Do you wonder why we are in debt? 


The government spends money like drunken Democrats and even the Republicans are not saying anything about this.  There are two multi million dollar outrages.   This is government spending that should never happen.


What is it?


First, the government has spent millions of our tax dollars to have a Hollywood producer make a soap opera for the Internet.  Actor-director Robert Townsend created “Diary of a single mom”.   Townsend’s company, One Economy Corp. has received more than $28 million in stimulus funding to help boast broadband Internet service to “underserved” areas of the country.  His company has used at least $1.5 million to produce the online soap opera, featuring Billy Dee Williams, of Star Wars fame. 


Where do we even start with this?


First, why are stimulus dollars being used to produce a soap opera?  Robert Townsend is an actor who has had some success in Hollywood.  Does anyone not believe that if he wanted to, he could find sponsors and backing for this venture without taking money from the American taxpayers?


According to a spokesman for One Economy, between $1.5 million and $2 million of the $28.5 million grant were used to produce programming not available in the mainstream media.   The mainstream media creates programming that people want to watch and is profitable.  What does that say about the programming One Economy wants to offer?  Probably that most people do not want to watch it.


The remaining roughly $27 million was used to connect 150,000 new subscribers in “underserved communities.”  Why is the government out spreading broadband?  This is something the private sector needs to be doing. 


Another phenomenal waste of money is coming from the Defense Department.  The Defense budget is being slashed. 


Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is from California.  He likes California.  His wife lives and works in California.  And every weekend Panetta flies back to California.   There would be nothing wrong with that.  Many people have those type of arrangement and buy their tickets every week so they can see their spouse.


Panetta does not buy a ticket.  He pays for the equivalent of a ticket.  Instead he flies back on a United States Air Force VIP transport.     The cost per trip is $30,000.  In plain English, Panetta’s weekend jaunts to his home in California will cost the Defense Department about $1.5 million dollars this year. 


The military is being gutted by the Obama regime, yet this kind of waste abounds. 


As the military budget is being cut, personnel are being let go from the service, weapons systems are being delayed or cancelled, ships and aircraft are being retired from service without replacements.  Yet as the cuts are being made, you can be certain that the VIP Transport Wing of the Air Force, which is home to the 747 that is typically referred to as Air Force One, will not be cut.  Not only does the President travel using these Air Planes, so do members of the Executive Branch and members of Congress get to travel on the Air Force luxury air craft when they go on their junkets, er, I mean their fact finding vacations, er, I mean missions.


The obvious question is why aren’t the Republicans all over this waste?  Does anyone in Washington care? 


Does anyone wonder why America is broke?

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The only way we can survive this is to change the way WE THE PEOPLE look at DC. When we vote an elected official into office, off they go, pick out office, furniture, hire staff from a pre approved pool, take their seat, listen to the "elders" and the lobbyists tell em how it is done and then we no longer track their votes, their meetings, their associations or any thing else. As their boss we give em free reign, no oversite, no restrictions, we allow them to assign their own compensation, bonus, benefits, vacation, expense reimbursement ..... As a bookkeeper/accountant in the insurance industry for all of my working life practically, I do not know of one agency or company that would allow this. If we do not demand that each congressperson and senator report with detail to the people who sent them to DC, explaining each vote, how much it will cost and where the money is coming from and what benefit it will have specifically for the folks in their state and district. (Lets not forget, these are state reps, not federal. They represent the states and districts at the federal level, but they are not responsible to the president, speaker nor the majority leader. They are accountable to US here at home that employed them to do a job.)I think the pay and benefits if any should be agreed upon by the states not the congress itself.

And I believe all tax and financial information should be make open and available for audit and review by the public every 6 months. This would eliminate them enriching themselves. Any new entities they set up or their spouses purchase or become part of should also become public knowledge and any breach should send them home immediatly. Congress cannot police itself. It is OUR job to ensure they do our bidding.  Then we will begin to regain control over the animal house.

I will begin working here in MO to get this move going. I encourage everyone in their induvidual state to begin working with state legislators to bring our congressmen and women and senators back in accountability to the states and districts they come from.

I agree.  Congress has no checks and balance.  They gain employment, then can do anything they want in 2 or 6 years, anything.  They can approve uncontitutional bills, approve spending money we dont have, raise taxes, assign more regulation to control the public, sleep at job, anything they want against the will of the people.  They cant be fired for uncompetence, lies and deception.  They can be communist, marxists, facists, criminals who steal SS numbers, fake documents like bc, anti-american, hate america, etc.  They can use taxdollars for bribes to increase campaign dollars from special interest to get reelected.  They dont have to follow any rule of law of the Constitution, dont have to perform to the job requirements, dont have to represent the people in their districts, dont need to have meeting with constituents.  They are unaccountable and have no consequences until voting time, guaranteed jobs.  We the People dont assign them goals and objectives each year, the measure their progress, then have the authority to fire them for non performance at any time.  I wish me could implement a performance appraisal system yearly where people can throw them out if they are dissatisfied with their lack of job performance.  We do this in business, why not government?

Sorry Pat, unless the restrictions are incorporated in the constitution the scams will continue.

How do you rid yourself of cancer? YOU STARVE IT!

Therefore it is necessary to starve the federal government of $$$$, and ONLY allow it to receive enough to provide for the constitutional responsibilities. Repeal of the 16th and 17th amendments is essential as well as the excise tax.

Allow the federal government to levy a flat rate income tax on the GROSS receipts of each state.

Must be on the gross without any deductions! In this way the states have skin in the game when it comes to raising federal taxes. Also, authorize the governors to APPOINT two gubernatorial cabinet members to the U.S. Senate. They serve at the pleasure of their governor as gubernatorial cabinet members and can be replaced by their governor at any time. Also as gubernatorial cabinet members they must leave office when the governor leaves office. (NO CAREER SENATORS)

Now the states have skin in the game since they are paying the taxes and the vote of their senators falls directly on their heads. Governors and state legislator are not likely to encourage the congress for more spending since it is their state that now foots the bills. There are numerous more benefits, like now the IRS has only 50 income tax returns to process, congressional lobbying would be brought to a

minimum since the states control the taxing policies thought their senators, competition for industry would be greatly enhanced between the states because the states would be the primary taxing entity.

I am sure with some thought you can add to the list of benefits. What I would like you to do is list any negatives you may perceive.

Also, they are probably really unworried-at least right now. If the payroll tax cut really ends, and the federal long-term unemployment supplement ends (as early as next February) then the US federal government has a lot more money.  I think that's why the beltway hasn't been acting more re the failure of the US Congressional Debt 'Supercommittee.' Now the US (at the same time) probably faces about a trillion in autocuts over the next ten years: about half to DOD and the rest to social programs and investment programs like infrastructure monies. While this may help curb the debt (owed to China and others) it could really affect the states and the overall US economy.


Meanwhile-in Europe-their various debt crises continue. The S&P is threatening to downgrade the EU bailout fund/bank itself. Tuesday, it threatened to downgrade nearly all the EU countries if they do not agree to a solution at this round of meetings. When this occurs, it usually negatively affects the US stock market and even the US economy, generally.


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