When you go up against another group, whether in business or war, you need to know what the other group’s objectives are.


What do they really want?


In criminal law, this is called motive.  If you understand the goal or the motive, then everything else will make sense.


What is Barack Obama’s ultimate goal in the fiscal cliff crisis?


Barack Obama has laid out several demands.  He wants no spending cuts.  He wants massive tax increases on the wealthy, which in liberal speak is anyone with a job. 


But there is one goal he has that trumps them all. 


What is it he really wants?


One of Barack Obama’s demands was the Congress cede to him the power to raise the debt ceiling unilaterally, without Congressional approval.


For Obama, the Holy Grail of his war against America is the ability to borrow money without any oversight. 


Barack Obama’s ultimate goal is the destruction of America as a superpower.  Obama is an unrepentant Marxist.  He wants to see America, not as a superpower but as just another power.  He wants to see us as a weak nation, subservient to the United Nations. 


So how does Barack Obama bring the United States down?


Out of control spending and out of control debt. 


If you look at Europe, all of those nations tried to borrow their way to prosperity.  That idea failed, every time.  As their credit ratings have been downgraded, it has cost nations like Greece even more money simply to service their debt.  Cuts have to be made some place, but all of the special interests such as unions and pensioners come out, riot and threaten to vote out any government that tries any form of austerity. 


America now has more per capita debt than Greece does.  America has been able to borrow money at unnaturally low rates for a number of years.  Sooner or later, interest rates will rise, because if nothing else lenders will lose confidence in America’s ability to pay its debt back.  Then interest rates will rise and the cost of servicing America’s debt will rise to the point where entitlements and the debt will consume the entire budget. 


This is what Obama wants. 


This is why the one thing Barack Obama cannot be given is the power to raise the debit unilaterally.


The good news is, even if Congress passed such a law, as a part of a deal, it is probably unconstitutional and would be ruled as such.  One of the enumerated powers of Congress is the ability to borrow money.


Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution states, The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States; To borrow money on the credit of the United States;”

This is power reserved to the Congress and may not be yielded to the Executive branch.


Of course, any time we are relying on the Courts to save us, as we learned in the Obamacare case, we are in a lot of trouble.


Obama’s goal is to gain the ability to borrow enough money to drive America into bankruptcy.


This is one fight where there can be no surrender.  This is one fight we must win.  We should remember the words of John Adams. “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a country. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.”


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Let's face it: the GOP is unlikely to win any arguments about getting even with the evil rich.

And getting free goodies from Santa Clause Uncle Sam is favored by most. Can't win there, me thinks!

Perhaps the separation of powers argument can resonate! Hammer home something of "Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely". Dictators, Socialists and so on.

It would take great communication powers to pull it off, though. Where's DeMint when we need him?

One of Barack Obama’s demands was the Congress cede to him the power to raise the debt ceiling unilaterally, without Congressional approval.

If they do that and We do not stand up. We do not deserve any this country or any form of liberty.

Obama’s goal is to gain the ability to borrow enough money to drive America into bankruptcy.

Is this not treason? Why are We not stopping it?

As the saying goes: The power to tax is the power to destroy, and you get less of what ever you tax.. His power grabs must be stopped.

Obama's vacations are expensive.  I do not feel that we should let Obama be sworn in as the President. He is not the President of the USA and never has been.

Our goal should be to move the national Republican Party at least far enough to the right that it could be legitimately a centrist Constitutionalist party.  Neither national party sees its best interest being served by striving for a Constitutional federal government and reducing the power that has been concentrated into Washington. 


And do any of you really think that there is even a glimmer of hope that the Treasury debt can ever be repaid?  Are you kidding me?  Take a good, close look at how GDP is measured, compiled and calculated; develop some understanding of what GDP really is and how meaningless it is when GDP, as measured, is used to establish a ratio with any other number of any kind.  Then just take a guess about what percentage of GDP is actually "money" that can be made available for paying down the nation's debts.  Take a look at how much of today's tax receipts are "stimulated" into existence by money that has been either borrowed by The Treasury or "counterfeited" by the Federal Reserve and spent in order to boost GDP as measured.  You may conclude as I have that not only will our debts not be paid, If the federal spending was cut to zero, The Treasury would have to continue borrowing just to be able to service the already outstanding debt--The remaining tax receipts would not provide enough funds to service today's debt. 


Keep this in mind when you are examining and evaluating federal government finances: The United States dollar is a FIAT currency that has no intrinsic material worth but, at best, represents the purchasing power that is produced when goods and services that are of intrinsic material worth are produced by the nation's economy.  And no one in official Washington has a direct role of any kind in ensuring the representative financial worth of the US dollar.   


We have passed the point of no return.  The only rational recourse is for the states to disown the federal government and to then to disavow any responsibility for the actions of the federal government.



That's my hope, Thomas. That when the s*^t reallly starts to hit the fan (probably sooner rather than later) that the states who still have conservative common sense will DO SOMETHING to remove themselves from the damage coming down the pike with this tinhorn dictator in complete, un-challenged charge of everything.  We have absolutely NO HOPE in our federal government whatsoever and to fool ourselves into thinking we do is dangerous folly.

In a nut-shell...Obama does not want ANYONE who can stop or even disagree with his plans...why bother to have a Congress or a Senate, he will over-ride anything that doesn't fit his agenda period.  We get upset with representatives we send to Washington to do our bidding, well you see what happened to four of our conservative Congressmen for standing up for what they pledged to do. Their own Speaker punished them by removing them from committees for voting against obama!  I have said for four years now, something is wrong...our Congressmen are being threatened by someone and being held back from doing their jobs...now I know I was right!!!  Forget the Republican Party...from now on I vote Conservative party since most Republican Candidates run on both Republican and Conservative Parties, I will start getting rid of the Republican Party by voting Conservative Party and will talk this up as much as I can to others, slowly we can dump the Republican Party.

Until Republicans get a backbone and stand up and fight and make MSM give them a microphone, nothing will stop BHO. Until they get out there and be as ruthless as the Democrats in getting their message out, BHO will command ever more power to himself. He has the most dangerous personality faults: narcissism and arrogance.  He has to be stopped. The Tea Party needs to get vocal again.

Driven by hate, BH Obama wants Americans to be slaves, living in shacks, without food and without healthcare, while his "wife" and he lives like royality.

I think she hates America more than he does. . .just look at her Princeton writings. . .what's that saying, "a happy wife; a happy life". . .I'm certain she is a major force behind his determination to destroy America--JMHO

So how does Barack Obama bring the United States down?

Out of control spending and out of control debt.

And the GOP are either part of or in on the plan or are too stupid to know this. . .either way, there is no one in DC (well hardly anyone) who can/will put a stop to this so basically, America is. . .



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