Just when you think everything is going along smoothly, someone in the Republican Party manages to try and reach out and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


This one should actually come as no surprise.  It was totally predictable.


What is it?


The moderators for the Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates have been announced.


They are:


Jim Lehrer, PBS for the 1st Debate.

Candy Crowley, CNN for the 2nd Debate.

Bob Schieffer, CBS for the 3rd Debate

Martha Raddatz, ABC for the Vice Presidential Debate


What is the problem?


They are all liberals.  Lehrer in both the 2004 and 2008 debates was pilloried for his questions that were tough on the Republican nominee and set up questions for the Democrat.


Candy Crowley just a few days ago announced the pick of Paul Ryan as Romney’s running mate was a “death wish.”


Bob Schieffer interviewed Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for CBS yesterday.  He pushed both of them to admit it was “fair” that the rich pay higher taxes.  He continued to push the Democrat narrative that Corporations and “the rich” were not paying their “fair share” of taxes so the middle class was being stuck with the bill.


Martha Raddatz was the same one who gushed that our troops in Iraq have a crush on Obama.


Please, give me a break.


There are four debates.  Can we have at least one conservative moderator?


Why is it the Republicans always walk into these debates and agree to give the other side a leg up by having moderators that openly cheer for the Democrat?


Is it asking the Republicans too much to grow a pair and start fighting?


Who is the brain donor at the GOP that agreed to this non-sense?


When is the Republican Party going to learn the drive by media is the enemy?  I don’t care if you go to the same trendy parties in DC they are the enemy.  They are not the unbiased purveyors of information they would like to claim to be.


The Republicans do have allies.  It is the conservative media.  From WND to Breitbart, to the Blaze to Drudge and many others, there are a lot of conservatives who can moderate debates.  There is Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, just to mention three. 


The conservative media is carrying the water for the Republicans so why aren’t they demanding the conservative media have a seat at the table?


Why aren’t the Republicans demanding that at least half of the moderators be conservatives?  Instead they are yielding the field to the Democrats. 


In 2004, then Newsweek Editor Evan Thomas made a startling prediction.  He said that liberal media bias would be worth 15 points in the general election to John Kerry. 


The media, including these four who have been named as moderators, are all in for Obama.   In this debate schedule, you can count on a steady string of gotcha questions for the Republicans and a steady stream of softball questions for the Democrats.


The real question is why the Republicans are so gullible that they fall for this every four years.



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Whoever made this choice should be fired. There are many others who would be a more suitable choice. You can almost hear the questions from this crowd - softballs for the Dems and knuckle balls for the GOP.

My guess is that it was a catch-22!

If the Republicans had refused this line-up, the Dems would have said that Romney is afraid to debate.

The media, in particular PBS,CNN,CBS and ABC would have presented this message continuously, for months. Shouted it from the rooftops!

The last thing Obama wants is to debate....and there is no Constitutional requirement to debate, or anything like that.....

In the final analysis, this line-up is probably better than nothing!

Something that goes unmentioned above....anybody want to take a bet that the scripts of the questions are not made available to the White House  well in advance?

Most conservatives that I know REFUSE to watch the liberal networks! So maybe that proves your point, on second thought- - - 


Set up a debate with Romney live and Obama a cardboard cut out. use real conservatives not Beck, not Rush. When Obama is asked a question use film clips for the answers, "redistribute the wealth"  " you didn't build that"  ETC. There is much more than an hours worth. Can be used as ads or buy half hour time slots on cable channels.

For the progressive lynchings on net work TV Romney should walk on, give a short statement that since only he is qualified for the office it is not really a debate and then walk of. The net works can go stand in the corner and diddle themselves.

Vern, that's what happens locally here with the League of Women voters. The dems get the questions and the repubs get sandbagged.

All politics is local I think someone said.

All I have to say is, "arrrrggggg"!

Where the heck is FOX! R&R should refuse to debate unless at least one of the Presidential debates is on FOX with a conservative moderator, like Hannity or Limbaugh, for example, and unless a second VP debate is added, also with a conservative moderating!

If the demand is not agreed to, R&R should concentrate their ad money on responding to whatever the "Alphabet Media" airs instead of debates. They should NOT knuckle under to these liberal liars!

DITTO,  Mr.  Nicholson !   So,  when  will  the Republicans  EVER  learn  to  FIGHT  DIRTY ?  (  that  is,  " effectively," . . . . ).

Who exactly was resposible for this debacle???

The presidents or editors-in-chief of ABC News, CNN, PBS, and CBS News.

Neither campaign has any say on who the networks choose as debate monitor. I'm more interested in the make-up of the panels of questioners.

The Republicans had to agree to this.  All they have to do is say no. 


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