There is one particular name that is now popping up among Republican insiders and the GOP establishment as the leading candidate to become the Vice Presidential nominee.


Who is it?


From Buzzfeed:


There is no doubt in the minds of Republican National Committee members that Mitt Romney will be their standard bearer in the fall, and already consensus is building behind one potential vice presidential nominee — Ohio Sen. Rob Portman.


In an informal survey of more than half of the Republican State Chairmen and national committee people at this weekend’s State Chairman meeting at a resort here, two-thirds said they believe Portman is the most-likely and best-qualified running-mate for Mitt Romney. The committee members spoke to BuzzFeed only on the condition of anonymity.


“He’s from Ohio, and we need to win Ohio, it’s that simple,” said one state chair.


Portman, a former Congressman from the Cincinnati area who was director of the Office of Management and Budget during the George W. Bush administration, was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2010. And the warmth Republican elites express for him stems much from a desire to avoid another risky, flamboyant pick like Sarah Palin as it does for his ability to help carry an important swing state.


“Romney needs to make a safe pick, and keep talking about the economy — and that’s Rob Portman,” said one committeewoman from the West.


Portman’s seeming inability to overshadow the vanilla Romney gives him a rare qualification — and potentially a leg up over the rest of the field.


“He’s not going to be Palin — he’s not going to be fighting to get in front of cameras, [Portman] knows his place,” he one Midwestern committeeman.


“He was born to be the guy standing next to the guy,” said another member. “He’s the type of guy who ran for vice president of his high school student council.”



You have got to be kidding?  Portman is a non-distinguished moderate.  You have to ask the question, is Romney really serious about winning the nomination?


Assuming this is true, it is classic Romney and classic GOP establishment.  They are solving for X.    Instead of the passion of patriotism and the desire to help save the nation, all this is, is simply a business problem.  It is simply a math problem.


No, there is much more than that.  Romney has not reached out to the conservative wing of the Party.  He does not seem to care.  TPN surveys have shown a quarter of conservatives say they will not vote for Romney. 


While we have not yet surveyed it, the number who will not go out and campaign fir him is going to be much higher.


Who the hell does he think is going to be the boots on the ground?  Members of the country club?


Here is a clue for Romney and the GOP establishment.  It is conservative activists who do this. 


Romney is worried about someone who will help him win Ohio?  He had better worry about the Conservatives who are not going to be out working for the campaign.

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You're giving the poor potato a bad rap! "Allen West"

Yes, we need Allen West, remember we need florida as much as ohio.

Moreso he will not stand idly why Obummer and crew insult himself and Romney.

We need a blood and guts spokesman who will take the fight right into their faces.

A man whose integrity is still intact and will instill fear in the left.


All thinking Americans need to vote Obama out of office period.

Deb, and to the rest of my fellow Patriots, let's see how we can get obummer out of office before Nov. 6th. He is NOT a natural-born citizen, is flaunting a forgery as his "birth certificate," sealed records, forged selective service documents, fraudulent social security number(s) - and I haven't even touched upon his horrendous track record and the slime he calls his "administration." They are traitors, domestic enemies of our Republic, and terrorists. What is everyone afraid of and p****-footing around with this gangster. How can he be arrested? I don't believe that this option is not possible.

William, there is nothing I would like better than to get him out of office immediately!!!  That is the best solution but it isn't going to happen. They all know in Congress that he isn't eligible and yet they say nothing.  The facts and all have been out there and the biggest one is one of his parent's was not a citizen.  That should have stopped it before he ever run.  There is no one in the Congress that is willing to go that way and that is what is wrong and why we need to replace many of them also.

That's why all in congress need to go, especially all the long time members who have been there for decades.

Right. It isn't just the fake president, it is all of congress, crooked judges, and a long list of those that are in power and agreement to take this country to a one world government. It is the band of conservative citizens that are in their way, the middle class tea par-tiers thats only hope is in the power of numbers and unity. Aren't we really fighting against the UN, the CFR, the Illuminate, the Rothchilds, the Bilderbergs (sp.) and a big part of the world that want a global order?

Is Romney going to turn this around? I don't think so.

We had a civil war once for civil liberties. Does anyone else believe that this will change without another one? Just asking. Just would like to know what can change this reality we are facing.

William if I knew how to get O out of office I would do it. He is like a case of "crabs."

Debrajoe !!!!  i can not believe you said that.   lol

give them hell my friend

William, I agree, the Man ought to have been out of office, way before now, but, you know what I see, as the reason, Eric Holder.  He is the top Lawman in the U.S. and he is Obama's, and as long as Holder is there, no one else has the guts to try and mess with him. Sad, isn't it, that only a woman, Orly Tatiz, has had enough nerve, to challenge him from the beginning, to bring it to Court, often at her own expense, but the Judges are bought and paid for.  Incidently, this Woman is running for Office in Ca. to replace Feinstein, and could use some help.

Amen!  Thank you William for bringing up "the subjects" everyone hides and will not talk about.  In my opinion, if there was ever an impeachable President, this is the one.  All of the Mainstream Media, including FOX News will not touch of these subjects.  What are they afraid of?  If he were a "white" president they would be all over it.

Sadly, Obama ... the most law-breaking president in history, has Holder ... the most partisan, law-breaking Attorney General, BOTH backed up by the most lawless congress in history. Add to that at least HALF of the republicans who either do not comprehend OR do not care about their constitutional Oath or the Rule of Law ... and it becomes clear how bleak things truly are.

Finally, add to the above the fact that NOT EVEN ONE Governor nor State Attorney General is obeying their own constitutional Oath's nor the 10th Amendment nor the Rule of Law.

I will continue donating, participating, seeking to inform and persuade, so long as God gives me strength and breath to so do. However, it May Well require Divine Intervention to save or restore our republic. We absolutely need a national spiritual Awakening and Revival.


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