Friday Top Headlines

by Media Editors: Hurricane Florence makes landfall as a Category 1 (Fox News)

With Hurricane Florence bearing down, political ads on the Weather Channel go up (The Resurgent)

Despicable and desperate: Dianne Fein-stein sics feds on Kavanaugh for high school-era incident (The Washington Times)

Republicans thwart dummycrats-Democratic request for Kavanaugh documents, schedule confirmation vote (National Review)

Congress reaches deal to fund government through Dec. 7, preventing shutdown (The Hill)

Feds collect record individual income taxes through August; still run $898B deficit (CNS News)

dummycrats-Democrats will impose massive tax hikes if they win Congress (Washington Examiner)

hanoi-John Kerry slammed for “shameful” shadow diplomacy after admitting to meetings with Iran (Fox News)

State Department: U.S. sanctions have cost Russian government “tens of billions” of dollars (The Washington Free Beacon)

Paul Manafort will plead guilty, forfeit many assets in special counsel probe (ABC News)

scumbag/liar-nObamaCare is still failing at it’s ostensible objective: 29 million still uninsured (The Washington Free Beacon)

Controversial dummycrats-Democratic socialist Julia Salazar unseats 16-year incumbent in NY state senate primary (Townhall)

California gives new meaning to “nanny state” with proposed regulations on kids’ meals (Washington Examiner)

Humor: 50.7 million children now detained in Trump’s facilities — they’re known as public schools (ScrappleFace)

Policy: hanoi-Kerry should be prosecuted for illegal Iran meetings (Investor’s Business Daily)

Policy: Confronting the governance crisis in the Middle East (American Enterprise Institute)

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Mark Levin: Media, dummycrats-Dems ‘Are Already Blaming Trump’ for Hurricane Florence

by Emily Ward

{ } ~ On his show Wednesday, nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin noted that the media and dummycrats-Democrats are “already blaming Trump” for Hurricane Florence… “We’re seeing our fellow Americans having to flee about one quarter of the United States geographically – millions – because their lives, their property, their livelihoods are threatened by Mother Nature. And MSNBC and CNN and the dummycrats-Democrats are already blaming Trump,” Levin said on his Sept. 12 broadcast. Levin’s comments came as a response to media criticism of President Trump and the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) prior to the landfall of Hurricane Florence on the coast of North Carolina earlier today… This is really stupid. Vote them out all of them.



Lee Smith Outlines How FBI Used Allied Media to Become “Sources and Methods”

by Lee Smith

{ } ~ Lee Smith has an excellent article for Real Clear Investigations where he outlines two strategic phases… of the media and FBI/DOJ officials collaborating to create, and later defend, the ‘Trump Russia Narrative’. RCI has found that the anti-Trump leaks fall into two broad categories, or phases. Initially the leaking was an offensive operation aimed at disrupting Trump’s agenda, especially through leaks alleging connections between his campaign and the Russians. Its early successes included leaks of highly classified material that led to the firing of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and the recusal of Attorney General Jeff Sessions from overseeing that probe. The second phase – which began roughly a year into the Trump administration – has been more defensive, pushing back against congressional oversight committees that had uncovered irregularities in the FBI’s investigation of Trump. This phase has been marked by the willingness of press outlets to run stories backing off earlier reported leaks that proved to be deeply misleading – including the roots of the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign and the relationship between Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr and the opposition research firm that produced a central document of that probe, the largely discredited “Steele dossier.”…


Gillibrand: I Never Meant Abolish ICE When I Said ‘Abolish ICE’

by Molly Prince

{ } ~ dummycrats-Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York stated Wednesday that her calls to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were misconstrued… claiming that despite saying “we need to abolish ICE,” she believes America still needs an agency that will fulfill the goals that ICE was created to achieve. Claiming that the agency has strayed from its intended duties, Gillibrand argued that ICE in its current form should be eliminated, but that a new agency should replace it that will execute the same mission of enforcing U.S. immigration laws and investigating criminal activity of foreign nationals residing within the country. “Give ICE a new name and a new directive,” Gillibrand told The Post-Star‘s editorial board. Gillibrand recommended that the government “reimagine” the agency, however, her office did not respond to requests from The Daily Caller News Foundation to clarify what her proposed agency would look like and how it would differ from ICE’s current form. The New York senator said that she does not support open borders, and she agrees with ICE’s mission, but claims President Donald Trump and his administration have ruined the reputation of the agency by cracking down on immigrants who illegally cross the border… If that is not the duty of ICE what is it, Gillibrand. You are not being honest.


Massachusetts suspected gas explosions hits dozens of homes and buildings, officials say

by Nicole Darrah

{ } ~ At least four people were injured in Massachusetts Thursday night after “suspected gas explosions” tore through several communities outside of Boston… officials confirmed. Preliminary numbers estimate that between 60 to 100 homes in the Merrimack Valley caught fire in the towns of Lawrence, Andover and North Andover, Methuen Police Chief Joseph Soloman said. State Police (MSP) confirmed on Twitter that at least 39 locations were affected by “fires and explosions,” but the number “will grow.” Residents in the aforementioned towns that are serviced by Columbia Gas of Massachusetts “should evacuate their homes immediately if they have not already done so,” police advised. Gas service was shut down by the company to roughly 8,000 customers. “Numerous evacuations of neighborhoods where there are gas odors are underway,” MSP tweeted. While they added it’s “far too early to speculate on cause,” Columbia Gas is working to depressurize its gas lines, which “will take some time.” National Grid is cutting electricity to the three towns “to limit spark-started fires.”…



Trump is not an unindicted co-conspirator

by Alan Dershowitz

{ } ~ During Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., questioned the legitimacy of the judge’s appointment to the Supreme Court… Blumenthal said in his opening remarks: “The president of the United States who has nominated you is an unindicted co-conspirator.” Sen. scumbag-Cory Booker, D-N.J., has also characterized Trump as “an unindicted co-conspirator.” Following Michael Cohen’s guilty plea to eight criminal counts, pundits across the political spectrum claimed that, since Trump’s personal lawyer stated in his allocution that he paid hush money “at the direction of a candidate for federal office,” the president is now an unindicted co-conspirator. On Fox News, Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, stated that “If the prosecutors believe that what’s in this indictment was true, and that he was directed to make this payment … then the president just became an unindicted co-conspirator.” Before this claim is repeated so often that people assume it is true, let me state categorically that Trump is not an unindicted co-conspirator and that it is wrong to characterize him as such. An unindicted co-conspirator is someone against whom a grand jury has found probable cause, on the basis of evidence, that he or she is guilty of being a co-conspirator in a crime. But as far as we know there has been no grand jury indictment in this case, because Cohen waived the grand jury and pleaded guilty to “an information” prepared by a prosecutor, not a grand jury. An information is used in federal trials generally when a defendant voluntarily pleads guilty and waives the right of an indictment by a grand jury. So unless there is a secret indictment against Cohen, accusing Trump of being his co-conspirator, Trump cannot be an unindicted co-conspirator. Moreover, the information against Cohen did not include the allegation by Cohen that he was directed to pay hush money by the candidate. That self-serving accusation was made by Cohen in his statement to the judge…


dummycrats-Dems Lie About Kavanaugh for Midterm Gain

by Thomas Gallatin: Following the Senate hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh last week, Sen. lowlife-Kamala Harris (D-2020) released a heavily edited video of Kavanaugh wherein she claimed that his response to a question was “a dog whistle for going after birth control.” However, lowlife-Harris’s allegation was so clearly manipulated and inaccurate that even the leftist Washington Post and Politifact rated her claim as false. But that didn’t stop liar-Hillary Clinton from parroting lowlife-Harris’s lie.

On Wednesday, liar-Clinton wrote, “When Kavanaugh called birth control ‘abortion-inducing drugs,’ he made it clear that safe and legal abortion isn’t the only fundamental reproductive right at grave risk if he is confirmed. Access to birth control is, too.” She then added, “Imagine an America in which women are barred from getting IUDs or birth control pills, and doctors are criminalized for prescribing them. It’s an America in which women would be punished for insisting on being full and equal partners in society.” In other words, confirming Kavanaugh equals instituting a fictional dystopia akin to “The Handmaid’s Tale.” And that is exactly where bothlowlife-Harris and liar-Clinton are living — fantasy land.

The reality is that Kavanaugh has a supremely competent and scandal-free history, and his confirmation is essentially a given. So why are dummycrats-Democrats so committed to this demonstrably false narrative against him, knowing that he will be confirmed anyway? They are eyeing the midterms. This scare tactic is designed to create an issue to push women away from voting for Republicans and supporting President Donald Trump’s agenda.

Recent poll numbers indicate that this scare tactic may be working. Real Clear Politics shows that Trump’s job approval rating has slipped from 43.8% to 40.7% since the end of August. The prior four months had Trump with steady 43% to 44% approval ratings. This drop coincides with the Kavanaugh hearings. dummycrats-Democrats are seeing benefits in drawing out this confirmation process as long as possible — they’ve now delayed the Judiciary Committee’s vote until next week. That gives them more time to churn the Kavanaugh lies in order to dupe their largest voting block, women, into believing he represents an existential and immediate threat to their standing in society. dummycrats-Democrats may scream about equality all day long, but no one ever accused them of playing fair.

~The Patriot Post


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