For those political hacks who used the George Zimmerman case, it maybe backfiring on them.  Of course, don’t expect any apologies to the Zimmerman family if anything happens to him or if the legal system exonerates Zimmerman.


From Fox News:


A Florida judge said George Zimmerman can be released on $150,000 bail as he awaits trial for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.


Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester set several conditions Friday for Zimmerman's release. He cannot have any firearms, drink alcohol or use drugs and must observe a curfew. The judge said details need to be worked out between Zimmerman's attorney and law enforcement, and that Zimmerman will not be released Friday.


Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the 17-year-old's death during a February confrontation in a Sanford, Fla., gated community. He is claiming self-defense.


The bail for Zimmerman was announced Friday shortly after he took the witness stand, telling the parents of Martin, "I am sorry for the loss of your son," but standing by his claim that he killed the teen in self-defense.


Zimmerman told Martin's parents, who were present in the courtroom, that he did not know that Martin was 17, or that he was unarmed during their February confrontation in the central Florida neighborhood.


Meanwhile ABC News has obtain photos taken about three minutes after the shooting, showing the back of Zimmerman’s head, with blood running down it.


From Breitbart News:


ABC News has released a new photo of the back of George Zimmerman’s head, taken just “three minutes after he shot and killed Trayvon Martin.” His head is brutally bloodied. As the image above shows, there’s blood all over his head, at least two gashes, and a large bruise forming at the top of his head.




Zimmerman’s contention all along has been that Martin was bashing his head against the pavement, which is why he was forced to shoot him. The media – especially ABC News -- initially attempted to discount that story completely, releasing video of his booking at the Sanford police station that were not well-pixellated, and thus did not show the gashes on the back of his head. It took several days for ABC News to release an enhanced version of the video that showed that there were gashes on Zimmerman’s head. In the meantime, the media had a field day reporting that Zimmerman had shot Martin essentially in cold blood; Martin’s family claimed that Zimmerman was not injured; members of Congress, without any evidence, attempted to pass a resolution labeling the killing a racially-motivated crime.




ABC News reports that the source of the new photo was a witness to the aftermath of the event, and that Zimmerman asked the source to call his wife for him after the shooting.


George Zimmerman has claimed this shooting was self-defense and the physical evidence made public seems to support that and also to show a prosecutor who decided to charge based on the public mood and not on the facts of the case. 


For Zimmerman, assuming he is acquitted in State court, which is a very real possibility, he will have to deal with the Obama Justice Department, which would almost certainly and immediately try to charge him with some form of civil rights violation.   Assuming he gets past that, which maybe a good assumption, his life will never be the same.  The racist hate groups that have pushed this case will continue to go after him, just as they are trying to use this case to attack the right of Americans to defend themselves. 

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Trial by media, the self serving, and the 'a grieved.' The new justice in a new America.

its time to return to the ways of yore

I heard today on Fox and Friends the same retoric that the racists are still spouting in spite of the pics. That Zimmerman was told to back down and not follow yet he still did. That is not so, and Fox of all news agencies should know that in the 911 tapes he is heard saying to the 911 operator when asked to told not to do that his answer was "OK." You then hear him going back to his truck! Yet the lies still keep coming for this poor man!

Shame about Fox News. They are no better than the lamestream media, and have been that way for quite some time now. Anything they have that is worth watching is on their website. That is one reason I am so glad my family cancelled our cable a long time ago (and have enjoyed pocketing the savings) and just have our computer and our internet streaming (via our Blu-ray).

But getting back to Zimmerman, all we can do is keep praying for him and keep spreading the truth.

Fox News have been using the same reporters as the other news outlets for many, many years.  They were never truly Conservative, only less liberal that hired conservative commentors.  You remember Alan Colms?

What a cowardly bunch of dopes. When will all the crazy crap stop??  I guess when this nut ball is out of the peoples house!!!!! And tha't what it is. It is our house and we for the most part pick the people that livr there!!!  Sometimes a fox gets in the henhouse. Then we need to get in there and fix the hen house, and get rid of the fox!! At all cost get him out.

This poor guy, trying to protect himself. Forever they will try to label him a racist, they want you to move out of the way or they will run you down. These people are sickening.

When will all the crazy crap stop??

When we put a stop to it. That is the only way it will stop.

I don't know the real "truth" about this case and hope it will come out at trial.

I would just like to point out a few facts that the race hucksters didn't wan't their

following to know at the time they got them all riled up. I say this because while

they may be vile they are not stupid. I just want to quote from the pamphlet that came

with my "permit to carry" I recently received. I quote "...the definition of the term "criminal

prosecution" ; authorizing a law enforcement agency to investigate the use of deadly force

but prohibiting the agency from arresting the person unless the agency determines that there

is a probable cause the force the person used was unlawful" That was unable to be determined

the night of the incident and shortly thereafter. Thank God the police don't listen to the hucksters and

did their jobs.

The hucksters knew this and that is why they got all those people all riled up demanding an arrest.

The authorities are not as gullible as the "followers" also I quote from that same paragraph "...providing for 

the award of attorney fees, court cots, compensation for loss of income and other expenses to a defendant

in a civil suit who is immune from prosecution under this section"

Probable cause is one thing conviction of murder 2  is quite another.


I blame the parents for this whole mess...Yes they were/are  grieving parents, but that does not excuse the not saying anything about the panthers....

After looking at the pictures of Zimmeran one cannot help but realize that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman.


Trayvon's parents need to wake up...Trayvon had lots of issues and Trayvon's parents should done something about it....

If Trayvon is/was what teens of today are supposed to look up too then our country is is BIG trouble.....


This should be a leason to those who jumped to soon, as i said from the beginning, we must wait for the police to investagate. Now the evidence is comming out, as is the truth. Some people will not care about the truth, we all know who they are. No one will come out of this un-changed. What will America do with this truth? Will George Zimmerman find justice? Not with Obama's people involved.

Where did Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson go????  Boy, they disappeared in a hurry didn't they.   They could have been sued for the turmoil they caused.  They were seeking a big crisis for Obama but, they did not get it.  LOL

They will look for another.....the left is evil!!!!!!


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