Word is slowly seeping out for Washington about a grand bargain being worked out between Barack Obama and John Boehner. 


As we hear about the negotiations, the obvious question to be asked is, does Boehner and the Republican leadership in the House even have a clue?


What is going on that is so dangerous?


The Republicans are going to surrender on taxes.  According to published reports a deal is going to be made.  It is your typical Republican deal.  The GOP will agree to a trillion in new taxes and there will be spending cuts in the future.


When will the Republican Party learn that tomorrow never comes?


The Republicans have made these kinds of deals before.  In 1986, Ronald Reagan agreed to Amnesty for an estimated three million illegal aliens.  The deal was amnesty today and a sealed border tomorrow. 


Twenty-six years later the border is still not sealed. 


Now the Republicans want to make the same kind of deal. 


Wait, didn’t they do that last year?


Yes.  Yes they did.


Anyone remember the debt ceiling crisis of August 2011?


Anyone remember John Boehner’s great stroke of genius? 


He would give Obama $2 trillion more to borrow in exchange for a promise of spending cuts.  Either the Democrats would agree to spending cuts or automatic spending cuts would kick in.  These spending cuts disproportionately hurt national defense and other programs that Republicans allegedly believe in. 


What about the programs of the Nanny State?  Their growth would be slowed only a little.


That was last year.


Now that day has come and what is the GOP doing?  It is running around like Chicken Little screaming the sky is falling and asking Obama for his terms of surrender.   Obama has already gone through that $2 trillion and is going to be asking for more.  John Boehner is ready to surrender on taxes that will not reduce the deficit but will only fuel additional government spending.


Does anyone in the Republican Party bother to looks at history?  George H.W. Bush broke his infamous “read my lips” pledge.  He went from 90% approval a little more than a year before the election to being soundly defeated by Bill Clinton. 


Breaking his “read my lips” pledge was one of the main reasons he lost. 


On November 6, John Boehner showed up at the Republican Victory Party in Washington DC.  He was ecstatic.  He would have another two years as House Speaker.  He said the Republicans were the party of less government, less spending and lower taxes.




Under John Boehner, we could say the Republicans are the party of gullible fools. 


We know what the plan to raise taxes will do to the economy.   For Obama and the Democrats, this is like winning the lottery. 


They knew raising taxes was such a bad idea they did not want to do it before Obama ran for reelection.  Now the circumstances are perfect.  John Boehner and the Republicans will go along with the Obama-Boehner Tax Hike.  It will give the Democrats perfect cover.


When the economy tanks even worse than it is already tanking, and Republicans want to run against the Great Obama Depression, the Democrats will be able to say not so fast.  You own this depression as much as we do.  Minutes after Obama and Boehner shake hands over the deal that video footage will be in the archives of the DNC to be used as ammo in attack ads against any Republican who challenges the Democrats on the economy. 


Even worse for Republicans, this deal with destroy the base. 


As reports come out that John Boehner and the House leadership are considering a grand bargain with Democrats, many rank and file Republicans are now openly talking about leaving the Party.


Christmas is coming early for the Democrats.  2014 is the Republican’s best chance for taking control of the Senate in the next two or three election cycles.   Yet the GOP is doing everything possible to depress its base and possibly shatter the party.


Meanwhile, the Obama, Pelosi, Reid axis of fiscal evil is laughing all the way towards a permanent Democrat Majority in government. 

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What the white house and washington are doing is making millions of people go away and not under normal conditions.. And its just in the begining stage.. Just look at the middle east and you see what they want here in the USA and its coming...

I give up. . .I write/call/email/volunteered, etc and nothing changes; the GOP never listens to their constituents.  I am at my wits end and I am completely fed up and don't know what else to do? Suggestions?

One or two of us writing and calling isn't enough.  We have to do it by the thousands upon thousands upon millions, and we have to do so constantly and unrelentingly.  They must get flooded with emails, calls, and letters.  I know they don't really care what we think, but they DO care whether or not they will get re-elected.  Each one of us has to be responsible for our own politicians in our area.  Join with a particular tea party group and get this campaign going, and then identify other tea party groups in your area and get them all working together.  It doesn't take much to light a fire under tea partiers.

I appreciate you insight Grandma. . .I am already a member of a 9/12 group as well as my local Tea Party group (and that has dwindled down to only a hand full of members at any given time--so sad and frustrating). 

Speaking of continually getting re-elected, this is a major problem in my opinion.  For example, here in OH, John Boehner  ran unopposed (there was a gentleman who challenged him in the primary but to no avail-obviously).  He raised nearly $21million this election cycle.  Why does someone who is running unopposed need to raise/spend so much $$$?  If RINO's keep running "unopposed", how do we defeat them?  Also, where I live, it took redistricting to finally get rid of Dennis Kucinich. . .had we not lost population, he'd still be in Congress.  I just don't know how we can change the mindset of the folks who voted for BHO/RINOs again. . .

They would NEVER listen to the people. GUY'S WE NEED TO GET OUT THERE!! Stop playing...let's GO!! :)

Love the head banging guy BTW!! :D

Katie - I understand and share your frustration!  But what do you mean "WE NEED TO GET OUT THERE!!"?  I think we may be on the same page, but I'm not sure!  I think it's (past) time for a second Revolution!  But where are the patriots that feel the same?  All I hear and read is how we need to write, call, petition, etc, etc, etc...until I'm so frustrasted that I need to go do something else!  We've (I've) done all of that for the past 4+ years, and where has it gotten us?

Nancy. Bravo.

My Sentments, exactly.

I don't want to quit. . .just don't know what else can be done to make our voices heard (I suspect that's because IMO, the GOP is in cahoots with Dems so why would they listen to our voices of reason?)

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Lord Acton


I know how you feel.












ex animo


That's creepy!

One or two suggestions, Nancy....

Why not add a pillow or something to that wall? Duct tape might just hold it in place. But keep beating your head, please!

But keep beating your head, please!



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