Barack Obama finally released his long form birth certificate today.  Hallelujah.   If Obama’s goals were to quiet things down with the release of his birth certificate, it isn’t going to happen.


Already, there are stories out in the Internet that the birth certificate released is a fake.  Could it be fake?  Anything is possible and certainly there are a lot of people with the skills to create a faked document, such as a birth certificate.  But in a case like this, I am reminded of the words of Benjamin Franklin, who once said; “three people can keep a secret… if two of them are dead.”


If the birth certificate the White House offered today is a fake, then we are watching the greatest political conspiracy since Watergate and if that is the case, forget impeachment.  Joe Biden and the cabinet just need to invoke the 25th Amendment and send Obama off to a nice quiet place where they have long white jackets, nice men and women and the birds are chirping.


The release of this seemingly innocuous document today strikes at the heart of a deeper question.  If this is all there is to it, why didn’t Obama release this two and a half years ago.  How much money has Obama spent on lawyers to keep this under wraps?  I spoke with a liberal reporter today who told me it was a myth that Obama had spent two million dollars on lawyers to keep the birth certificate secret.    How much did he spend?  Who knows but I can tell you from personal experience, lawyers do not work for free. Big law firms like Perkins and Cole charge a lot.  FEC disclosures show that Obama for America paid Perkins and Cole almost $1.67 million between 2007 and 2009.  Perkins and Cole represented Obama on many of the eligibility cases.


This does not necessarily close the door on the litigation as to whether Obama is a natural born citizen.  There remain two theories. First that his father, Barack Obama, Sr. being a British subject could not make Obama a natural born citizen, as both parents must be citizens in order to confer that status on someone.   Second is the theory that Obama lost his citizenship when he was adopted by an Indonesian and moved to Indonesia as a child. 


The eligibility claims deserve their day in court.  So far, all of the courts have dodged the issue by claiming the plaintiff did not have standing to bring the lawsuit.  If a citizen of this country does not have standing to bring a lawsuit regarding the eligibility of the President to serve, then who does?


Perhaps the most obvious question to be asked is why did Obama decide to release his birth certificate and why today?


Trump was making a lot of traction in the GOP polls with the issue but it did not seem like there was a huge mounting cry for Obama to release the document.  He had not done so for two and a half years and showed no inclination to go do so now.   Say what ever you want to about the Obama regime, they are excellent at manipulating the media.  Is there something else going on today that they want to distract us from?


Given this administration’s lack of transparency, that is certainly a fair question. 


Trump hasn’t wasted any time.  He is already after Obama to release his college transcripts and other important records.  Now that Obama has released his birth certificate, hopefully those records that should have been released almost three years ago will be released. 


But for Barack Obama, who did his document dump then flew off to tape the Oprah show and then raise money with Wall Street fat cats, this story may not be over.  

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His story will never be over until he is removed from office - one way or another.
I agree Linda!
...one way or another...
Most likely it won't be one way, so it has to be another
Sooner rather than later, like next week??

He needs time to work on his just released fake birth certificate.  He needs to find better criminals to do his dirty work.  Let him come to LA where he can find numerous people on the streets willing to falsify birth certificates, drivers licenses, social secirty cards, etc.  The people of persons he hired to create this document should be fired.  Too many errors on document, too amatuer. Time for Birth Certificate phase 3, part 2.


Amen, Sister!  Get him out of office!  Enough is enough is enough!
I would like to see what Jerome Corsi has to say about this.
Go to WND .com
How can you let go of blatant ineligibility and the open door to further traitorous acts?
...there's absolutely NO reason we can't be fighting on multiple fronts... "eligibility" is just one front, and whether we win or lose right now, it has to be defined once and for all, with no loopholes...


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