The hacker group Anonymous has attacked Tea Party Nation.  We heard through reliable sources that Anonymous, the group that attacked a number of websites around the world would be coming after the Tea Party movement and Tea Party Nation. 


We became aware of what Anonymous intended and have been watching.  Through things we have seen and sources we have, we were able to confirm that Anonymous was in fact targeting not only the Tea Party movement but Tea Party Nation in particular. 


We probably should feel honored that this leftist group has targeted us.  It means we are effective. 


So far, Anonymous’ attacks have been mostly of the juvenile nature.  They have been coming online, posing as Tea Party members and posting racist messages.  Those are being deleted quickly.   Two nights ago, one of them posted extremely graphic and disturbing pornographic pictures. We discovered it and quickly deleted them.  They then sent a suspended message saying, “expect us.”


Yesterday, a friend forwarded something to us from one of the sites frequented by Anonymous. 




Anonymous is a very formidable group.  They have taken down websites belonging to governments and major corporations.  There is little doubt if they tried to take TPN down, they could, at least for a while. 


The people who are behind Anonymous allegedly believe in free speech.  Of course, with leftist, free speech means free for them and none for those who they disagree with. 


At TPN we are going to continue.  If you are online and you see something inappropriate or receive an inappropriate email, please report it immediately so we can take care of the problem.  Under the help tab is a button that says report an issue.  As soon as we are made aware of a problem, we will take care of it. Be sure and include the offending member’s onscreen name so we can quickly investigate and suspend them if necessary.


The assault against freedom comes in all forms, including those who hide their anonymity in cyberspace.    

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One mode of attack noted recently has been by the use of the personal message system.

Lewd and/or other untoward messages. Potentially gets them around the moderators!

If you experience such a problem, please file a report, containing the particulars. 

At page top click on HELP, select TECH ISSUES? and provide a full report, including any member link.

So far, Anonymous’ attacks have been mostly of the juvenile nature.  They have been coming online, posing as Tea Party members and posting racist messages.  Those are being deleted quickly.  We need their addresses, and the link to this photo, that was stated sent to you.

Hank Jordan, a internet gamer, friend and family he has signed up here, the membership is pending.

Anonymous does have a Hackers Group, they are dangerous, and intelligent.
 We want all the Anonymous Hackers that hack just every days people to understand this, you are screwing up.
 1027 Internet Warlords united with 32 Anonymous Hackers against Child Porn, we will find you AND SHUT YOU DOWN.
 As soon as it is verified, along with a united effort from the FBI and other federal officials within the net, now we are being joined by Patriots, these every day people you all hacked, some where around 1047 members are uniting with us in the search for the True Anonymous, but we will settle for the one who hacked MIT.
Anonymous Gets Hacked!

Pay back is a b****, is that not right Anonymous ?

henry, we need the link to this threat, so we can search the site for data

This blog post is three years old. Come on.
I would give them zero exposure screw these a******* we have real work to do.
I totally agree. We have much more important fish to fry. Deal with it and move forward.
AWESOME! Well said! they are no bodies after all. We don't want to give them to much media attention or any other kind of attention. I think this was just an alert from Judson so that we are all prepared and we keep watch! :)
They are not communists. At best they are anarchists.

Communism would never allow a group of hackers to do anything without government backing and direction, and there is no government other than china that routinely attempts to infiltrate coporate and goverment sites...and we do nothing about china at all.

What is wrong with people?  What can we do to stop this type of wrongful attacks?  How can we find out who is doing this?


To Sandra Reist,    There is Plenty wrong with people,,,but none more than the vicious PRO-Left,old & young.

In my opinion,,,we have to fight fire with a bigger fire,,,for some people (anonymous on the Net) think they can do what they wish,,,hurt good ,hard working ,taxpayers like us & get AWAY with it.  Well,,here is my suggestion.

Some one fro the TPN finds a good guy who also knows how to hack ,,,& get him/her to send Anonymous a Virus & render their website useless.   If it can be done to us,,,then why can't it be done to them???

A baseball legend,,Leo Durocher once said  "Nice guys finish LAST"      we should not let that happen,,,OK??

Ahhhh that would be illegal and there is no website or one person.
They are a loose group of hackers on a mission. They have disrupted goverment sites along with media and corporate sites, and none of those folks have been able to do anything other then react and do what they can to prevent or slow another attack.

One guy from the Tea Parry Nation stopping this worldwide hacker group is a bit silly.


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