is that tale which elevates a people from possessors of a land, to the people of the land.

Universalism discards the warrior’s tale as abomination. A division in the family of man. Their tale is of an unselfish world where there are no more divisions or distinctions. Where everyone is the same in their own way. But this tale is a myth, a religious idea perverted into totalitarian politics. It is a promise that cannot be kept and a poison disguised with dollops of sugar. It lures the people into tearing down their wall and driving out their warriors. And what follows is what always does when there is no wall. The invaders come, the women scream, the children are taken captive and the men sit with folded hands and drugged smiles dreaming of a better world.

The warrior’s tale explains why we fight in terms of our own history. The Great Swamp Fight. The Shot Heard Round the World. The Battle of New Orleans. Gettysburg, San Juan Hill, Belleau Wood, Pearl Harbor, Heartbreak Ridge, the Tet Offensive, Kandahar, and Fallujah. Generations of sacrifices must be defended. And those who wage war on us must be made to pay.

Universalism demands that war must answer to universal aims and objectives. That there is a universal law higher than war. But this is a children’s story. The laws of men derive from their own interests. Those who can rule by force or coalition make their laws to serve their own ends. This is the way of the world.

Those who pretend to live by universalism will still fall to the law of steel. Rhetoric is no defense against fire and lead, and international codes have no defense against those who will break them. The talk may go on, but it is the warriors who will end it. It is still the warrior’s tale to tell, even if all others have forgotten it.

The warrior’s tale is no happy thing. It is bitter as bile and dark as death. But it is also a grand and glorious thing. For even in its full naked truth, it is the story of perseverance in the face of every agony and betrayal. It is the tale of how we live and why we die.

Even when all others forget their tale, the warriors remember. Even when they are called peacekeepers and turned into an army of clowns for the satisfaction of their political masters. The armies may decay, but warriors still remain in their cracks, on their edges– men who are not wanted, but are needed because they are the only ones who can do the grim work and do it well. They may only be a hundredth of an army, or a thousandth. A fraction of a fraction. But without them there is no army, only empty uniforms.

When the warrior’s tale is forgotten, then they become shadows. Dangerous men despised and feared. Thought of as killers, dismissed as monsters and stared at like beasts in a cage. But the society cannot deny them. It cannot deny that part of them. When the warrior diminishes, the energy is directed elsewhere. Sport becomes an obsession and matches end in bloody violence. Crime increases. Prisons fill up. So do police forces.

As the external war fades, the internal one begins. Barbarians come from without. Buildings burn, mobs rage and there is a savagery in the air.

No law can protect a society that has forgotten the warrior’s tale. It will turn outward, and adopt the warriors tales of outsiders. The samurai will replace the cowboy. The sports star will be an outsider. Its heroes will become foreigners. Men who will do understand the virtue of violence and will do what their own have been forbidden. Who have the vital energy that a society without a warrior’s tale lacks.

When a people give up their own warrior’s tale for that of others, they lose the ability to resist them. For each people’s warrior’s tale says that we are people, and they are enemies. We are warriors and they are murderers. When a people have no other warrior’s tale but that of their enemies, they will come to believe that they are monsters. And that their enemies are brave warriors.

The day will come when they are asked who they are, and they will not know. They will point to their possessions and the names of their streets and cities. They will speak of higher ideals and cringe for not living up to them. They will be asked why they fight, and they will say that they do not want to fight. That all they want is peace at any price.

Even the most powerful of civilizations with the mightiest of cities becomes prey when it forgets the warrior’s tale. It takes more than weapons to defend a city, it demands the knowledge of the rightness of their use. It is no use dressing men in uniforms and arming them, if they are not taught the warrior’s tale. And it is nearly as little use, sending them off to watch and keep, if the men above them discard the warrior’s tale as violent and primitive gibberish.

An army of millions is worth little, without the warrior’s tale. Strategy is technique, firepower is capacity, both begin and end with the human mind. “Why do we fight,” is the question that the warrior’s tale answers far better than any politician could. “We fight because this is ours. It is our honor, our duty and our war. We have been fighting for hundreds and thousands of years. This is what makes us who we are.”

We are the people, says the warrior’s tale. But we are every people, says the universalist’s tale. All is one. There is no difference between us and them. And we will prove it by bringing them here. Then the walls fall and it falls to the warriors to make their last stand. To tell another warrior’s tale with their lives.

This is the quiet war between the philosopher merchants who want trade and empire, and the warriors who know that they will be called upon to secure the empire, and then die fighting the enemy at home. It is how the long tale that begins with campfires and ends with burning cities goes. The story that begins with cave paintings and ends with YouTube videos. Whose pen is iron, lead and steel. And whose ink is always blood.

We have been here before. Told and retold the old stories. The forest, the swamp, the hill and the valley. And behind them the lie, the maneuver and the betrayal. The war that becomes unreasoning and the people who forget why they fight. And one by one the warriors slip away. Some to the long sleep in the desert. Others to secluded green places. And still others into the forgetfulness of a people’s memory. The hole in the heart of a people who forget themselves and become nothing.


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