Give Thanks That ISIS Is Going, Going . . .


{} ~ As Americans pause this week to give thanks, let us be grateful that the dramatically diminished ISIS caliphate is nearly crushed… And let’s applaud the Trump administration’s role in so severely reducing this threat. As President Donald J. Trump took office, the Islamic State was not just another terrorist group. It was a Muslim-extremist mini-nation. Straddling Iraq and Syria, ISIS controlled some 17,500 square miles — visualize two New Jerseys — according to the Washington Examiner’s Jamie McIntyre. Its 35,000 fighters enforced Sharia law, detonated historical sites, hurled gay men off of tall buildings, and displaced, persecuted, and slaughtered tens of thousands of Christians, Shiites, and Yazidis. Radical Muslim fools rushed in, boarded the jihadist bandwagon, and stretched ISIS’ bloody tracks from Paris to Brussels to San Bernardino. The Islamofascist group terrified Europeans and Americans. ISIS’ trained killers and Internet-inspired lone rats could attack anytime, anywhere. But by last September, this veritable Islamic-terrorist country had shriveled to its last 200 square miles — an area roughly the size of Tulsa. According to a September 27 Operation Inherent Resolve statement, this U.S.-led multinational effort is responsible for “liberating nearly 8 million Iraqis and Syrians from ISIS’s brutal rule and reducing its control of territory to approximately 1 percent of what it previously held.” The Syrian Democratic Forces have worked closely with American personnel to wipe out ISIS. Today’s military combat reportedly focuses on Deir az-Zour, ISIS’ holdout beside the Euphrates River…


Iran Had Secret Plans to Build Five Nuclear Warheads

by Adam Kredo

{} ~ Iran’s contested nuclear weapons program was much further along than the international community thought… according to a report based on scores of secret Iranian plans seized by Israel and publicly disclosed for the first time earlier this year. Information obtained in this raid on Iran’s secretive nuclear files has revealed that Tehran was well along the path to building several nuclear weapons by around 2003, including the complex infrastructure needed to produce such weapons, according to a new report from the Institute for Science and International Society, a nuclear watchdog group that has exposed in the past the extent of Iran’s nuclear works. The report is being viewed as a bombshell revelation on Capitol Hill and is seen as validating critics of the scumbag/liar-nObama administration who alleged the former White House has underestimated the extent of Iran’s nuclear weapons progress…


Asia Bibi and the First Freedom

by Matthew Continetti

{} ~ Asia Bibi got into an argument with her co-workers and ended up in jail. Bibi is a Pakistani Catholic and mother of five. She cannot read. For years, she picked fruit in her rural village… One day in June 2009, her peers refused to share a pitcher of water with her because she is a Christian. She argued with them, muttering some caustic words about the founder of Islam. They responded by accusing her of blasphemy: a capital crime in Pakistan. The next year she was sentenced to death row. No longer. In October the Supreme Court of Pakistan acquitted and released Asia Bibi after a long legal battle, during which Islamic radicals assassinated a Pakistani official for supporting her cause. The response to her acquittal was unsurprising. Global media and human rights organizations cheered, while Pakistani fundamentalists demonstrated and hung Asia Bibi in effigy. The outrage spooked Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan into making it more difficult for her to leave the country. Facing the risk of extrajudicial killing, Bibi remains in hiding. Her lawyer Saiful Malook fled to Europe. Protests greeted his arrival. The other day in Frankfurt, Malook called on the German government to provide Asia Bibi and her family with documents that would allow them to exit Pakistan. Why no Western government has yet granted her asylum is something of a mystery. It is possible that Bibi and her family may be using the negotiations to secure the release of additional people whose safety they feel is also in jeopardy. European governments, including the United Kingdom’s, may also worry that Asia Bibi’s arrival would provoke a backlash from their own militant Islamists. Nor is Europe exactly the global standard in free speech. Around the same time the Pakistani Supreme Court reversed the verdict against Asia Bibi, the European Court of Human Rights upheld a verdict against an Austrian woman for “publicly disparaging religious doctrines,” namely Islam. She and Bibi should compare notes… This show us how wrong Islam is for this world.


Calif. Took Nine Years to Create Fire Map

by Susan Crabtree

{} ~ The California state agency charged with overseeing utility companies took nine years to develop a consistent statewide map designating areas at high risk for destructive power-line fires… Seven of those years took place during outgoing Gov. Jerry Brown’s time in office and six were during the tenure of a president of a key state agency who resigned after a series of leadership scandals. Longtime critics of the utility companies and their role in sparking some of the state’s worst wildfires are voicing new concerns after reports that PG&E’s transmission line malfunctioned minutes before the start of the Camp Fire, the deadliest, most destructive fire in the state’s history. Others are calling for the creation of a new independent body to oversee the utilities, complaining that the companies and their legions of lobbyists have too much sway over the existing California Public Utilities Commission, or CPUC…


Gorka: 9th ‘Circus’ Court Doesn’t Run Immigration, Security

by Sandy Fitzgerald

{} ~ The wave of new immigrants arriving at the U.S. border poses a national security problem, and President Donald Trump has the right to fight it… just as he fought and won his battle for a travel ban, Sebastian Gorka, a former deputy assistant to the president, said Wednesday. “For those liberals who say we have an individual in the White House with dictatorial propensities, it’s absolutely the opposite,” Gorka, now a senior national security strategist for Fox News, told “Fox & Friends.” “We went through the whole court system, through the appeal system, right up to the Supreme Court.” And in the end, the courts ruled Trump gets the final decision. “In the United States, one person gets to decide on who comes in to the nation and whether they are a threat to national security, and it’s not the legislature,” Gorka said. “It’s not the court, and it’s definitely not somebody in San Francisco who belongs to the 9th ‘Circus’ Court.”…


Did the 2018 Election Kill the Warthog?

by Harold Hutchison: Lost in the 2018 midterms that have increasingly looked like a loss for conservatives was the fact that our troops may have taken a hit on Capitol Hill. In the election for the Senate seat in Arizona once held by rino-Jeff Flake, former Air Force fighter pilot Martha McSally lost to Kyrsten Simena.

McSally was perhaps the biggest advocate in Congress for the A-10 Thunderbolt II close-air support plane. This plane has never really been a favorite of Air Force brass. But the A-10 earned its reputation as the best close-air support plane in history during Desert Storm and the War on Terror. Recently, it has been upgraded to carry Joint Direct Attack Munitions. Yet plans call for the A-10 to be replaced by the F-35. While the F-35 is a good multi-role fighter, it can’t do what the A-10 does as well as the A-10 does it. Nor can the OA-X Program.

Furthermore, when it comes to deterring Russian intervention, the A-10 can help American and NATO troops hold the line, and the pilots have been training to do so. This plane was designed to take out hordes of Russian tanks coming through the Fulda Gap (and elsewhere in Europe), and the souring of relations with Russia over the last decade makes having this capability important. The failure of many NATO countries to maintain their military forces places even more reliance on the Warthog, especially when bad biofuels ground combat jets.

Ultimately, the price will be paid by the grunts on the field. While the GAU-8, a 30mm Gatling gun, is what the A-10 is most famous for, it is also capable of carrying a lot of bombs. These could be the latest JDAMS, cluster bombs or napalm. In any event, the A-10 carries a lot, and can get up-close and personal. Remember the photos of the plane that then-Captain Kim Campbell brought back during the liberation of Iraq? Let’s see a pilot try that with the F-35.

At present, according to Flight Global, the Air Force has all 287 A-10s in active service. So, it is needed and used. We know planes can’t fly forever, but given that American forces depend on this plane, and the proposed replacements are coming up short in key aspects, the fact of the matter is that the only replacement for the A-10 will be another A-10.

Sadly, with McSally out of office, and incoming House Armed Services Committee chairman Adam Smith planning cuts in defense spending, “oversight,” and seeking to undo efforts by Secretary of Defense James Mattis to restore readiness for real war, the A-10 could be on the chopping block when perhaps production of this valuable plane should be restarted. It may fall to “We the People” to demand that Congress provide the funds to restart production instead of deciding to stick the troops with more belt-tightening, especially when unit readiness is already suffering. ~The Patriot Post



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  1. steve blades

    how come we only see reports that isis is defeated but no accounts of how when and where this is happening???

    thats a trick question because ISIS isnt being defeted but moved to the EU and the USA under the guise of migrant/refugee status

    stop drinking the kool-aid and understand we are being lied to