“We don’t need any more restrictions on our society.”


Those were the words of John Green, father of nine-year-old Christina Green, who was killed last Saturday by Jared Loughner in Tucson. 


Unfortunately for him and for America, liberal politicians are not listening.  Carolyn McCarthy (Socialist-NY) and Frank Lautenburg (Socialist-NJ) are both planning to introduce gun control bills.


Lautenburg, who was probably born sometime in the late Jurassic period, wanders the halls of congress, like some zombie from the night of the living dead, seeking to do whatever mayhem he can on the United States Constitution and the rights of the American people. 


McCarthy has made her living as a politician based on the death of her husband.  In 1993, her husband and son were riding a commuter train in New York, when a lunatic pulled out a gun and started shooting.  New York has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country and because of that, none of the passengers on the train were armed.


Someone needs to tell Carolyn McCarthy, had her husband been armed that day, he might have had a chance.  Had someone else on that train been armed, her husband might be alive today.  Instead, she wants to rip the Constitution apart and strip Americans of their right to self-defense. 


Liberalism truly is a mental illness.  Most rational people understand the need to protect themselves.  Not liberals.  Liberals do not want people to have guns to protect themselves.  They do not want the country to have a missile defense to protect the country.  Some how, liberals believe we will be better off individually and as a nation if we are vulnerable. 


Liberals are the kids we knew back in grade school who always bought off the bully by giving them their lunch or their soda money.  Most of us with some attachment to reality know that occasionally you need to give a bully a bloody nose. 


Liberals use tragedies like this to erode our rights.   Rahm Emanuel is famous for his warning, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”


While the left will go into overdrive blaming guns and calling for more restrictions on Americans’ rights to carry weapons, there is one story that I bet will not be talked about during this debate.


In December 2007, a lunatic named Matthew Murray went to a church in Arvada, Colorado and killed two people.  Matthew Murray then went to another church in Colorado Springs to kill more. 


The difference? 


In Colorado Springs, some of the parishioners were armed.   One of them, a lady named Jeanne Assam saw him come through the door and begin shooting.  She drew her weapon, engaged him and killed him.   According to people on the scene that day, she saved between fifty and one hundred lives.   Were we living in the world that Frank Lautenburg and Carolyn McCarthy want us to live in, the people at the church in Colorado Springs would have been as defenseless has Carolyn McCarthy’s husband was in 1993 and ended up just as dead.


In the next few days, we will have the funerals for the dead in Tucson.   Gabrielle Giffords will continue to recover and hopefully one-day return to a normal life.  But we cannot allow liberals to use this tragedy to try and continue to strip our rights.

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Obama will use this incident to what ever end he is looking for.
I was reading the Washington Times Financial front page this morning. There is a story about Dan Turton who is an aide to President Obama. Actually he is White House Legislative adviser. His responsibilities is between  the House of Representatives and the President. I Google his job duties. But his wife Ashley who was a lobbyist for Progress Energy, monday morning she was found dead in her car in their garage. The car was on fire. They had 3 kids. How come we haven't heard anything?  Has anyone heard?
You won't hear about it! It doesn't help their agenda. There also was an incident of gang violence in I believe New York where 6 gang bangers were killed with guns in a gang fight, the very same day this shooting took place. Didn't hear about that one either, because these were criminals with illegal guns, which doesn't help their agenda.

I did hear a little about this event. Maybe there will be a release of follow up information. Very interesting. 



Some strange things are happening.
It was all over the web.

I saw a BATF guy on TV this morning talking about more restrictions on guns. No one asked him the question.


"Would the casualty rate been high or lower if every adult in the room had been carrying a loaded firearm?"


I have not heard anyone ask that question? 


The answer is simple. It would have been much lower and their would have been no need for a trial.

you are so right and you have not heard that question

because the left don't want you to think that way. If the guns are gone,the left can pass their agenda and what can you do about it. If a dogs teeth were pulled would you be afraid of it? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have never heard a gun and a toothless dog being in comparison. But this is so true. Obama has been trying to get guns out of his way, even while he was running for president. And yes I believe he will use every thing in his power to do it.He seems to have a way to pass all his agenda's before we know what hit us. Soon the only people to have guns,Will be the people who do not need them.

Well said Mr. Thiele. Brevity is the soul of wit. I am more leary ot the Commie Liberals and Their overall agenda than I have been of anyone packing a firearm. Take away or alter in anyway Our right to keep and bear arms would be the death knell of the fundamental liberty that is this Country.  The Liberals would have it that way and then We would be dependent on a (force?) of "New Age Hippies" to ensure the domestic tranquility and provide for the "common defense".  

He will use everything in his power to ban guns.........including GUNS!
If guns are banned, then Obama's bodyguards should also be banned from carrying guns.....what is good enough for us is good enough for Obama!!


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