There is one Department in the government that takes the cake for politically correct stupidity. 


In fact, that Department should be renamed from its current name to the United States Department of Politically Correct Stupidity.


Which Department is it and what do the constantly do that earns them this title?


It is the Department of Homeland Security.


DHS has got to be one of the biggest government run disasters ever pushed upon this nation.


DHS was George Bush’s big government reaction to the 9/11 attacks. 


What did DHS do?


Well, it took a lot of agencies that previously existed, put them under the aegis of the new Department of Homeland Security.  Then, just for good measure new agencies were created and then a whole new level of bureaucracy was added.


Under the Bush administration, DHS was, well, it was there but that is about all you can say for it.   It created the theater of the absurd that we call airport security.  It gave new meaning to close encounters as real Americans were groped and fondled by people who either were on the sex offender registry or should have been.


When the Obama Regime took over, DHS turned into a nightmare.  First they called patriotic Americans “domestic terrorists” in a widely panned, totally political report. 


DHS then made a joke of enforcing immigration laws. 


DHS has produced videos telling people to be on the look out for domestic terrorism yet all of the terrorists shown in their videos look more like Tea Party members than the people who have actually been committing terrorism against this nation.


Now DHS is giving advice that is designed to get people killed.


It is telling people in the case of an active shooter to duck under desks. 


The children at Sandy Hook ducked under desks and huddled in the back of their classrooms.  According to press reports, that is where they were found, near the body of Adam Lanza who killed himself after killing them.


The advice DHS gives reminds me of a scene from the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.   In that movie, a young officer is confronted with the infamous Kobayashi Maru scenario.  It is a training exercise that is impossible to win.  After having the starship simulator blown to bits, the young officer turns to Admiral James Kirk and asks what she should do. 


Kirk’s response?  “Prayer.  The Klingons don’t take prisoners.”


Active shooters don’t take prisoners either.


DHS would never suggest something like prayer.  Instead they suggest that if you are confronted with an active shooter, you grab a pair of scissors and defend yourself.


Really?  Have they never heard the old expression about bringing a knife to a gunfight?


Even someone who knows how to fight with a knife would be hard pressed to kill someone with a knife or a pair of scissors.  That is especially true when the other person has a gun.


Do you know what you should bring to a gunfight?  Another gun!


But the Department of Politically Correct Stupidity would never suggest something that obvious. 


Instead our government suggests you get yourself killed.   The nation that once lived by the motto, “Live free or die,” has replaced it with “cower like cowards and hope you die quickly.”


While there are some agencies within the Department of Homeland Security that do a good job, like the Coast Guard for example, most of DHS is simply a bloated waste of taxpayer dollars.


The best thing America can do is ignore everything that DHS advises and get our elected leaders to abolish that Department as quickly as possible.

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Fat chance that this Administration would get rid of their favorite Department, which is headed by their favorite baffoon known as Janet Napolitano. 

Guess what, if the Dems get their way, she will be the final say so if the the Border is secure enough to go ahead and let 11 million illegals become citizens.  Now that makes real sense doesn't it?  What does   I D I O T S spell?


Maybe they actually want people to do the wrong thing and get killed, if in fact it is possibly government agents coming after them.

What can you expect with Big Sis in charge of the DHS.

absolutely abolish the DHS. They have even labeled people who prefer to use cash over credit is just cause to be a suspected terrorist. They are ridiculous and they should be ablolished

It appears that the best line of defence that many people will have is your local County Sharrif. They or almost all of them are on our side when it come to the rederic that is comming from congress and the White House. Many have stated that the federal government will not come into their counities to conficate gunns. So if you do not know your Sharrif I would get to know him or her.

What would be wrong? They cost too much and they are on the federal payroll.

This would make it easier to get their agenda push though cause of the mass death toll. They would make the people with scissors out to be heroes and died trying to defend themselves instead of arming themselves with a firearm.

Bring a pair of scissors to a gun fight? Are they frigging crazy..no answer needed for that. No thanks DHS...give me a full auto like you have

Semper Fi

The country was doing fine before Obama was ever born, wherever that was. It will be fine again when he is ousted and hopefully deported as an illegal alien. There is always sunshine after a storm.

Remember these people are of the notion that 300,000 of us need to die everyday so they wont run out of food and creature comforts.

BTW I read yesterday that Sandy hook now has resource officers ,or at least until the board makes its decision as to weather to keep them. 

Department of homeland surrender (DHS) is being used as obama's militia for take over of AMERICA. WE THE PEOPLE will not allow the HNIC & the communists to take over AMERICA. Let the REVOLUTION begin! Practice, practice, practice! OP

Wonder when BHO/the regime changed their philosophy (actually, we all know that the only philosophy they have ever had is the destruction of the country/Constitution). . .

BHO, 2008. . .“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun". . .“Because from what I understand, folks in Philly like a good brawl. I’ve seen Eagles fans.” (Wonder how many brought a knife or a gun to the 59 precincts in Philly that went 100% for BHO last Nov; but I digress)

When did they change their mind on "bringing a gun" in lieu of scissors???  Oh, it's only when THEY can have the guns and stockpile ammo while the rest of us have the scissors. 



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