Women are regarded solely as votes by the political Left. They are only sympathetic to women's issues as long as they fit into the agenda of the Left.  Several recent developments bear this out.

The on-again/off-again Susan B. Komen's contributions to Planned Parenthood are one tremendous example of this. Nevermind the actions by Komen or their position on the issue. The reaction of the Left was very telling of how they truly feel. When the contributions were cut off, the Left went ballistic!  Komen was giiving in to the harsh rhetoric of the Right.  It was unfair to women!  Then Komen did an about-face.  If you supported the contributions, the Left applauded. They couldn't help themselves. It was a knee-jerk reaction both ways.

Another example of the Left's clouded perspective about women was that of the criticism from Hilary Rosen about Ann Romney's life experience.  Romney's choice (isn't it about choice?) to be a housewife and mother of five kids is to be celebrated.  Who among the Left can juggle grocery shopping, the laundry, making meals, cleaning the house, and paying the bills, all without skipping a beat?  Housewives work for zero wages, often little appreciation, and almost always without a day off!  They handle the economics, nutrition, and health care of the family, the transportation and discipline for the kids, and a dozen other needs of a family that no man would undertake willingly.  Immediately after Rosen's comments were made, some of the rank and file among the Left and all of the Right unleashed a firestorm against her.  Even Barack Obama chastized her.  She backed away.  She apologized. 

Then good ol' Bill Maher decided to open his mouth. According to him, what Rosen meant to say was that Romney never "got her a** out of the house" to get work.  He seems to think that housewives don't have to get out the house in the early morning.  He seems to think that breakfast makes itself and the kids drive themselves to kindergarten.  How long will the backlash against Maher take to build?  Answer: It won't!  Hilary Rosen was the scapegoat in this fray.  The Left is not about to gang up on another of its own.  The argument is not worth it to them.  They will quietly ask Maher to talk about something else for a while, and hope the tumult dies down.  They can't help it.  It's in their genes!

But I still haven't told you why they do this!  ...why they think this way!

I am convinced that the vast majority of voters, Left- and Right-leaning, have not thought everything completely through with regard to the reasons for their voting preferences.  They latch on to the catch-phrases crafted by those in the shadows, and blindly follow without understanding why.  This is bad on both sides.  All of us benefit from greater information and better understanding.  That is not to criticize or belittle anyone.  It is to point out that others obviously have thought it all through. 

On the Left, those who vote for things like "choice", gay rights, and gun control are most closely associated in the political spectrum with socialism and other totalitarian forms of government.  There are several very clear reasons that the Left would be so steadfast in the realm of "women's rights". 

The best way to force major change in government is through grouping of the masses.  The easiest way to do this is to sell the masses a bill of goods on bogus issues, and make them think that they are somehow deprived if the related changes are not made.

Women's rights as a block of lesser issues, 1) promotes the division of the family unit by removing the wife from the home, 2) creates animosity between classes by making them each (left and right) believe that the other is an enemy, 3) is inflationary because it artificially puts more workers into the workforce and sending more dollars after fewer goods, 4) decreases the strength of the union by lessening the number of Americans via abortion, and 5) removes the focus of the targeted class on God and the morals that prevent us from participating in other issues associated with socialism.  All of these serve to diminsh personal freedoms, and are the reasons for the solidarity shown by the Left.

Socialism is all about replacing individual freedom with a level of person security that is impossible to achieve.  It removes personal responsibility from daily life, and so creates a mindset that it does not matter how poorly or how well a job is done, the pay will always be the same. It might sound cruel to say that the best condition for man to succeed is for him to be forced to struggle.  But as government gets out of the way of man in his struggle, he sees a greater and greater chance of success.  On the other hand, as socialist government planners take more and more control of the man's daily life, he is left with fewer and fewer choices.

Not one completely socialist country has survived for more than a few dozen years without either receiving assistance from other nations or dabbling in capitalism to supplement its socialism...not even China!  Consider North Korea, Cuba, the Soviet Union...  Why would anyone think that it is a better form of government? 

Odd, isn't it, that the Left should have coined the phrase, Freedom of Choice?  In the end, it is neither freedom, nor choice that Americans will enjoy...

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and what  of  African-Americans?


Jim Crow in Silicon Valley is Exposed


Where is the outrage  ???

Because the American women can think and do things that the left and thirld would countrys cant do. I their eyes dogs have more right than women do because ours can think and do things on their own which the other cant do unless a male tells them to....


Thank you so much...Very well said and true..Transparency right?I will add nothing and take away nothing from this comment.Thanks again...Well said and bravo....

Thank you Kathleen.  However, I have NEVER failed to express my outrage at Barack Obama and his destruction of America, in whatever forum is available to me.

I couldn't have said it any better myself. I am so furious, I can't put it into words. 

Thank God for moms!

Cyndi, I too was a stay at home mom. Both of my children have mild symptons of Autism. Both are grown up and off to college. I wouldn't trade a day of my life as a Mom for all the money in the world!

 I'm trying Bill Mahers twitter account of fb acct and I can't seem to find it to respond to his remarks with a kind heated remark of my own.

Ladies; Don’t be tools of the enemies of our Constitutional Republic

Ardyce Kehiayan

Hello Ladies! We are in for the battle of our lives; for our lives, and the lives of our children...God fearing women must speak up…Remember our forefathers and mothers…Though we have mud slung in our faces, if need be, we will lay down with our faces in the mud so that our children can walk across our backs to freedom under the God given rights of our US Constitutional Republic.  

The hoi polloi of the left are at it again…The lefty’s (aka: Socialists, Marxists, Communists) have enlisted their troops, no doubt on the tax payers dime, to go after republicans claiming that republicans war against women…the fact is that Constitutional Republicans protect women and children. Liberals agitate for slavery and death by promoting policy which hands women and their children over to the state to be “wards of the state”, and the lefty’s “School of Psychology”. Constitutional Republicans want the religion and morals of our God given rights that are spelled out in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution to be taught and not hidden from the American people. Lefty’s on the other hand agitate for all things destructive to our God given Constitutional rights and Independence. “Liberty and Equality” the lefty’s yell, but what is the fruit of their policies?  We in CA are living with the consequences of their Socialist policies. They TEACH racism, cheating, and stealing. They TEACH destruction and the killing of the minds, hearts and souls. They TEACH destruction of lives, liberty and property.  We are talking about women and children here; this doesn’t even touch on the lefty’s war on men.

ITS OUR CALL TO DUTY LADIES.  The ANTI-WOMEN DEMOCRATIC MACHINE needs to be shut down before they do any more damage to women and children! The Leftist Storm of policies on the horizon means death to our God given rights over ourselves and our children.  This is where we stand IN! The downward spiral of silence ends now. We will be silent no more.  Pull-back hard on the controls. You might ask who is with us? Or “Who are our Mothers and Fathers, sisters and brothers?" The answer ladies is “Those who do the will of The Father”. It is they and the God in whom we trust, that are with us in this! We are his children, and so are our children, His children.  Make no mistake, “We the people” are “one nation under God”. Our women and children have been dragged long enough through the cesspool system of sweet talkin liberals. 50 years too many! Our homes are broken, our children lost, and drugged, killing, raping, and hating others… No, the liberal policies are deadly to our women and children! Liberal’s have proven that they hate women. Lets go back to the “blue print“ that was working; “In God we trust”.


The battle for the heart of this country will be won by the women.

Most men have been emasculated, and I can't do it all by myself!

What did Hillary Clinton say...It Takes A Village.  If we do not understand what the left is trying to do and in some ways succeeded in doing, our country will be run by a village alright, village idiots.


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