Conservatives love the 2nd Amendment.  The 7th Amendment?  Not so much.


But the funny thing is, the 7th Amendment could be what saves the 2nd Amendment.


How is this possible?


The 7th Amendment is the right to a civil jury trial.    It is one of the greatest tools that we have in our fight against Obama and the tyranny he seeks to impose on America.


Sometime later this month or early next month, Obama is going to announce executive action against guns and gun owners.  We don’t know how bad these actions will be yet, but given that we are dealing with the Obama Regime, we have to assume these actions will be pretty draconian.


As soon as the new gun restrictions are announced, you can expect some of the leading groups such as the NRA and Gun Owners of America to file suit against the Obama Regime.


While it is good that these groups file suit, we need to see more than simply the usual suspects filing suit.   We need a lot of people filing suit.


In America, it is estimated that there are 76 million gun owners. 


Not everyone would be willing to file a suit but suppose 10% of gun owners in America would be willing to file suit?  That would be seven and a half million lawsuits filed all over the nation.


Some gun owners have resources that would allow them to hire lawyers.  Depending on how Obama acts, it may be possible to bring a lawsuit under a statute that allows the awarding of attorney fees if the plaintiff is successful.  Some trial lawyers would volunteer for these lawsuits and finally some people may just have to file their lawsuits pro se (meaning the represent themselves).


Almost every Federal District Court has a pro-se law clerk whose job it is to assist pro-se litigants (though not give legal advice).


Imagine for a moment if we could get seven million gun owners to file individual lawsuits across the nation?   The Obama Regime could not respond to all of them.  Seven million lawsuits would bring the Federal Court system to its knees.  If each lawsuit demanded a jury trial, the chaos would be unbelievable. 


The left has a favorite tactic called forum shopping.  When liberal lawyers want to attack some conservative effort, they try to file suit in a district where they know the judges will give them a favorable reception.    If seven million gun owners each individually filed lawsuits along with a request for a restraining order keeping the Obama Regime from imposing whatever gun control it has in mind, numbers alone dictate that some of these lawsuits will land in front of judges that support the 2nd Amendment.


As we fight for our rights, we must get creative.  The courts can be a great battleground to stop Obama and the Party of Treason from further eroding our rights.


At Tea Party Nation, we are working to assemble a group of conservative trial lawyers that can offer assistance and guidance as we prepare for this latest battle.


We conservatives often say, without the 2nd Amendment, there would be no 1st Amendment.  As we step up to battle against an Obama Regime bent on imposing tyranny in this nation, we may well end up saying, with the 7th Amendment, we may be able to save the 2nd Amendment.

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 The United States of America is a nation that has a Constitution and a Bill of Rights. The Constitution defines the function of the government, the duties of each branch of the government. Each branch has a special function to ensure that the government  runs smoothly while providing the citizens of the United States with protection under the laws. This is known as Checks and Balances.

     The Government of the United States does not give a free pass to a person who is called the President nor the Vice-President. These two persons are employees of the citizens of the United States; they are not special nor are they the boss. They are obligated to up-hold the laws. They, in reality, should be examples to look up to. With that being said, BH Obama has proven himself to be a poster boy for bad behavior, for violation of the laws that protect him; that give him the freedom of speech that he uses to negate America and it's citizens. BH Obama has abused the money of the citizens of the United States of America, by indulging himself and his equally repulsive spouse, to a life of opulance while the citizens who pay for their extravances, go without. This is not permitted according to the rules and job description of the House of Representatives. One must ask, where is the members of the House of Representatives Why are they permiting this overt, balant abuse of power?
     The time has come to draw a line in the "sand." BH Obama can follow the rules and laws of the USA or he can leave. The members of the US Congress can follow the rules and laws of the USA or they can leave. Take it or leave it.
     BH Obama's behavior reminds me of a person named Adolf Hitler. Obama believes that he can control and exterminate people because he is "the man." In reality, BH Obama is a mentally ill person not an exalted diety.

Great reply Debrajoe!

Excellent Rant, Debrajoe!

Written as a true patriot!


Well said Debrajoe!!!!

Whew! WoW! And AMEN!!!

Thank you, Debrajoe, for writing what I have been thinking for so long.  Good job!



He got in there the same way he did everything else in his sordid life: Fraud!

Ovomit was elected and re-elected through electoral fraud, plain and simple.

Fraudulent votes from graveyards, rigged voting machines, forged absentee ballots, illegal alien votes, and the curious disappearance of tens of thousands of military votes from patriots serving overseas.

QUESTION: Why can we not do the same thing with Obamacare?


It has been done and appealed all the way to the Supreme Court.  Remember Chief Justice Roberts'  traitorous vote against repeal of OvomitCare because he considered the penalty a tax?

I can support that idea, that is a lot of legal pressure that can be brought to bear, I'll file one even if it is at most a delaying tactic.


On another front, how do we deal with a government that is essentially operating illegally, extra-constitutionally, and is 100% illegitimate? There is nothing legal or legitimate about the current government or any of our past governments for the last couple of decades, perhaps even longer. I'm all for filing lawsuits and I agree with the fact that some percentage will work, even that some make it to the Supreme Court. But in an age where government is robbing the populace blind at gunpoint and the threat of jack-booted thugs appearing at your doorstep is becoming more of a reality everyday what real recourse do we have?


Washington DC is a criminal conspiracy of psychopaths and sociopaths!


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