Mind reading is the stuff of science fiction and fantasy.  But you do not need to be a mind reader to tell what someone really thinks.   You can judge them by their actions.


This is so true with liberals and their thoughts women.


What is going on?


Yesterday, Hilary Rosen, a Democratic Operative,  a certified (and possibly certifiable) Feminazi took a broadside against Ann Romney on CNN’s Anderson Cooper show. 


She said Ann Romney “Has never worked a day in her life.”


Really?  Ann Romney is a mother of five, went to college while she was a mother, raised her family, and battled MS and breast cancer.   And she never worked?




What does Hilary Rosen do besides being a professional fool? 


She is a PR flack for a firm that specializes in leftist propaganda.  Her firm represents Sandra Fluke, the woman who cannot afford contraception, yet can go to one of the most expensive law schools in the nation and can take really nifty European vacations with her boy friend.   They also represented HBO and its propaganda piece hit piece on Sarah Palin called “Game Change.” 


This is the hypocrisy of the left. 


Wasn’t feminism supposed to give women choices?


What if the choice a woman makes is to stay home and raise children?  What if it is a choice the man and woman make together?


No, not in the world of the feminazis like Hilary Rosen.


In Hilary’s favorite country, the old Soviet Union, every mother was a working mother.  Every woman worked.   She worked whether she wanted to or not.    Women were given a few weeks off to recover from birth then their kids went to state run daycare centers, followed by state run schools where they could be appropriately indoctrinated. 


Conservatives have a different idea.  We like liberty.


Liberty means having a choice.  If Ann Romney wants to stay home and be a full time mom that is her choice.  As long as she can afford it, that is her choice.  Jane Middle Class American woman has the same choice.  If Jane Middle Class American were not so heavily taxed, more Jane Middle Class Americans could and would opt to stay home with their kids.


Oh, and when Jane stays home with the kids, who wins?  Answer, the children.   And aren’t liberals always doing things, ‘for the children?’


If liberals like Hilary Rosen had their way, there would be no choice.  All women would work.


There is something else missing that Hilary Rosen does not like that made it possible for Ann Romney to stay home with her kids. 


It is this thing liberals despise called traditional marriage.  She and Mitt Romney did not have children until after they were married and did not have children until they were in a position to afford them. 


If Obama has his way, the middle class may never be able to afford children again, but as conservative economist Walter Williams has pointed out before, if you want to avoid poverty in this nation, it is really simple.  All you have to do is to stay off drugs, get a high school diploma, don’t get married until you are out of high school and don’t have kids until you are married. 


It is a simple formula that works.


Liberals don’t like that because if you follow that formula, you will not become dependent on the state.


Hilary Rosen is your typical liberal Feminazi.   She demands that her choices be accommodated but if another woman wants different choices that is just too bad.  Like most arrogant liberals and Feminazis, Hilary knows best.  Didn’t Hitler think he knew best too?


Liberty grants women choices.  That’s why Hilary Rosen and liberals like her, do not like liberty.


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What was even more sexist was Rosen's conclusion: Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life, therefore, she is not entitled to any opinions about the economy or the job market.

First of all, I'm pretty sure SCOTUS would use the commerce clause to say that Mrs. Romney is participating in commerce simply by living!  

What we stay-at-home moms ARE exempt from, is the patronizing guardianship of the Democratic party.  We are not eligible for the "equality" legislation and handouts the DNC uses to buy votes.  And for all of our supposed oppression, we don't qualify as economic victims by liberal reckoning.

Yes, Virginia, I am working at my job.  Yes, I'm glad I still have that choice.  No, I'm not looking for a politician to pander to me with pity, condescension and handouts.

Well said, Lizzie!!! Keep up the good work of expressing your opinion openingly to your friends and neighbors. You are right on all counts.

Right on, Lizzie!

Until the past few decades, it was the accepted norm for middle class moms to stay home with the kids.

The children remain our most investment for the future....we invested our time and energy more heavily in this, it seems.

Interestingly, this seemed to change after the inception Lyndon B. Johnson's "War on Poverty". More and more couples found it necessary to augment the family income! So...to pay for this never ending and growing "war", the productive segment segment of the population has continued to struggle ever harder to maintain the non-productive.

Only one solution comes to mind, really. return to the concept of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The pursuit of happiness, no guarantees. And, perhaps, return to the era of the family raising their own children.

Would this not be a future that we could get behind?

This worked for us, though my wife also took on some paid home work to be able to afford annual vacations.

And only a totally ignorant women could claim that being the head of a family and raising even one kid, let alone 5, is Not working a day in your life.

What a moron that women is

Liberals don't actually support ANY of the groups they supposedly champion. They only value those groups they can co-opt for their cause. That's why the liberals can attack the GOP for it's supposed "War on Women" (which is really just about refusing to pay for the contraceptives that Sandra Fluke thinks will bankrupt her colleagues), but at the same time declare war on women such as Palin or Bachmann, and now Ann Romney as well.

It's the same reason they've jumped all over the Trayvon Martin case, falsely declaring he was shot by a white man (Zimmerman is Hispanic... and a democrat!). Had Trayvon been shot by a black man, it wouldn't have made so much as a ripple in the evening news. They don't really care about Trayvon or his family (who is creepily trademarking his name.), but about scoring points for the "liberal cause." In this case, dividing Floridians so that Obama stands a chance of winning there.

Spot on, Michael!!!

Hillary like Mao knows what's best for women - no more than one child or forced abortion - and work till the day you die.

One of the main reasons that the children today have no manners, respect or decency is because both parents have to work. When I grew up the mom always stayed home and raised the children and they were raised properly and with respect and were taught family values.

Unfortunately, my dad passed away when I and my three siblings were very little so my mom had to work. She chose to work evenings so she would be home with us during the crucial hours. And she did not get welfare or food stamps, although, I don't think they had them back then. We still were raised with respect and manners. When I see what is going on today, it makes me sick. I blame people like Hilary and the mass media and music and the parents today. It is truly disgraceful and I fear only going to get worse. God help us if this obamination is re-elected!

In my opinion, all the left seems to think is important to women are easy free abortions and free birth control devices. Hmmmmm..being a single mother myself, I always thought it more important to have had some easier routes like good jobs, cheaper groceries, cheaper utilities to help me raise 2 sons on my own. I was lucky, I guess, because I was bound and determined to make it on my own with NO help from the government. I did make it on my own too! Had no family to help me, an ex who paid No child support. Hey, there's an idea- a government that would help Enforce child support laws? DUH! No way, all left wants are working women, leaving their children to be taught/indoctrinated in proggressive propaganda, control over our baby producing organs, and the other half of women on free government hand outs that drain self respect out of their brains. This is so obvious, a blind man can see and understand!

Progressives are all about dependency on government for complete control over voting and power.  They dont want well educated independent thinkers, they want dependency on big government to steal from the producer, then manipulate and control the dependent.  Women have a right to choose what they want to do, being a stay home mom or go to work or both.  Progressives want to make this decision for them.  Progressives use the victim card to gain votes, lie about fighting the cause of equality.  They must make up an oppressor, then tell women that they are all oppressed by this great oppressor, men are the oppressors.  Create the victim, add a vote for progressives.   According to progressives, anyone who has more wealth is an oppressor, excluding the progressive, of course.  Smart and wise women see through these lies, dependents, uniformed and uneducated dont.

Rosen is part of the true "war on women". Liberals view conservative women the same way they view conservative blacks. They are traitors to "their kind". They are off the reservation (or plantation). Liberals do not truly care about these groups. They want them to tow the democrat party line. If they don't, they are demeaned and demonized.

If Obama gets another 4 years the U.S. will be like Sweden no more homeschooling, babies at 1 yr must be placed in daycare as government knows best for our children, and all women must work. People are leaving there because of the socialist government. Hello Obama we are aware of your plans for the U.S. slaves to the government.


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