Urgent!!! Participate in the National Omnibus Appropriations/Spending Read In!

Tea Party Nation, along with our friends at Tea Party Express, Freedom Works and other "we the people" groups are putting on the National Appropriations Bill Read-in.  We need your help.


Starting this afternoon at around 6pm, in Washington, we will be reading the Omnibus Appropriations Bill in its entirety.   We will be doing this along with the official reading that will be going on in the U.S. Senate.


We want you to do the same thing locally.  Call your local Tea Party group and try to get together and start on this.  Thanks to Harry Reid, we have very little time.  But this is a good event to participate in.


To get involved, first, download the Appropriations bill.  You can do it here (It is 1924 pages).


Find a venue.  A twenty-four hour fast food restaurant that will let you use their facilities, or a public meeting room or a library or a mall.  Any place you can.


Call your friends in your Tea Party group and get them involved.


Call the media.  Let them know what is going on. Call your local talk radio station and get them involved.  We estimate it will take fifty hours to read the entire bill.  You can get started this afternoon, and run it through tomorrow and into Saturday.

When you get a reading going, post it in the forum on Tea Party Nation.  IF you are looking for a reading, look in the forums.


If you are in the Washington DC area, we will have more information shortly on the reading on Capital Hill and how you can participate.


This bill is the last gasp of the desperate left.  We can stop it.  Get involved.


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Thank you, Sherry. Remember the old Jerry Reed song lyric....."I think we got us a convoy".... Well, I think we got us a TPN PHONE BOMB working.


Call the Congressional switchboard at (202)224-3121 and HERE IS A CHALLENGE.... TRY to get the aides to hang up on you, be rude or otherwise indicate that they are being BOMBARDED. THEN post it here. :-D

I just called. The switchboard connected me to the fax line. It sounded like anyway.

I just called; the recording said they were on the phone. I left a message, and had already sent an email this morning. Please encourage everyone to stay involved; we need to stop this monstrosity.


Sessions office phone was no waiting for a call in.  The person who answered was very polite.  Shelby's phone is busy, and has been for five minutes.......... I let Sessions office know that as one of his constituents, I want no part of this HUGE spending bill.


Why should we try to be rude?

I wasn't clear on that statement. Not for US to be rude. But aides are being rude and hanging up on callers because they are being swamped with calls.


Sorry I wasn't clear. It looks like I was encouraging people to be rude... Nope...

TC in Austin:  I see your point, but when we are rude it only substantuates the lies told about the Tea Party by the liberals and Democrrats.  Many people do not follow these things as closely as perhaps you and I do and even some Tea Partiers might not understand and it would cause them reluctance.

No no!! Not saying to be rude to THEM!!


We are hearing several reports that they are being rude to CALLERS because they are overwhelmed. hahaha...


That's what I'm sayin... :-)

Rumor has it that Judson was invited this morning to go to DC immediately where TPN, Freedomworks, TPX and other tea party groups are going to read the spending bill aloud at the Capitol in protest. Figuring out the logistics of how to get him there, apparently. He may end up arriving there at midnight and reading through the evening. He's in court right now, somewhere, so he'd have to take a flight that would get him there around midnight.

This scuttlebutt is unconfirmed but seems quite plausible! Travel would not be a lot of fun, but a historic event, certainly!

Confirmation is not requested. We'll find out eventually

YAY!!!!! Go JUDSON!!!


Keep us updated on Judson's adventures throughout the evening..... We'll be checking in, Vern.

Remains unconfirmed. If true, I hope he wears the prototype Burqa with the Tea Party Nation Logo, so he can check himself at the TSA check! Pat himself down and pass right through!


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