In politics, there are all manner of lies.  Some are straight up lies.  Others are skewed polls and deliberate misinformation.  Then there is the simple, flimsy excuse.


John Boehner is rapidly becoming the master of the flimsy excuse. 


Instead of doing what the American people want, namely cutting the budget, he is making a series of excuses why he can’t.  His end game is not success, it is simply passing the buck or in this case, any bill he can and going back to business as usual.


The latest excuse offered by Boehner and the left who want to see him capitulate to a bill that could have been offered by Nancy Pelosi is that Boehner only controls one half of one third of the government.  


The words, “bovine scatology” come to mind.


This is the excuse that is being offered.  The simple truth is this is a lie.


All spending bills, per the Constitution, must originate in the House of Representatives.  The House can bring spending to a screeching halt.   The President cannot spend any money not appropriated by Congress.  The Supreme Court has no spending authority.  Two thirds of the government does not count in this battle. 


Boehner controls the House.  The House not only is half of the government, they have veto power here.    The House could stop the outrageous spending, if they only had the courage to act.   Unfortunately instead of following in the footsteps of our brave founding fathers, Boehner lights another cigarette and wrings his hands like the cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz.


A recent Rasmussen poll showed that almost 60 percent of Americans would prefer a government shut down to continued spending at these unsustainable levels. 


We have two battles in front of us and this budget battle is only the opening act.  We must inspire, persuade, entice, cajole, or badger the House Leadership to show some courage.  I know this is tough, since the House leadership recently voted to change their logo from the Elephant to the white flag, but we must try. 


The second and most crucial battle will come in a few weeks.  Some time, probably in early May, Congress will vote on raising the debt ceiling.   If Congress does not raise the debt ceiling, they will have to cut spending.  There is no choice here.


The Tea Party movement got its start two years ago, as we complained about spending.  Recently, on Tea Party Nation, a lot of people have complained that we are not doing anything any more.  One Tea Party group last week tried to hold a major event in Washington DC.  Instead of thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even a couple of million as had showed up in the past, they only got a couple of hundred.


The left has recently been asking if, and suggesting, the Tea Party movement is fading away.  After two years of fighting, a lot of people are tired.  In this movement, unlike the liberal organizations, we do not have paid activists.  We do not pay people to show up at rallies.  We do not have organizations that can make sure people get paid for a day’s work, even if they are at a protest rally. 


We have to gear up for another fight.  We must get the House to make substantial cuts now and next month we must get 218 Republicans in the House to vote against raising the debt ceiling.  If we are successful and get the GOP to stand firm, that will stop the spending and force a balanced budget. 


Every war has a turning point, one way or another.  During the Second World War, the battle of Midway was considered the turning point for the war in the Pacific.  If we can win these two upcoming battles, we will not be at the end, or will it the beginning of the end, but as Winston Churchill said, “it is the end of the beginning” of the Obama war against America. 

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Very well said and you are so right. We all have jobs and families that take alot of our time but we have to make time for this and stop the bleeding. Thanks I needed that.

Go ahead, SHUT THE GOVERNMENT DOWN! It is all we can afford to do . We surely are committing financial suicide by raising the debt ceiling.


Boehner should resign. His incompetence and lack of strength have become yet another enemy of the recovery of America.

Judson, good post! You are correct, we are not  fading away, although it may look like that to some people, due to the low turnout at the recent rally. I think the Libs keep talking about "the fading away of the Tea Party", because it is simply wishful thinking on their part. It is not the truth. Firstly, I think most people did not know about the recent rally in DC...I know I did not hear about it until after it happened. Secondly, I have been a Tea Partier since the beginning (2009), and I have been to several Tea Parties, ALL of which were in my local area. I cannot afford to travel to DC at this time in my life, and thus have never even considered doing it. My thoughts and prayers have been with all those who do go to DC, and to all the TP rallies. So, the involvement of Tea Partiers should never be measured by how many people attend rallies in DC...many of us cannot travel that far or take that many days off without pay, so we attend local rallies instead. Many more TPers are working most of the time, sometimes working two jobs, and cannot attend rallies at all. We made our numbers and power known at the ballot box last fall, and that is what has the Lefties up at night. They are trying to demoralize us, so we won't give them another "shellacking" in 2012. Don't let them get us down...it's all part of their "Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals". Don't let them wear us down or demoralize us! They are the ones who should feel demoralized! They are in for another huge "shellacking" in 2012, but only if we keep our collective chins up and don't let them get us down!
outstanding! what you said is so true. ive noticed reid and company have launched a campaign lately trying to say the tea party will fade away soon because the butt kicking they got in november still hurts and they are afraid of what will happen in 2012. if he really thought we were going away he would not keep taking about us. he talks about us on shows that work for the progressives so there is no opposition to what he says. the reason they keep bringing us up is because they fear us. imagine if we had the funds the unions have in their hands?
Thank you, James!
Well said!
Hey Congress, can you hear us!  We are coming!
The local paper quoted Boehner as saying we "can't impose our will" on the White House.  If the congress doesn't know why they are in Washington, we don't stand much of a chance.  My congressman knows why he is there.  I told him.  He won't do anything, because he is a RINO. Imposing their will is not only their job-It's their duty.

Your energy amazes me Mr Phillips.  Maybe it is all the pollen in the air, but I am tired.  I hold my breath to see what efforts will occur to curb the  rush to communist style dictatorship in DC.  I wonder if the SEIU dream of bringing on a second fiscal crash in early May will be the result of union sponsored mob riots in NY city the likes of which harken back to the SDS riots in Chicago during the late 1960's.  I feel the Chinese curse upon this nation and the world, "may you live in interesting times!"

 You are absolutely correct, the congress, and in particular the Republican controlled House of Representatives could pull the plug on this whole plot to De-Develop the United States and send us back to third world status.  I wonder how long it would take before we realized that most of the spending the federal government undertakes really doesn't effect our lives as much as the  people out to destroy us would have us believe.  Children will not go begging in the streets, old folks will not see their health care go away, our military will not fail to function.  Life will go on, but with one major difference.  There will be HOPE in America again, hope that our children will grow up to a better life than we had.  Right now that vision is hard to conjure.  We can always hope.

I have never attended a Tea Party Rally, not because I don't want to, but because of where we live (boonies) and the physical ability to do so.  I dontate as much as possible to the Senate and House Conservative PACs, individual candidates and causes, such as the Pro-Life cause. I have emailed, called, signed petitions, written letters, kept my rather large group of online friends and family informed, put up yard signs, etc. for over 3 years. I consider myself a Tea Party "member", and was part of the original "mail the teabags to Congress" activity.


One of my biggest fears/conplaints about our movement is the lack of a central "clearing house" to inform people in advance of rallies.  Especially the ones in DC.  We need time, money, transportation etc. etc. to be able to attend anything in DC.  We also need dates and times for "around the country" rallies. 


I live in Wisconsin, and even though we fought like heck and voted in Conservatives, we are "losing" the war, mostly because of the media and lack of orginazation of the Tea Party groups.  It is soooo frustrating for us patriots, to watch all this hard work go down the drain!


I am so afraid we are going to lose our country.....not because of numbers of Conservative voters, but because of lack of organization!!!   Judson, please, you are a Tea Party group leader....can you work just a little bit harder to at least get other leaders together and form some sort of line of communication, that we can all share?

Thank you for your efforts, Kathy.
god bless you kathy. ive always wished all the tea parties could join together as one. i thought we could be so much more effective that way. maybe we still can. its only been 2 years.


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