The left is never big on people remembering history, or at least history as it actually happened.  The eligibility issue is a classic case of that truism.


Who started raising questions about Obama’s birth certificate?


Hillary Clinton.  She raised those issues when Obama started taking off in the Democratic primaries.   The issue did not stick at the time, but after Obama was elected, the issue gained traction.   It really gained traction when Donald Trump started banging that drum. 


After all this time, why did Obama finally release the birth certificate?  He wanted to avoid silliness, as he flew off to be interviewed by Oprah and then did three fundraisers for major donors.  Meanwhile, in the South, over 200 people were dying and countless others have lost their homes and everything they own.  Does Obama care?  A year ago, Nashville was hit with a massive flood that did billions of dollars in damage and took the homes of many people.  363 days later, Obama still has not been to visit.  Of course, had it been a blue state, he would be there today.


Donald Trump was asked the question, what is next?  Trump said Obama’s college records.   Interesting, but not that relevant. Obama graduated over twenty years ago.  Unless there is a record of him attending school on a scholarship for foreigners, that is another yawn.


Here is one issue that the Donald could sink his teeth into. 


Obama’s social security number.  


Obama has a social security number that was issued in Connecticut.   You can tell where a social security number is issued by the first three digits of the number.  His was issued in Connecticut.  Why is this interesting?  Obama never lived in Connecticut and up until the time the number had been issued, had never even visited there.  So how does he end up with this social security number?


Jack Cashill enlisted a professional investigator to track down this information for his book, “Deconstructing Obama.”  In that book and preparing for that, they found the first use of that SSN was when Obama registered for the draft in 1980.  The next time they could find it being used was in 1986 in Chicago.   Cashill notes that Obama friend William Ayers, when he was with the Weather Underground became very proficient in the use of false identifications and said the best IDs incorporated a social security number. 


Unlike the issue of the birth certificate, there are many issues here that are not subject to conjecture.  We know what Obama’s social security number is and we know its origin is the State of Connecticut.  We do not know how he got that number. 


The Western Journalism Center did a story on Obama tying him to potentially multiple social security numbers.  These are all tied together by addresses Obama is known to have lived at.  This is incredible fodder.  Why would this man have multiple social security numbers?  The only people who do that are those engaged in some type of fraud or identity theft. 

In response to all of this, the Social Security Administration, instead of investigating, announced they would end the practice of assigning numbers based on residency and just randomize the numbers.  Investigators will tell you that a social security number that does not match the known biographical information of an individual is one of the fastest ways to identify identity theft.    Of course, the government does not view that as an issue.


If the Donald is looking for another issue to go after Obama on, this is it.  He will have a much harder time explaining that and will not be able to simply produce a document that he says will end the issue.


We did not start this fire but in the end, that fire may consume the Obama Presidency.  

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JUDSON... We can only hope.  Best always, John
We have a saying in South Texas, "hook-em", Donald.
Obama is a con artist. The sooner this is out in the open the better.

Something had better consume the Obama presidency. Obama's sole purpose is to destroy America and establish Muslim rule here. He hates everything that is good and he loves everything that is evil. His on going lying is just plain nauseating.

His ongoing TV appearances is just as sickening. The real Obama will eventually come out the longer he is in power.

The only thing I differ with is that you say that there's a real Obama. This is what the 'BC' proves: there is no real Obama. He is the original hollow man.

The 2 documents he has released are fraudulent and much info is sealed under Exec. Order. There may be some bits of the real Obama there, but they always could call us racists again and blame us for his lawyer fees and the sealed records.

The Donald probably did the right thing by dropping the Certificate  of Live Birth issues.

Leave that to others, particularly because it seems to be bogus document!

For starters, check this YouTube video! It shows accurately the problems that I alluded to elsewhere. The nitty-gritty begins at about 3min 25 seconds....examining the White-house released .pdf file.
It might be a good idea to save a copy of the .pdf file, from the White House site link above....before it changes or disappears? It seems to be a fake, and not even a good fake! Rather a childish attempt!
The question becomes: Why did they not release  a decent fake?


I would suggest that all here send this to everybody on their email list! Get it out far and wide!

  If this gets some traction I wonder how FOX will spin it too. Ware this is smoke ther is fire and this IDIOT is a fraud!  To many wrongs on purpose.

Forensic document experts examine this? I ain't got to show you no stink'in Forensic document experts!

Just kidding , Joseph

Actually, it took under a minute to spot the digital paste up. By me, blind in one eye and cant see out of the other! (OK, exaggerating on the eyesight, but not the time to know that it was bogus)

Did I write it up? Nah, I just wrote about it. Knew somebody would. The video is great, because anybody can examine it, for free! The easiest demonstration is to examine the last digits of the serial number, at about 800X. You will know it, you'll be convinced.

But all should download the .pdf file from the White House, and save it for posterity.

And shout what you've learned from the roof-tops. Especially to your Liberal friends!

Is this the most important issue? No. Is it the most damning? Perhaps. And You can easily make a graphic presentation, to one and all!



Apparently, it was a poplar fad to use "creative spelling" of names in Indonesia during the Suharto-Sukarno years of conflict.  Have you searched the SS Death Index with at least 3 or 4 of the possible spelling variations of Soetoro, and some basic misspellings? 

The more spelling variations you cover, the better your case becomes. 

I have been noticing "theories" (WAGs) being proposed that Stanley Ann Dunham-Obama(maybe)-Soetoro used her travels and Anthropology jobs as a cover for work as a spy. 

Just for fun, two fun questions arise: 

1 - "Who was she supposedly spying for?", and

2 - "How well did her bosses cover her tracks?"




Well done, Vern. I also received that video and came here to post it, but you beat me to the punch. Everyone should view this link (YouTube in your message) because it proves that the so-called "birth certificate" released by Odumbo is a FAKE!
What about the elective Service document that shows he used a different social security number than the one he uses now? MSNBC news thug Lawrence O'Donnell shouted down a woman last night when she tried to bring this out.

This is a very good read.  It can be found on google.


When will Obama crack in public?
Posted: April 19, 2011
by Mychal Massie


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