Newt Gingrich is leaving the Presidential race.   This is not a great shock.  For a few weeks it has not been a question of if but when. 


Now that Newt is gone, that leaves Romney.   The more important question is, where do we conservatives go from here?


Even though Romney has now won the nomination for all practical purposes, he is still a liberal.  Just a few days ago, he reaffirmed his support of a progressive income tax.


The bad news for conservatives is he is the nominee.  We will go to the polls and vote for him.  We may be violently ill while we do it but at least he is not Barack Obama and at least he has the chance to do better than we expect. 


We conservatives are not going to support Romney in the sense he wants us to.  We are not enthusiastic about him.  He did not reach out to us and in fact, he made it a point to win this nomination without us.  Most of us will not be out there with signs.  Most of us will not be manning phone banks for him or rushing to his campaign headquarters to volunteer.


So what do we do?


The good news for conservatives is that Romney is no leader.   He is a manager, not a leader. 


There is a silver lining here if we conservatives will exploit it.


We must put conservatives in Congress. 


With conservatives in congress, we can control the agenda. 


If you understand Romney, you understand how this is possible.  Romney is a product of the Harvard Business School.  As one friend of mine says, they teach a “paint by numbers” methodology.


That is Romney. 


Decisions are not motivated by passion.  His decisions are the equivalent of solving for x.  Every problem has a solution.  It is clinical and detached.


In Romney’s world, patriotism does not factor into a decision.  It is not that Romney does not love this nation.  He does, but not in the passionate way most conservatives do. 


We conservatives must work to get more conservatives into Congress.  We have enough RINOs and moderates as it is. 


Last year, the House under John Boehner spent 3% more than it did when Nancy Pelosi was the Speaker.


Much of the Republican leadership did not even notice this nor did it even bother them.  For them it was business as usual. 


We cannot take business as usual.  That is why we must throw ourselves even more into the Senate and House races. 


For Newt Gingrich, we cannot simply allow him to ride off into the sunset.   He has too many good ideas.   Even when Gingrich’s campaign was sliding down to the single digits, it was his ideas, not Romney’s ideas that Obama attacked.


Gingrich has led a conservative revolution before.  He did it in 1994.  Even though he will not be the nominee, we still need his leadership skills.


Where do we conservatives go now that Romney is the all but certain nominee?


We go back and we fight!

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Newt said today that Romney is going to get the nomination.

And spend a bunch of money he'll owe and never pay back to small businesses. I'm going to miss the base in the moon. 

Don't hold your breath waiting for a response...kimacomet is history!

You are silent for a few days and bam! You strike like lightning. Are you batman?


Actually the moon contains a recently discovered unlimited supply of Helium 3 which is rare here on earth. If mined, there is enough available to power Nuclear Fusion Reactors here on earth for as far into the future as one cares to look. So he wasn't so far off base with that idea. As it currently stands unless we get rid of Obama and can re-energize NASA, we will lose out to the Chinese. 

Exactly! I've been preaching that same thing, including about Helium 3! Why won't people wake up?


Plentyfull low cost energy is the worst nightmare of the Socialist/ Marxiist/ Luddites.

Yeah, you're right. Why would they actually WANT low-cost, pollution-free energy? That would knock all their plans of ruling the world, with those of us (they allow to live) as their slaves, into a cocked hat.

Obama already lives (and governs) like the ruler he imagines himself to be.

Judson, let me be clear, you go support Romney, vote for him, I will not be.To say the entire Country has no say, and have this liberal as the nominee, I don't vote liberal, you can, I will not.And to have the Tea Party support him,to say vote for him, than the Tea Party is a sham as well. A fools thought.

Do you want The Obomination that bad? My Grandmother who is dead is a better choice than The Obomination. Just remember this, a no vote is a vote for The Obomination. When he gets reelected and this country goes down the tubes be sure to thank yourself for being part of the problem, instead of helping to fix the problem.

I don't like Mitt "The Drooler" Romney any more than you do, but I will take a barf bag and vote for him. As Justin said he does love America and will do his best, but that won't be good enough. With a conservative Congress we can keep a tight leash on Romney. I suggest you rethink your stance on a no vote.

I'm going to miss the base of the moon. 


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