The race baiters on the left and the race hucksters have tried to make the story of Ferguson Missouri a story about a white cop who killed a black robbery suspect.


That maybe how this story started, but the story is completely different now.


From Breitbart:


Police dispersed crowds of protesters during another violent chaotic night here with tear gas, flash bang grenades, and an LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) sound cannon.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon called on the National Guard to try to restore order after more than a week of protests and riots following the police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

During the evening, some protesters screamed at police officers while others took their anger out on local businesses, with one protester exclaiming, “That’s it! Let’s open some stores now!”

Sunday afternoon, protesters gathered at the Quik Trip gas station that was burned down last week after it was looted amidst the riots. The station has now become a makeshift shrine to Brown.

Early in the evening gunshots were heard near the gas station sending crowds of protesters screaming and running away. Police were immediately on the scene along with Emergency Medical Services.

Ferguson residents and others said they see no difference in confrontations with protesters since Missouri State High Patrol took over the operation. A young Ferguson resident told Breitbart News, “Why are [they] condoning the same things that you said you came here to change? That’s stupid. That don’t make sense. They’re supposed to be protecting us and [they’re] throwing tear gas at us like we’re at war.”

Ferguson residents also said they are upset that “outsiders” from the city of St. Louis are causing the looting and rioting mayhem.


The real outrage here should be that groups are going through Ferguson and looting. Brown’s death is simply an excuse for some people to go and get “free stuff.”


Michael Brown is dead because he fought the law and the law won.  Had Michael Brown decided not to fight the police, he would be alive today.


Michael Brown’s death is no excuse for rioting and looting.  But then again, those on the left want to encourage this.

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Michael Brown made his decision.

Isn't it interesting they never considered that Michael Brown may have thought he was being arrested for his robbery/assault and over reacted with the policeman?  This was no innocent man and to say the police stopped him not knowing.  Michael Brown knew!!  Have you ever been caught in a situation where someone over reacted to a situation and you didn't even know it was going on until later but you got the bunt of it.

If the police who stopped him didn't know, then he was the only cop in the whole county who didn't know. Of course it was on the police radio.

Who's sending in the agents provocateurs, the "outsiders" referenced here and in other reports I've read?  Someone is urging a "rent-a-mob" to come to Ferguson and make it all much larger than it is.  They want those headlines and video images.

The NSA should know who's behind it.  They monitor us all and if they can intercept terrorists, why can't they intercept this sort of thing?  I'm guessing that the same people in charge of the NSA are the ones sending in the "outsiders".

Capt.Johnson said last night, they knew who these people were.. and that they always rush to these situations.  So, IF THEY KNOW THEM, then why in the hell are they still there?  That made no sense to me as he spoke last night around 1 a.m..  He also said he was embarrassed as he had not stopped the situation and he was tired.. So I think it was appropriate for the Governor to step up and call in the Ntl. Guard. Johnson seemed to have the idea he could also part the Red Sea, but soon found out he could not.  For your question, who sent in the provocateurs? Who else but the black panthers and sharpton.

Obama built this.

I feel your frustration, as it is my frustration too...

But just another distraction to keep us from the job of saving America...

No offense, but we have infinite problems most of Americas problems are split down the middle.

However, there is a looming feeling from all Americans the government is starting to get out of control on all levels.

There is our common ground, and that is what we should focus on, it is what unites us not divides us...

Starting with the mistrust of the IRS and the Income Tax system that makes all of us feel like criminals...

To bring partially all Americans together we need to concentrate on:

1. Real Tax Reform for Real Economic Recovery

2. Energy Independence for Economic Recovery and National Security

3. Aggressive Manufacturing Strategy to compete with China - creating a US Manufacturing Zone, using cheap labor from the southern boarder, creating high paying skilled labor and management jobs or Americans. This would secure the boarders by a close relationship with Mexico, a win-win...

We need to get focused like a laser beam on the solutions all Americans agree on, and stop these distractions....


Those on the Left want to push everyone around.

If they can't do that, they'll settle for getting everyone riled up.

Glad the Tea Party doesn't take that poisoned bait.

Hope Ferguson can recover from all those well-meaning Lefties from out of town... "who just want justice."  

Those peaceful protests leave a lot of mess behind.

Look at the difference when the feds went to Nevada with cows free ranging on Government

property.  They were only to willing to fire up on the white conservatives.   Yet Obama thinks

it is ok for these gang bangers to loot and destroy their city.  The young thug that said that

Brown had his hands up is probably lying out of both sides of his mouth.  Where are the pictures

of the injured police officer?  If he shot Brown while being attacked in his car there should be

a blood story.  Once they prove this thug has lied he needs life in prison....

The left plays the majority of blacks like a fiddle, and they don't

even know they're being played.  Is there another group in the

country who could be manipulated for FIFTY years and not be

able to figure out that their greatest enemy is pulling the strings

while they do the dancing?

More's the pity!

Semper Fi!




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