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There is one particular name that is now popping up among Republican insiders and the GOP establishment as the leading candidate to become the Vice Presidential nominee.


Who is it?


From Buzzfeed:


There is no doubt in the minds of Republican National Committee members that Mitt Romney will be their standard bearer in the fall, and already consensus is building behind one potential vice presidential nominee — Ohio Sen. Rob Portman.


In an informal survey of more than half of the Republican State Chairmen and national committee people at this weekend’s State Chairman meeting at a resort here, two-thirds said they believe Portman is the most-likely and best-qualified running-mate for Mitt Romney. The committee members spoke to BuzzFeed only on the condition of anonymity.


“He’s from Ohio, and we need to win Ohio, it’s that simple,” said one state chair.


Portman, a former Congressman from the Cincinnati area who was director of the Office of Management and Budget during the George W. Bush administration, was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2010. And the warmth Republican elites express for him stems much from a desire to avoid another risky, flamboyant pick like Sarah Palin as it does for his ability to help carry an important swing state.


“Romney needs to make a safe pick, and keep talking about the economy — and that’s Rob Portman,” said one committeewoman from the West.


Portman’s seeming inability to overshadow the vanilla Romney gives him a rare qualification — and potentially a leg up over the rest of the field.


“He’s not going to be Palin — he’s not going to be fighting to get in front of cameras, [Portman] knows his place,” he one Midwestern committeeman.


“He was born to be the guy standing next to the guy,” said another member. “He’s the type of guy who ran for vice president of his high school student council.”



You have got to be kidding?  Portman is a non-distinguished moderate.  You have to ask the question, is Romney really serious about winning the nomination?


Assuming this is true, it is classic Romney and classic GOP establishment.  They are solving for X.    Instead of the passion of patriotism and the desire to help save the nation, all this is, is simply a business problem.  It is simply a math problem.


No, there is much more than that.  Romney has not reached out to the conservative wing of the Party.  He does not seem to care.  TPN surveys have shown a quarter of conservatives say they will not vote for Romney. 


While we have not yet surveyed it, the number who will not go out and campaign fir him is going to be much higher.


Who the hell does he think is going to be the boots on the ground?  Members of the country club?


Here is a clue for Romney and the GOP establishment.  It is conservative activists who do this. 


Romney is worried about someone who will help him win Ohio?  He had better worry about the Conservatives who are not going to be out working for the campaign.

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Billy B:


What with all the playing around with "The Boys from Brazil" by this administration, it is highly likely they have an old Nazi or two that are still hangging arounf for the Reich to come back !



"TPN surveys have shown a quarter of conservatives say they will not vote for Romney." 

If that's accurate, who the hell are they going to vote for? Any vote, other than for Romney, is a de facto vote for Ovomit. Staying at home and not voting is a de facto half vote for Ovomit.

I would, respectfully, change the sentence to read "TPN surveys have shown a quarter of conservatives say they will support Ovomit by their own stupidity." If job 1 is getting Ovomit out, the only way to accomplish that is to stand behind his number one opponent, no matter how lackluster he is. That's a fact proven so many times over it's old news.

Mike..  You do yourself NO good or your   Candidate Romney ,any good..  good  by  being like that!    You turn them further away....!     And that is a fact!   I think if Romney people would just be quite....  you would do yourself  and you Candidate great favor!


Just hope that Romney is smart enough to not chose Marco Rubio.  And after the fact say that he would have except that Marco is ineligible for the presidency for the same reason that Obama is ineligible for the presidency.

Romney may not be a George Patton, but for anyone to suggest he doesn't want to win is silly. Face it folks, the names need not even be on the ballots in November. As for as President and VP, the ballots may as well be a referendum that has two choices: Do you want the USA to be a socialist country, yes or no? If the choice for dinner is between filet mignon or cheeseburgers, I'll take the steak every time. But if it's cheeseburgers or poison, that cheeseburger looks pretty damn tasty.

Having a third party candidate on the conservative side would be the ultimate kiss for Obama. This scenario is played out completely in my new book, QUEST FOR POWER, to be released in about four weeks.

Sally just vote against Obama, and achieve our goal, remove Obama from office.

BB nothing suprises me anymore. I pray he does not pick Rubio. And I pray he does not pick Jeb Bush.

Mark Foley or Larry Craig. Or Marcus Bachmann
The Republican National Committee will " pick " the VP for Romney "just like they did him ".


Still hoping for Allen West...;(


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