I believe that The Tea Party Nation should, in the interest of all its members as well as the interest of all American citizens, take up the cause of the FairTax.

   I could spend much energy attempting to explain the FairTax here, but it has already been done for me at: fairtax.org   To find out more, you can also view a short video (referenced below).


If you:

1. Don't know much (or anything) about the FairTax,

2. Have seen an ad saying that the FairTax is bad,

3. Have heard a polititician say that the FairTax is bad,

4. Would like to keep EVERY PENNY of your paycheck,

5. Would like to FIRE THE IRS,

6. Would like to see JOBS come back from overseas,

7. Would like to like to see the U.S. economy come roaring back to life practically overnight,

...Then do yourself (and our country) a favor and watch the 4 minute video (at the link below) featuring Herman Cain,

noted radio talk show host and former high level business executive with Coca-Cola & Pillsbury:




Douglas Nicholson


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