A sacred American tradition is under attack in America by Islam.  If you know anything about Islam, this is not a great shock. 


However, if we are to save America, we must fight back.


What is the attack?


It is Islam’s attack against free speech.


Anytime anyone criticizes Islam in a public forum the Islamists attack them.  The most recent example of this is the Bare Naked Islam website. 


The Bare Naked Islam website pulled no punches when it came to reporting on the horrors of Islam.  Occasionally, some of the comments from readers were over the top, but that will happen on any site that has a controversial subject. 


Criticizing Islam is absolutely forbidden in Islamic countries, and the Islamists want the same thing here in America.  CAIR, the counsel for American Islamic Relations, led the attack against Bare Naked Islam.  


Wordpress hosted bare Naked Islam.  According to Hillbuzz.org, Wordpress deleted the Bare Naked Islam site after threats of violence against Wordpress employees by Islamists. 


CAIR repeatedly filed complaints with Wordpress about Bare Naked Islam and Wordpress has now deleted the site.  Much of CAIR’s wrath towards Bare Naked Islam was apparently generated because of Bare Naked Islam’s participation in the boycott of sponsors for TLC’s propaganda show, “All American Muslim.”


Many critics scream this is an attack on the First Amendment.  It is not an assault on the First Amendment.  Islam is not the government.   However, it is an attack on the underpinnings of freedom and liberty in this country.


Islam is an ideology of evil.  It is another form of tyranny.  The first thing tyrants abolish is the right of the people to speak freely.  This is the goal of Islam in this country.  The Islamists do not want the people of America to be able to speak freely, especially when it comes to the subject of Islam.


The Islamists do not want the millions of Americans to know exactly how EVIL it is.  From pedophilia, to misogyny to genocide, Islam is pretty much an encyclopedia of evil.


The ultimate goal of Islam is a world wide Islamic state.  That makes Islam not that different from Nazism, Communism and other evil ideologies that have wanted to conquer the world. 


We conservatives must stand against Islam and its tyranny. 


Islam and freedom are not compatible.  For Islam to triumph, freedom by definition must loose. 


Hopefully the Bare Naked Islam site will be back up shortly and when it is, we at Tea Party Nation let everyone know.


2012 is upon us.  We must all stand vigilant and make certain that 2012 is a year in which freedom and liberty advance.



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Michael, with all due respect, you really need to be aware of the Islamic agenda that imposes strict control over its civilization of faithful and converts from other faiths. I agree that there are many Muslims who would rather not be of that faith but because they were born into it through parents, they are automatically a Muslim whether they want to be or not. If they decide to leave Islam or select a marriage partner from a different faith it is incumbent upon the parents or other male siblings to conduct an "honor killing" and spare the rest of the family communal shame. Additionally, if you study some of the basic tenets of Islam you will find that the ideology has borrowed much from Orthodox Judaism taught in the Talmud in regard to the honor killings and capital punishment that includes: Decapitation, Stoning, Strangulation and Burning. These are punishments that Sharia Laws impose in this day and age. Also: Other teachings - Muhammad stated that Adam, Moses, Abraham and all other prophets were Muslims. Muhammad also claimed that God commanded the angels to bow down to Adam.  That is the faith and belief of your Muslim friends if they are following the Fundamental tenets of Islam. If they are only "Moderate" and non-committed Muslims, they are deemed apostates to the true faith of Islam and are expected to rededicate their faith or be deemed an apostate. Muslims are commanded to follow the dictates of the Qur'an and Muhammad's sayings and examples. Westernized Muslims are in a catch-22 situation and will one day be called upon to decide which side to choose; Muslim or Kafir. And then, of course you already know of how Muslims are commanded to hate, persecute and exterminate the Jewish people and subjugate or kill people of all other faiths in order to make this entire earth a Muslim world.

Research http://www.Starman3000.com

He also needs to Wake Up and note that Islam is already at War with the World and their Islamc 5th Columns in all Non-Muslim Nations is just the Opening salvo---

TSGT Clough

Here is one Islamic "pigeon hole" you can bet on - every Muslim world wide gives money to their Mosque and they all absolutly know that part of that donation (a large part) goes to support World Wide Caliphate, the Islamic World Wide Terriorst Armies.


Failure to know and understand this truth is to surrender through stupidity to Evil that is Islam.


TSGt Clough


Are you that naive? Muslims are sworn by their religion to lie to you. They are sworn to hate you. They are sworn to kill all infidels they cannot convert. I can't remember the guy's name from Philadelphia that was beheaded in Iraq all the while his Muslim friends were chanting Allah AchBa! He was naive also. He is very much dead now. He thought they were kidding. His dad blamed it on Bush. Forget the fact that he was Jewish, looking Jewish, acting Jewish in a Muslim country and went around security to mingle among the Muslim people. Yeh. It was Bush's fault. The man was a fool and it cost him his life. What does it take? A shofar blowing in your ear to awaken you. Have you been living in a secluded cave for the past ten years? I pray for you sir.

I'm sorry but not every Muslim is like that. Yes there are those that believe those things but I am not so ignorant to believe every Muslim is like that. Yes there are some horribile things that have happened but once again not every muslim is like that. By the way is that your only reference? I'm sure you do not go by just one piece of information. Or do you believe everything you read.


I'd pray for you as well but I think it would be a waste of my and G-D's time.

Michael, Just in case you are not aware.  Every trouble spot in the world today involves Muslms in one way or other.  Every once in a while you might have problems in Ireland but check out England, France, Germany, Italy, and now the US.  Muslims are infiltrating  and multiplying (the ave. Muslim family has 8 children to 1.5 in America).  The Iranians are the main culprits right now, and the bombings have already started in Iraq since we pulled the troops out.  Every African country, with the exception of S. Africa, is having problems...genocide if you will.  Christians are getting killed in Nigeria and Egypt.  Israel must live in constant danger of being attacked.  And in case your didn't know, Muslims are landing in Venezuela and disappearing, which means they are up to no good.   They are infiltrating in El Salvador and training the MS-13 gangsters in terroristic tactics, including how to make bombs.  And then, the gang members are entering the US as illegals.  I could go on and on but you get the idea...I hope.


Joel, this is very true. Here is a scary video to explain their invasion on this planet. It tells how quickly our demise will occur.

Is that my only source? Are you kidding me? Go to my page. There are over a thousand posts. I am about as well informed as anyone you are going to find. I am a student of Prophesy and History. It is my business to be informed. I cannot afford to be uninformed. I am watching and praying all the day long. You sir need very much to get in direct contact with the real world. It is fallen and you cannot change that with positive thinking and burying your head in the sand while calling a spade a heart. It doesn't work that way. If you are a Jew, as you say you are, you must understand that to any Muslem, you are the hated enemy. If you are a Christian, you are also the hated enemy, but if you are a Messianic Believer, such as I am, you get it from all sides. Most Jews hate you. All Muslims hate you and most Christians can't figure out exactly what you are. I know my redeemer lives.


By the way Michael, Elohim lives outside of time. You would know that, if you knew HIm.

Moslems are child molesting mass murderers following a cult started by a child molesting mass murderer, blessed be his name.


If you cite the Koran, one source is enough. I guess a "moderate" Moslem is one who uses vaseline when raping and a mercifully sharp knife when striking off the heads of Infidels as commanded by his prophet and his god.

Unfortunatly us infidels do not rate a sharp sword. They brag that they reserve dull blades for us "unbelievers"



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