Even before the election, conservatives were asking the question, should we still be a part of the Republican Party?


It is a very important question to ask, but could it be we are asking the wrong question? 


What is the question we should be asking?


The question is not whether conservatives should be a part of the Republican Party.  The question should be is the Republican Party still a viable party to be a part of?


Let’s look at some cold hard numbers. 


In the last twenty years, the Republicans have lost four of the last six Presidential elections.  If we want to base that tally on the popular vote alone, it becomes five of the last six. 


In both 2010 and 2012, the Republican Party should have taken control of the Senate.  Instead in 2010, the GOP came up short and amazingly enough in a year where mathematics alone should have given the GOP a majority, the Republican Party managed to lose seats in the Senate. 


Thanks to the Tea Party wave of 2010, the GOP kept a majority this year in the House, though they lost seats.  Part of the ability to keep those seats was a by-product of the 2010 elections.  Because the Tea Party got conservatives elected to the state legislatures and State Houses of a number of states, the GOP was able to control the redistricting process. 


That may not be enough as Democrats are not openly talking about getting the House back in 2014 and a supermajority in the Senate in 2016.  Neither is just wishful thinking. 


The Republican Party is rapidly becoming a party incapable of winning elections.  There are four people who should be held responsible for this year’s disaster within the Party. 


None of them will be held to account. 


Let’s start with John Boehner.  After his miserable two years as Speaker, he should have voluntarily stepped down.  Yes, the GOP only controls the House but can anyone point to a single time that John Boehner was able to achieve anything?


Everyone knows Boehner will not fight Obama on anything.   Obama made his first offer in the fiscal cliff negotiations.  His offer could be boiled down to give me everything I want and then some and perhaps in a few years we will think about giving you a little of what you want. 


John Boehner is the leader of the Republicans.  He is the one who must decide to fight or agree.  Obama knows this.  Many people think Obama’s offer was simply a way of pushing everyone to the fiscal cliff.  It may be.  But it also shows something else.  It shows a total contempt of Boehner because Boehner won’t fight.


The only thing Boehner has done in the last two years is to consolidate his power as Speaker.   By all rights, the Republicans should have expanded their majority in this election.  Instead, the GOP lost seats.  But Boehner will keep his.


Mitch McConnell became Senate Minority Leader in 2007 as the GOP lost control of the Senate.  2006 was a disaster election for the Republican. 2008 was even worse.   In 2010 and in 2012, when they should have picked up seats and a majority, they failed.


One of the jobs of the Minority Leader is to work hard to change his title to Majority leader.   After three elections, that has not happened and 2014 does not look much better.  If the GOP merely performs as it has in the last few elections, by 2016 the Democrats will once again have a super majority in the Senate.


The only thing the Republicans in the Senate seem to be doing is to work hard to make sure they do not have primary competition.  The Republican National Senate Committee is now working to get involved in primaries to help incumbents and stop future Tea Party challenges against RINOs.


Reince Priebus took over the chairmanship of the RNC under terrible conditions.  Michael Steele had spent the RNC into serious debt.  Priebus has done a good job of rebuilding the Party’s finances.  But he is the face of the Party.  When the Party loses as badly as it did, you need new leadership. 


Priebus will not step aside and odds favor his reelection.   And with his reelection, the establishment will remain in charge of the Party.  The Establishment is already trying to make certain that Republicans lose the 2016 election.   The Establishment is already trying to push Jeb Bush as the old white guy next in line. 


With the real possibility of Hillary Clinton running in 2016, the Establishment RINOs and the Bushies are salivating about the possibility of another Bush Clinton rematch.   The rest of us with brains realize nominating another Bush would be like the Captain of the sinking Titanic calling and telling the engine room to fire the engines up again so they can hit the iceberg one more time.


Finally, there is Karl Rove.


Rove is a part of the Establishment, but he has his own businesses so it is not like the GOP could fire him.  Rove raised and spent $350 million and his efforts did not even move the needles.   Any contributor who gives another dime to any of Rove’s organizations is a fool.  Save your self the anguish and just go blow the money in Vegas.  You’ll have a better time.


Can you imagine what would have happened if only 10% of that money had been sent to local grass roots organizations?  Tea Party groups at the local level have one thing in common.  By necessity, they are very frugal.  Tea Party groups know how to do a lot with a little. 


The greater Republican world is not going to change its leadership.   Those who drove the last train wreck are still in charge. 


We conservatives have often said that the Establishment would rather lose than see conservatives win.   At this point, the question we need to ask is, “Can the Republican Party even win elections anymore?” 


That is the question we need to ask. 


If the answer to that question is no, then it directs our next steps. 


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We do not need to leave the GOP. The GOP has already left us. I intend to remove my name from the ranks of the Republican party and vote Independant, until such time comes to form a true Tea Party platform.

I with you Ralph...  Just like Reagan said "... the Democratic Party left me ...", now the Republican Party has become run by despots and moderate Liberals.  

Until the top of the RNC is expelled (Pewbutt, Sununuts, Boner, Rove and others) the GOP will continue down the road of Liberalism. I'm DONE with them ... with their current Elitists. 

Paul, are you Jim Rarey's son. I've known Jim since he moved to Michigan. We remember him fondly.

Yes, and we need to be rid of the GOP's old grey line. We need to get true Republicans in House and Senate seats. The GOP needs to grow a spine and challenge the bogus 2012 election results.

I am very disappointed with them right now and they are spineless wimps and have told them so in emails, but they will not stand with true Republicans like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann that would have been a great ticket, it seems the woman have more backbone. I know there will never be another election because Obamanation will be a dictator before then and why I know we must secede the union and take back our country from all the evil politicians. I think Texas should be the new DC, because they can make it a capital offense if a politician gets corrupted and breaks the Constitution and no I am not from Texas.

Paul I understand what you are saying. Should the Tea Party form a third party or stay with the GOP?

While I feel the Tea Party should continue to support Conservative Republican elected officials and we should also still become GOP committeemen to reform the GOP from the bottom up. We should test supporting 3rd party candidates in 2014 mid-term elections to learn if they can win. In the 2012 election a new 3rd party the Constitution Party http://www.constitutionparty.com/ was formed in many additional states. We must find out if it is possible to form a viable Constitution Party that follows Conservative values.

There have many cases over years when a race, for public office, included both a liberal Republican and Democratic candidate that 3rdparty conservative has won. A viable Constitution Party would give us real choice; if the Republican party nominates another candidate similar to McCain or Romney in 2016, instead voting for a weak candidate we do NOT really want to support.


I agree we need major changes in Washington DC. Our long term goal must be to replace the socialist/communist movement. I suspect it will require knocking off the Republican party first, then the Democratic party. Somehow we must educate the people the direction the Democrats are going. Just compare the Democratic party of JFK and Harry Truman with what we have now. It is a disgrace.  

The Republican Party left us years ago; they have been just as spend crazy as the democrats have been.  While I abhor Nancy Pelosi at least she has the guts for a fight, John Boehner hasn't shown a lick of courage towards fighting for what is good for this country since he has been speaker.  While I don't think it is wrong for a man to show emotion, Mr. Boehner is far to concerned about rather the democrats and their minions, the Main Stream Media will like him or show him love.  What he doesn't seem to understand is that they will NEVER like us or the fact that we believe in freedom and self-reliance as compared to their "Nanny, from birth to death" mentality!

For those involved in the politics more than I am, I think you should consider the creation of the TEA Party, so people like me can switch to it.

However, there are a few things that have to be resolved.

Voter ID is a must. Fraud in the last elections was rampant. I received voting info for my mother in-law (died 12 years ago) and father-in law who died 5 years ago but had not voted in the last eight years. The thought of double voting made me sick to my stomach, however I am sure others would not have resisted the temptation.

Media. Additional conservative ideas promoting broadcast TV channels must be created. You cannot win with Fox only.

Be in the foreground of the news promoting conservative and limited government ideas by providing good examples of why socialism does not work. When you suppress productive people trough taxation, everything stops.



That is so very true.  The GOP no longer represents us, they tossed us off their wagon in a feeble effort to pander to moderates.  They have gotten caught up in the media driven politically correct mindset that was designed in part, to be the undoing of the GOP - and they fell into the trap. 

I jumped ship. I am now an independent, for the first time in my adult life.  Its not that I didnt want to go down with the sinking GOP ship, I didn't want to be part of something that no longers cares about me at all and while they don't care, drown with them.  Boehner, Steele and so many more have been pathetic, to say the least.  Boehner reminds me of the sloppy drunk blow hard who gets places by talking not by doing. - That pretty much sums up the whole GOP in my mind.  They have proven to be worthless pieces of crap.

I am truly disgusted...

I am a Precinct Delegate Captain and am fed up.  I am also a Tea Party member.

The time has arrived.  The collective leaders of the Tea Parties in the nation must meet with the GOP leaders for a sit-down.  The GOP must either embrace us or accept the fact that we will oppose them, via a new 3rd Party.

We must all realize that Obama is already working on how to keep Democrats in power for the next 50 years (or more).  They have the coalition to do it.  We cannot "out-Santa-Claus" Barack-o-Claus.  Caving and pandering to every minority is not the answer!  Democrats are much better at pandering and we would not win.

We need a new game plan.  A new path.  A new Party.


@Carlo Seceding the Union is the only answer right now to save us.  WE THE PEOPLE have all the power and we can, will and must take it back.  WE DO NOT HAVE FOUR YEARS TO WAIT, WE MUST DO IT NOW, to save our way of live for our children and grandchildren.  They have a great plan to get us back to basics and reset our country to what our forefathers intended.  Even if only 30 states start with us the rest will come back within a few years and we all can be united again.  It is like the UN, Bush should have cut them off and now the UN wants all our Guns and Obamanation wants them too.  By seceding the Union it is peaceful and if we don't there will be a civil war when the UN comes for our guns and I think peaceful is better.  We need Obamanation to start the civil war, but I don't think he will if we have a big enough Union.


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