When conservatives use the term, “The Establishment,” conservatives usually mean the Republican Establishment. 


But it may shock some conservatives to realize that there is a “Conservative Establishment” too. 


There is nothing inherently evil about having a “Conservative Establishment.”  The Republican Establishment wants to fight conservatives and surrender to liberals.  We know who the Republican Establishment figures are.


But who are the Conservative Establishment figures and what are they doing now that is so wrong?


The Conservative Establishment is made up of both individuals and groups that have huge influence on the conservative movement.  These are individuals like Glenn Beck and groups like the Senate Conservatives Fund and Freedom Works.


They have decided to go after certain Senators this year to make an example of them and replace them with more conservative Senators.   They are going after Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky.  McConnell has offended conservatives by stabbing Ted Cruz in the back and cutting deals that ran contrary to every principle he says he stands for.  The Conservative Establishment is backing unknown Matt Bevin.  Bevin has no track record.  McConnell has a Heritage Action rating of 80.  When the average Republican score is 67 that is not something to ignore.


In Kansas, the Conservative Establishment is going after Senator Pat Roberts.  Roberts does have his issues, including whether or not he even lives in Kansas anymore.  The Conservative Establishment is supporting Dr. Milton Wolfe, whose primary claim to fame is that he is Barack Obama’s cousin.  Like Bevin, Wolfe has no track record in office.  Pat Roberts has a Heritage Action score of 90!  He is the fifth most conservative Senator in the United States Senate.


But there is one race where the Conservative Establishment is shockingly absent from.


Which one is that?


It is the Tennessee Senate race.


Senator Lamar Alexander is running for reelection.  If anyone personifies the RINO Republican Establishment, it is Lamar Alexander. 


Alexander is one of the most liberal Republican Senators.  There is a reason why conservatives in Tennessee refer to him as “Liberal Lamar.”


Alexander has a Heritage Action rating of 46!  He votes with the enemy more than he votes with the people who elected him!


State representative Joe Carr is challenging Alexander.  He has a conservative track record. 


Where is the Conservative Establishment in this race?


The answer is they are completely missing in action. 


Why they are absent is a complete mystery.  The Conservative Establishment says it wants to take out liberal Republicans.  Yet one of the most liberal Republicans is vulnerable this year to a conservative with a track record and yet the Conservative Establishment is going after other targets.


Pat Roberts, for all of his flaws, has a very solid conservative voting record.  Mitch McConnell has a decent voting record, though he has no business being in the Senate Leadership.  Every incumbent should be challenged in every election. 


However, when conservatives have a chance to knock off a real liberal like Lamar Alexander, someone needs to start asking why the Conservative Establishment is letting him off the hook.


Why isn’t Glenn Beck and Freedom Works and The Senate Conservatives Fund supporting Joe Carr?


If these groups want our support, then we need an answer.  Why aren’t they working to take out a vulnerable liberal Republican?


Conservatives want to know.

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Lamar Alexander is already spending big bucks on television ads. What are his talking points? Idiotic trivia, like "freedom to fish" and that he "played at the Ryman".

No ads from Joe Carr yet, but the garbage coming from Alexander's camp won't help him at all, IMHO


Equally unimpressed.  You'd think after 10+ years in the Senate he'd have something a bit more substantial to run on than this drivel. 

Backing is important but not imperative.  Would rather have people voting based on knowledge and research than on what Glenn Beck has to say.  Ted Cruz made it that way and so will Joe Carr. 

I heard a Joe Carr ad this morning on the radio....during Rush I think; however it stood out in my mind as the first I'd heard from Carr. 

Have heard some Joe Carr ads in West TN .

The ads are good.   Could be better.  Not yet going for the jugular.


Excellent question

I hope you'll share what the reason is because this is the first I've heard of them not working or supporting another candidate in place of Alexander.  I have family members in TN and I share info w/them. 

Soooo, Judson, maybe a little call or email to Glenn Beck is in order?  Or, if the author of this piece lives in TN, then, a grassroots campaign against Lamar is certainly in order!  The TEA Party was not originated to sit back and wait for an "establishment" to do all their legwork...  I'm astounded that this would even be suggested!  I listen quite alot to conservative talk shows, including Beck's radio, and I'd like to hear some callers from TN about this!  The change needs to start with YOU!

Judson - what is the answer?

The riddle to the answer is ....all ways seek the whole truth, and just maybe we can build on that.

Conservatives all want money to sing and dance their own tune.

Below is a link to the documents of a ONE MAN CHRISTIAN ARMY against OBAMA.  I have not seen him sign and dance yet.  He has systematically drilled down on the issue of an ILLEGAL ALIEN sitting in the White House Chair;  a subject that Congress and the Supremes play OSTRICH with.  They all stick their sorry ASSED HEADS in the Ground.

Beck dances and sings but not to the right tune.

The TUNE is that the United States is being subjected to CRIMINAL ACTIONS right before your eyes and the SO CALLED ELECTED leaders stick their heads in the SAND.

Well, here is the works of a ONE MAN ARMY and the Commander in Chief of this ARMY, Douglas Vogt, is fighting to save most of the sorry assesses of the people of the United States from a dictatorship and liars in Government.

List of documents at the bottom hypertext linked to PDF Files.  Read all of them.


There is going to be a big cut in Military spending coming. The Defense Secretary (another obuma suck up) is going to cut the budget and the Military back to before WWII levels. Here is a chance for the true conservatives elected officials to stand up and prove where they stand. If buma gets this thru then he will achieve what he wants. He will have defanged our military and make it so much easier for a complete marxist takeover before 2016. 

I don't know where to find it but I know that there is a place where we can find where all the republicans vote/stand when this issue comes up. This will give us Constitutional Conservatives a starter list of politicians we need to eradicate.

Does anyone know where We can find the voting records on this politicos?  Both the Senators from my State are on the armed services committee and I am all ready preparing my stance to them. They are Senator Collins and King. I need some help. It seems a disabled Vet such as me does not have much say in this world anymore.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Actually, while the spending cuts would supposedly bring us back to 2001 levels, personnel and equipment cuts will bring us back to pre-WWll levels.  Considering the state of the world right now I'm not sure that is such a good idea. 


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