Where were you in 1992?


Twenty years ago, we were getting our first cell phones and still did not know what the internet was.


Twenty years ago, Mitt Romney was helping liberals.


From WND:

In an essay on his website, political commentator Terrence Jeffrey says Romney was open about his support for former Massachusetts Dem... Paul Tsongas’ White House bid.

Jeffrey writes in a November article in Human Events that Romney was attracted to Tsongas’ campaign because of Tsongas’ strong support for population control.

“When he ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1992, Paul Tsongas repeatedly made it clear: He loathed President George H.W. Bush’s flip-flopping on abortion and his inattentiveness to what Tsongas perceived as the urgent need for global population control,” Jeffrey said.

“I will tell you very strongly the No. 1 environmental issue I’m going to push for when I’m president is population control around this world so we can turn to later generations and say something except, ‘Sorry, folks,’” Jeffrey wrote, quoting Tsongas.

“Two months later, Romney cast his vote for Tsongas. That Massachusetts primary was a landslide in both parties. Bush beat Pat Buchanan 66 percent to 28 percent. Among Democrats, native son Tsongas took 66 percent to then-former California Gov. Jerry Brown’s 15 percent and Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton’s 11 percent,” Jeffrey wrote.

Political analyst Steve Baldwin agrees and says that Romney’s history with the Republican party is pretty thin.

“Romney’s history with the Republican Party is minimal; and much of his relationship with the GOP has been destructive. In fact, he voted for and gave money to Democrats on a number of occasions,” Baldwin said.

A lot of things can change in twenty years, but Mitt Romney has not been one of them.  As late as his last days as Governor of Massachusetts, he was still pushing liberal agendas.  Remember Romney gave Massachusetts Romneycare after he became a lame duck.  He gave them Romneycare after he had decided he would not run for reelection.  In other words, he did not need to appease the liberal political base in Massachusetts at that time.  The same is true for the draconian environmental restrictions he put on Massachusetts in January 2006.

In twenty years, a lot of things change.  Mitt Romney is not one of them.

Isn’t it reassuring to know, twenty years later, he is still a liberal?




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I do not trust or believe Mitt has really changed. But, after saying that if he should make it through to the General Election, I will have no choice but vote for him.  My real pick was Sarah Palian, Herman Cain...

I agree fully, Bishop Avis. We must unite behind whoever the eventual nominee is. We can hold our noses while casting our votes next November if we must, but we must vote for the GOP nominee. Even Romney is better than Ovomit. Not much better, but better just the same.

This sniping at our own needs to stop. Can't the TPN cite differences without vilifying the target? That's what Reagan's 11th commandment was all about. Now, some 32 years later, his wise words are all but forgotten, especially by those who elevate him to the greatest president of the 20th century, which he probably was.



I agree with all you wrote. But, playing devil's advocate, can't a person have a change of heart/positon these last 5+ years?

Thx, Judy

I think a person can change. However, there are many signs that Mitt really hasn't. The fact that Mitt cannot apologize for any wrong-doing, like Romneycare and not wanting to repeal Obamacare, but simply give states to withdraw from the mandate, on case by case basis, doesn't really show much change. Rather, it shows that he was forced to say those things by his handlers, in order to pacify his opposition.

When a candidate can truly apologize for making a mistake and admit that he/she was wrong, I can accept that.

And one "candidate can truly apologize for making a mistake and admit that he/she was wrong..." has done just that. Exactly and only one. Three guesses who that is and the first two don't count.

That he pushed through RomneyCare as a lame duck tells me a much of his true feelings. Supports Liberal concepts without being in any way being forced to do so. IMHO.

Well, I'm just sick and tired of Politicans coming down in the district on election and telling everyone what they want to hear and then after the election, you never see them again.  I think we need to throw out all the encumbants. Dems and Republicans. The are all apart of the beltway and in the pockets of the Lobbist... I ran for Congress in WV in 1976 and it is much worse now than then..   God Help America's to wake up

You Betcha!  So can Newt and so can Paul.  Yeah right!  Haw haw haw haw haw!

Is there any candidate left that isn't trying to explain away some or most of their history?

Why have we let the Republican Establishment do this to us?

Romney ran a negative campaign in Iowa against Newt that worked.  Does anyone really think that Obama's national negative campaign against Newt won't work even better if Newt is the Republican Nominee?

All things taken into consideration I would have to agree with some of what was said.  No body's perfect, we have all made mistakes,some have major bearing some not. However, in a head to head confrontation, Newt tears the IDIOT oboma a new a** hole.  I am sure that with the right people in congress Newt can be guided into the right direction on those issues where he , as with any other administrator in any other business, is s bit off base.   It is up to us to put those people in place.  This will require research on our behalf. We must know who we are voting for. Put the money and friendships in the past.

Why would be believe that Newt could have a change of heart, but not Romney...oh, errr, uh...nevermind.

Will the real conservative (you know, with an actual conservative track record) please stand up...oh, she threw in the towel...nevermind...

No wait, maybe someone else who we have already judged as inadaquate to do the job will suddenly, presto change-o... Oh, just forget it. 


Maybe Obama will do a 180 and we can vote for him again...



But for whom shall we give our money, our time, our trust, our votes?  Time is running out. 


There is battle on the horizion, there is no question. And regardless of who conservatives select, the war will be epic, or at least it should pray it will be.  You know, good vs. evil.  Conservative vs. Progressives.  

But if we shove a RINO to the front...a unproven stack of new promises just like we have done before...the status quo of years past...the end can already be written...the end of America.



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