Friday Top Headlines

by Media Editors: Illegal border crossers now ineligible for asylum, White House says (Fox News)

Federal appeals court rules against Trump administration effort to end DACA program (USA Today)

Florida Gov. Rick Scott claims election fraud, orders law enforcement investigation (NBC – WPTV)

The Left won’t celebrate these history-making Republican women, so we will (The Federalist)

sick-Pulosi: Gun control “will be a priority” in next House (The Hill)

California’s “reasonable regulation” of guns did not stop the Thousand Oaks shooting (Reason)

dirty cop-Mueller’s team has started writing its final report (The Hill)

Federal judge temporarily blocks Keystone Pipeline construction (Townhall)

The welfare generation: 51.7% of kids in 2017 lived in households getting government assistance (CNS News)

Antifa expands its hit list as political violence escalates (The Washington Times)

Three million have fled Venezuela’s socialist crisis (Washington Examiner)

New U.S. sanctions on Iran omit half of entities tied to Tehran’s terror-tied fighting force (The Washington Free Beacon)

Humor: Democrats, Republicans vow not to learn any lessons from the election (The Babylon Bee)

Policy: We don’t know how to stop mass shootings (National Review)

Policy: Amazon’s “‘HQ2” ruse exposes the folly of state tax incentives (Investor’s Business Daily)

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Appeals court rules against Trump DACA phaseout

by Stephen Dinan

{} ~ A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that President Trump and his team goofed in trying to cancel the scumbag/liar-nObama-era DACA deportation amnesty for illegal immigrant “Dreamers,”… saying that while they may have the power to erase the program, they must do it properly. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the administration cut corners and gave an unconvincing explanation of why it thought it had to phase out the DACA program. Without a better explanation, the decision was arbitrary — a violation of federal procedural law, the court ruled. “The executive wields awesome power in the enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws. Our decision today does not curb that power, but rather enables its exercise in a manner that is free from legal misconceptions and is democratically accountable to the public,” wrote Judge Kim McLane Wardlaw, an scumbag/liar-nObama appointee to the appeals court. The decision is likely to be appealed to the Supreme Court. Indeed the Justice Department earlier this month had asked the high court to hear a series of DACA cases even before they were decided in lower courts, saying it was critical the justices tackle the matter this term. This scumbag/liar-nObama’s era DACA is unconstitutional from the beginning. This Judge is wrong.


Laura Loomer ‘discovers’ busloads of Muslims committing ‘voter fraud’ in Minnesota

by Pete Kotz

{} ~ Laura Loomer is arguably the greatest investigative journalist/Twitter personality of our time. She dives into dangerous topics the mainstream media is afraid to touch, like Muslims, Sharia law, Alyssa Milano… more stuff about Muslims, and Muslims. One of her favorite targets is the Deep State, in which a secret cabal of disgruntled federal workers conspire to behave disgruntledly. It’s much scarier than it sounds. But Loomer may have now uncovered her greatest conspiracy of all: Massive voter fraud in Minnesota’s elections. In a tweet yesterday, she brought her uncompromising microscope to the attorney general’s race, where Democrat(and Muslim! scumbag-Keith Ellison defeated Republican Doug Wardlow. This, as Loomer points out, could not have happened by accident. She notes that scumbag-Ellison won by roughly 100,000 votes. It just so happens that 50,000 of those votes came from Muslims. “The other 50,000 is most likely from voter fraud,” says Loomer…


McConnell: ‘We’re Certainly Going to Try to Help the President’ Get Border Wall Funding

by Susan Jones

{} ~ On the day after the election, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told a news conference he thinks there are “plenty of things”… that Republicans and Democrats can “work together on,” such as infrastructure and maybe prescription drug prices and health care concerns. McConnell also indicated that immigration is unlikely to produce bipartisanship in a split Congress; and he said funding for a border wall couldn’t happen beyond the lame duck session, given Democrats’ opposition. It was McConnell who, in September, postponed a decision on border wall funding until after the midterm election.”We’re certainly going to try to help the president achieve what he’d like to do with regard to the wall and border security,” McConnell said on Wednesday. “And that’ll, obviously, have to be done on some kind of bipartisan — excuse me — some kind of bipartisan discussion.”…



Treasury sanctions Russians over Ukraine invasion

by Colin Wilhelm

{} ~ The U.S. Treasury Department announced new sanctions Thursday targeting Russian individuals and companies in relation to alleged activities… related to Russia’s occupation of different regions in Ukraine. “Treasury remains committed to targeting Russian-backed entities that seek to profit from Russia’s illegal annexation and occupation of Crimea,” said Sigal Mandelker, Treasury under secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, in a release. “Our sanctions are a clear reminder that efforts seeking to normalize investment and economic relationships with those operating in Crimea will not be tolerated and are subject to U.S. and EU sanctions authorities.” The sanctions target at least two individuals who have served in the Russian military or intelligence services: Vladimir Nikolaevich Zaritsky, former commander in chief of Russian missile and artillery forces and Andriy Volodymyrovych Sushko, an officer in the Federal Security Service, a successor agency to the KGB, for allegedly abducting and torturing an activist who opposed Russia’s occupation. The sanctions also target Aleksandr Basov, a deputy minister in the Russia-supported separatist movement in east Ukraine, and several Russian companies for operating in Crimea, which Russia annexed and invaded in 2014. The sanctions comes a day after President Trump laid blame with former President Barack scumbag/liar-nObama for Crimea’s occupation during a post-midterm elections press conference.


Trey Gowdy Predicts Mueller Will Find No Collusion

by Rusty

{} ~ In an interview with Fox News, outgoing House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy predicted… that the dirty cop-Mueller investigation will find no evidence of Donald Trump’s ‘collusion’ with Russia. Gowdy told host Bret Baier that the Special Counsel will wrap up his probe by the end of the year, will conclude there was no collusion, and the results will pave the way for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to be shown the door. Baier questioned the South Carolina Representative about the investigation, to which Gowdy concluded dirty cop-Mueller will “disappoint” the mainstream media by finding no evidence of ties between the Kremlin and President Trump. There was no coordinated effort to defeat swcumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.While noting that the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday was expected, the swift nature within hours of the midterm’s conclusion surprised Gowdy a bit…


Girl Scouts Sue the Boy Scouts

by Culture Beat: The Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) this week filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America over the latter’s decision to change the organization’s name after electing last year to allow girls to join. In the suit, the Girl Scouts allege that the BSA’s name change “marginalized” its unique brand, claiming, “Only GSUSA has the right to use the Girl Scouts and Scouts trademarks with leadership development services for girls. We did what any brand, company, corporation, or organization would do to protect its intellectual property, the value of its brand in the marketplace, and to defend its good name.”

As we predicted back in May, the Boy Scouts’ announcement didn’t sit well with the Girl Scouts. Now a legal fight over gender-based branding rights is brewing.

It’s ironic that, in the name of inclusivity, the BSA has effectively ignored the important distinctions between the sexes. When the name that once served to clearly define the focus of an organization is no longer applicable due to fundamental changes in the very nature of the organization, it might help be helpful to no longer claim the name. It’s false advertising.

The Boy Scouts of America issued a statement saying the lawsuit was under review, adding, “We applaud every organization that builds character and leadership in children, including the Girl Scouts of the USA, and believe there is an opportunity for both organizations to serve girls and boys in our communities.” Well, if both organizations decided to allow both boys and girls to participate, why not merge, rebrand as The Scouts, and remove gender distinctions entirely? Then everyone would be happy, right?

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