Yesterday was Super Tuesday.  It came and it went.  The Earth did not stop turning and it was not the end of the world, as we know it for anyone.


But Super Tuesday did show us some things.


What are they?


For starters, Romney remains unelectable. 


There were three big prizes in Super Tuesday.  They were Ohio, Georgia and Tennessee.  While it was no great shocker that Gingrich won Georgia, his former home state, he did so convincingly, despite some effort from Romney.   Romney barely won Ohio despite massive effort and money spent there. 


The real story is Tennessee. 


Tennessee was the third largest prize in Super Tuesday.  Romney spent money in Tennessee and made at least one appearance. He had the support of the RINO establishment in Tennessee, including Tennessee’s Governor.   Santorum made a couple of appearances in Tennessee spent almost no money on advertising in Tennessee and he carried 91 of Tennessee’s 95 counties.  Three others went to Romney and one to Gingrich.


What catapulted Santorum in Tennessee and other places?


The Evangelical vote. 


The Evangelical vote could be called the stealth vote.  Evangelicals organize through churches and are not nearly as flashy as other voter blocks.  They are also very motivated.  They see Santorum, a devout Catholic, as one of their own.


While the left has mocked some of Santorum’s religious comments, his statements are in line with what many Evangelicals hear every Sunday.


Romney won Massachusetts and Virginia where he only faced Ron Paul.  Had Romney had convincing wins in Ohio and Tennessee, the race really would have been over. 


Right now Romney has an estimate 404 delegates in his corner.  Santorum has 165 and Gingrich has 106. 


For Gingrich, last night was a disappointment and there is no other way to put it.  He won Georgia, which he had to win and he did that convincingly.    Gingrich had also spent a lot of time in the last week in Tennessee.  Despite time and money spent in Tennessee, Gingrich came away with a disappointing third place finish.  Had he won Tennessee or even done a strong second, his argument of a comeback would have much more credence.


For those of us who support Newt, we realize he is the best candidate out there.  He is the man who has the vision to change the direction of America, not just manage its decline as Romney would. 


However, for those of us who are Newt supporters, we must also face the realization that the chances of him securing the nomination are becoming more remote.   He needed a strong showing last night to push him.  No candidate can lose his way to victory.


Newt has said he will remain in the race and he should.


If Newt cannot win outright, he can do us a great service by helping to deny Romney the nomination.    Santorum’s chances of winning are still not much better than Newt’s.  His organization is minimal and it has problems. 


Santorum’s greatest weakness is a focus on social issues.  While those are important to many conservatives, most voters are focused on the fiscal issues.    Gingrich still remains the master who can put the media in its place and when he is on message, he is unstoppable. 


Conservatives still do not support Romney.   A Romney nomination is  2008: The Sequel.  We saw how well that worked out for the Republican Party.


Super Tuesday is over and now for conservatives, the focus must be on a conservative nominee to defeat Barack Obama this fall.


I’ve known conservatives.  I am a conservative.  Mitt Romney, you are no conservative.



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Joe, it is quite a stretch to blame Rick for what happened to Rush; as a matter of fact it is a completely false statement. Rush would be the first person to tell you that, because Rush is a very no-BS guy. Rick and Rush have both been targeted by the liberal media lately. It's sad that you believe the liberal narrative about Rick, instead of the truth. It is the Left that has tried very hard to make the non-issue of contraception the issue with Rick Santorum, and he very wisely is not tolerating it. Just the other day Rick was being interviewed by a liberal radio host, who badgered and berated Rick for refusing to make the interview about contraception, which is now the "script" of the Left. Rick kept changing the subject back to the economy and foreign policy, and other important topics, to the point that the host got mad and hung up on Rick. Rick is NOT making contraception the issue; the Left is. Anyone who buys into that, buys into the talking points of the Left. We must NOT let the Left set the narrative, and Rick is one person who is standing up to their rubbish. Every time one of them tries to pigeon-hole Rick into that corner, he changes the subject to something that really matters. This liberal line of attack is NOT Rick's fault. Rush admitted he stepped in it by stooping to the name-calling tactics of the Left, and thus took the focus off the issue at hand, and put it instead on his choice of words. That has nothing to do with Rick!

American Infidel,  You are absolutely right.  The Left tried to trap Rick Santorum into taking the bait from Fluke.  He wisely stayed out of that swamp and Rush took the bait and is now paying the price.  The Left is trying to create a big issue around women's rights and contraception because they know their candidate has no positives to run on.  SO they need to get the Republicans embroiled in an issue to detract attention from their worthless candidate.  Hopefull, our side keeps their wits about them and doesn't fall for their BS.

I agreed. Unfortunately majority of the televised debates the moderators were from the left who are bring issues that are relatively minor such as contraceptives, etc. to make the Republican presidential candidates look bad and it succeeding. Obama approval numbers among women have gone up because it projecting him as caring for women's issues.  It looks like we are losing some battles because the left is following the tactics of Saul Alinsky rules for radicals.  In the long run if we could stick with our message we might win. I don't like the notation that some of my tax money is paying for contraceptives, sterilization, and abortion. I agreed with the Catholic Church that we should not be mandate to have health care insurance that provides for these services. It is an issue of religious liberty and freedom and the right of conscience. If a women wants her insurance policy to cover these services she be willing to pay for rider on the health insurance policy.  I do not believe we should not deny her these services even though I believe they are wrong and immoral. What Obama administration is doing with the mandate is unconstitutional. He change it to require the insurance companies provides these services for women for free on the health care insurance is also unconstitutional. They are trying to portrait Republicans as anti-women rights when they are not even making an effort to deny them these services.  We don't want to deny them of these services all we believe that the taxpayers should not pay for them.   

Is there a list of sponsors Rush lost available. I personally want to write the CEOs of everyone and tell them I will NEVER ever buy from them until they appoligise to Rush. They are all stupid and can do NOTHING to deserve my business again. AOL "almost on line" is simply a stupid company. Who are the rest?

Donald Sheldon

So far, Sleep Number, The Sleep Train, Quicken Loans, Legal Zoom, Citrix, Carbonite, ProFlowers, Tax Resolution, AOL, Bonobos, Sears, Allstate Insurance, Sensa, Bare Escentuals, Vitacost, Hadeed Carpet, Thompson Creek Windows, PolyCom, Service Magic, Accu..., Geico, John Deere, Stamps.com, St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Bethesda Sedation Dentistry, Cascades Dental, Philadelphia Orchestra, Goodwill Industries, Heart & Body Extract, Netflix, Downeast Energy, Capitol One, JCPenney, Matrix Direct, Reputation Rhino, Consolidated Credit, Constant Contact, RSVP Discount Beverage, Cunningham Security, Regal Assets, Freedom Debt Relief, Norway Savings Bank, Portland Ovations, The Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington and O’Reilly Auto Parts have pulled ads from the program.

I don't plan on supporting any of them.  I almost used Proflowers on V day.......glad I didn't.  Also, Beck hasn't dropped Carbonite yet.  I'm boycotting him until he does.

Donald, I just found this article from Rush's website that puts these "lost advertisers" in proper perspective. Very interesting reading:


Rush was Rush which had him be crude in responding to the testimony before congress. Santorum had nothing to do with it. There is timing that is important and Santorum at that time had to respond to the "social" issues. All the issues in my mind have social expression which reflects moral roots.

There ws no testimony before Congress, Joana, that is a crock.  Pelosi ordered cameras to cover this young lady, woman's appearance.  She was not called before Congress, nor vetted, her "testimony" not substantiated in any way.  She gave atories of 2 or 3 women who suffered from having no birth control...but we don't even know if these are fictional or not.  As to Rush being crude, perhaps he is sometime, I have heard it on infrequent occasion, it usually makes me laugh & cringe at the same time, because, let's face it, no one has a sense of humor anymore.  "Slut" is a slang word which I have even whispered, & corrected myself, as a judgmental comment.  Unfortunately, many youth engage in sexual behavior in which they experiment with homosexuality even, & I know of 2 cases like this, where the women "decided" they were gay after having not been before.  It's hard to classify extreme sexuality such as this, & I know we shouldn't say "slut" & "whore."  I don't think I should call Harry Reid & Maxine Waters idiots, either, but alas, I do.  I'm sorry. 

I'm a NEWT fan but I also want to insure than anybody but Romney wins. NEWT it's time to give it up and support Rick..

If Newt drops out enough of Newt's support would go to Santorum for Santorum to beat Romney. 


Eleven began, seven are gone

Michele and Herman, Rick and Jon

It seems to me, it’s time for Newt

To pull the plug and follow suit


 If Newt stays in we end up with a brokered convention and Palin is in Palin: I'm Open to 2016 Presidential Run.


Wth Palin in, if Newt will stay

She will win and save the day


As for me, I'm for a brokered Convention.  Evangelicals will not embrace Newt and put him over the top.

Or the other way round for all the reasons I cite below.


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