Sometimes groups in Washington do things that are simply unbelievable.  Or maybe it is very believable.  It simply shows what they think of a certain group of Americans.


One group is doing something right now and you really do have to see it to believe it.


What is it?

An outfit called Strategic Health Care is sponsoring an event on Capitol Hill called “The White Trash reception.”


I kid you not. 


The National Journal ran a story on the invitation and this is what the invitation said:


Hey y'all - get gussied up in your Sunday jorts, mullets, and fullets and come on down to the White Trash Reception.

White Trash Reception

July 19, 2012

5:30 - 9:30 pm

[address clipped]


Grab some suds and grub with Strategic Health Care! Please RSVP (rite so vittles pre-pared) to [email clipped].Peggy Tighe, Beth Swickard, Jason Gromley, and Kyah Flickinger 


Can you imagine a reception that ridiculed any other group?  Can you imagine doing something like this featuring Blacks, Asians or Hispanics?


Strategic Health Care is a Washington group that specializes in getting Congress to spend money and spend a lot of it.  It brags about how much money it gets for its clients. 


Are you offended by this?


At least one former Hill staffer noted that Strategic Health Care has the reputation for being potty mouthed, dishonest, unethical and anti-Christian. 


Strategic Health Care is really saying is this what they think of middle America.


Why don’t we all take a moment to tell them what we think.


Their phone number is 202-266-2600 and their leader is named Paul Lee and his email is Paul.lee@shcare.net.


Take a moment to share this email with some friends.  Let’s send them a message telling them we do not approve of them.  While we are at it, take a moment to tell your local Congressman about them.  If they want to be that offensive to the people who pay the taxes so they can mooch dollars from the government, then they need to learn that the people can strike back. 

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HOW LOW CAN THEY GO?? I am afraid that I am going to find out!! I am, as you said SHOCKED! I have no idea why I am shocked, they are liberals so there fore they are NOT going to be nice and good people and they stoop to all levels, but WOW how blunt are they going to get before Obama is OUT of office. Just SICK! I will Email and call them right now, but I'll bet  that they will not CARE!!

I second the WOW ! Check out the Hat..and she is a red head, one of my biggest weakness...

As for the two guys, very ugly indeed...

but Check Out the Hat...WOW !

I was invited to a Party like this here in Denver with an advertisement similar to this and apparently they are becoming quite the rage amongst liberals. Being in the music industry I get invited to stuff like this often. A conservative in the music industry is as rare as a Condor in California, but I have to put up with this mentality like it or not. The only Real white trash in this Country today are the rich white liberal hypocrites who live in their enclaves like Berklee and Boulder...


Where is their P.C. attitudes NOW?


Wish I was at the party, I'd be happy to help their members enjoy some real trash. Glenn Beck is right, civil unrest is around the corner and pieces of dung like this will pay the piper.  Soon very soon, those in Washington DC that deceive, lie, cheat, steal, and mislead honest Americans will rue the day. I find it amazing how many parallels there are in the present administration and parties that support it as was in Germany in 1936-1945.  November can't come soon enough



 This is what Van Jones,Francis Fox Piven,and others want to insert so that they will have the Bottom Up and Top Down approach. Don't fall for it but be on your guard to protect thyself.

 Only these Boneheads of the Left wing Progressive party can come up with this one. Come to my Wheel House and watch the Fireworks of a Reception you'll get here!

Ditto that Ron! I have some unneeded trash to take out here in Ma. as well!

This can't be true because I did not receive an invitation.

Which one in the picture is the female?

The one with the hairy face!

Anyone who thinks that "white trash" does  not exist, has not moved around very much. Personally I think it is lovely that someone besides African-Americans, Hispanics, and liberal elites (rich) are being entertained for a change. I will be looking for my invite!


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