Philip Klein, the senior editor at the Washington Examiner has written another one of those obligatory, “Is the Tea Party losing” columns.


From the Washington Examiner:


The Tea Party movement was fueled by opposition to the Wall Street bailouts, President Obama's health care reform legislation and out-of-control spending in Washington. Yet the current favorite to win the Republican nomination has rejected the Tea Party line on all of these issues.

During Tuesday's debate, Romney effectively endorsed the 2008 Wall Street bailout. Though he criticized the implementation, he defended the governing philosophy behind the move:

"My experience tells me that we were on the precipice, and we could have had a complete meltdown of our entire financial system, wiping out all the savings of the American people. So action had to be taken."

Romney has also stood by his Massachusetts health care legislation, which served as the model for Obamacare. Both laws expand Medicaid, mandate that citizens purchase insurance or pay a fine, and provide government subsidies to individuals to purchase government-designed insurance plans on government-run exchanges. Obama and Romney even consulted several of the same advisers when crafting their plans.


The Washington establishment has been pushing the Romney as frontrunner and Romney is the inevitable winner line for a while.  Unfortunately for them, that does not match up to reality.


PPP just released a new poll:


Cain is up 30-22 on Romney with Newt Gingrich sneaking past Rick Perry for 3rd place at 15% to Perry's 14% with Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul tied for 5th at 5%, Jon Huntsman 7th at 2%, Rick Santorum 8th at 1%, and Gary Johnson 9th with less than 1%. [...]



Romney is the inevitable winner?


Romney is at 22%.  He is not even winning in this poll.  There are others, but most of the current polls have Cain, not Romney as the frontrunner.  Before that, they had Perry, not Romney as the frontrunner.


Romney has consistently been polling at between 20 and 25%.  That means 75% of the GOP voters want someone else.  Look at the alternatives.  There is Herman Cain, with Tea Party associations.  There is Newt Gingrich with Tea Party associations.  There is Rick Perry with Tea Party associations.  There is Michele Bachmann with Tea Party associations.  There is Ron Paul with some loose Tea Party associations.  There is even Rick Santorum, who certainly aligns himself with the Tea Party movement.  There are about 70% of the GOP voters who are aligning themselves with someone who identifies with the Tea Party movement!


Mitt Romney is only inevitable now because he is the only RINO who is a major player.  The Tea Party vote is divided among a number of candidates, while the RINO vote is not.


With Mitt Romney not able to break past twenty-five, he is not the inevitable winner.  He is most likely to lose before Super Tuesday.  Some of the Tea Party aligned candidates are going to start to shake out.  Santorum will be the first.  Bachmann is going to try to make it to Iowa, but even then she is probably gone.  Perry may make it as far as South Carolina.  Some of these candidates are going to start dropping out and when they do, one thing is certain. 


Their supporters will not be lining up behind Mitt Romney.  

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BIG "L" for LOSER on anyone who is predicting who is the winner of the Republican race for President of the USA.  Why?  We are still so far away from picking anyone ... it's just a bunch of B.S. to read any opinion!   Wait for three or four states to vote on who they like, then BEGIN to form an opinion.


Until then .. they writers are just marking time picking up a paycheck .. no more ... no less.


I really don't see anyone "picking a winner", not on this blog.  However, it is a certainty

that the MSM (i.e., Marxist Propaganda Organ) WANTS desperately to pick our candidate

for us, and the Republican Establishment is in the same boat (supporting the same man). 

We let that happen four years ago, and we see the results.  Personally, I seriously doubt

that Romney can do as well as McCain in the General Election, and that is simply not

going to be good enough.  That's the reason that the MSM is backing Romney (I believe);

their opinion is the mirror image of my own, and they want their idol (Obama) back in the

White House for four more disasterous years!  As for the Republican Establishment: they

just want a man in there that they can control, and, in all probability, many of them would

rather have Obama for another four years than to have their little apple cart upset by some

Conservative taking the helm.  If that happened, what would happen to their power?????

As for myself, I'm not predicting a winner, but my support is presently with Herman Cain.

Semper Fi!


Herman Cain exposed!


I was a supporter of Cain until I found out the truth about him. He is a globalist.

He was a director of the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City, MO. You do not get to be a director of the FED unless you are committed to their agenda. The FED agenda is to steal more money from the low and middle income earners and to advance their wealth through bailouts when their bad loans go down the swirling bowl from policies that they created through their hired stooges in the Executive branch and failed US Congress. They have been doing this for most of 100 years now. That is why the nation is bankrupt and in Depression 2.0 just as they created the first Depression to eliminate their competition from the smaller banks. They are doing the same thing now only much, much worse!!


Cain’s 9-9-9 plan will hurt low and middle income earners the most. Would you want to pay sales taxes on everything you buy, including all food products. NO WAY!!  Cain’s plan sound okay at first until you look into the details. The devil is in the details and he is definitely in Cain’s.


If you want a candidate that will bring real prosperity and freedom to our nation, then the only one who can do that is Congressman RON PAUL. Ron Paul is the only candidate who has been a statesman his whole life. He is a medical doctor in Pediatrics, Ob-Gyn and a six-year US military veteran of the US Air Force as a flight surgeon. He knows first hand from personal experience what brutal combat does to the men and women of the armed forces. It kills, maims them and sends them home in boxes or on stretchers.

He wants to bring all the troops back home alive and NOW and close all the 700 military bases around the world outside of our country that is costing us 1.5 Trillion dollars per year to maintain. Just imagine what 1.5 Trillion dollars, if available to spend here in the United States instead of foreign nations, would do for our economy. Talk about a benefit! We are talking about a major financial boost!!! Now that is a jobs-plan right here.


Ron Paul will do away with BO-no-care with its death panels and long wait times to be seen by a doctor who is government approved. The good medical doctors are already leaving their practices now to avoid getting caught in the Obama-scare nightmare.


Do your homework and checkout the facts on Cain that I have mentioned and also the truth about Dr. Ron Paul. Here are two excellent videos about Ron Paul at these links:





Until all the world hears, from a family in Washington State.


The RNC is trying to pick our 2012 candidate. Romney is obviously not my choice of candidate.

Mitt will be pushed by the GOP establishment and we best get together on all of this.

We need to join and decide just whom we are to elect.  We need as said below, a large

group to show our strength. They just don't want to get it, we are as strong as ever but

we need a showing in a very large number.

"we need to join"...... join what?  join whom?

we sometimes gather, we often chat online but we don't "join and decide".

i'll make up my own mind & decision and i'll vote based on what i think & feel.  always been like that.

sounds like you need a herd to confirm your beliefs - thanks but no thanks.

Join together, UNITE as ie:  TEA PARTY....

Better to unite as one large entity or be divided... 

Unite behind RON PAUL! If we don't, we are done for! Pure and simple......finished as a nation.

the defination of crazy is to keep doing the same things and expect a differant outcome. Ron Paul is the only candidate who has consistantly been for a restoration of the constitution, and a constitutional govt. We can afford a constitutional govt, however we cannot afford the bloated machine that has evolved since 1933, when the the war powers act was used to suspend the constitution, that to this day has not been restored. We have been operating under a national emergancy powers govt since 1933 with the govt controling everything. All of this has happened on our watch people, our complacency has allowed our childrens country to be stolen. please stand with me and support Ron Paul, we can ill afford the lesser of two evils, which has been the case for as long as I can remember.


billy billy billy ..... our founding fathers "got together and decided" were they a " herd "?  the world got together and decided hitler was a dick . were they a " herd"  ? at some point you  "gather and decide " thats why we have conventions and thats why we vote .
Thanks Alec...:O)


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