Football has its two-minute drill.  The idea is simple.  There are two minutes left in the game and the team needs a score to tie or win the game.  Newt Gingrich has just hit the two-minute warning.  It’s the fourth quarter of the campaign and he either needs to score a touch down to get this game into overtime or he’s done.


What does he do?


  1. Get a message.  Newt is one of the most brilliant campaigners out there.   He is also one of the most undisciplined.  The two probably work hand in hand.   Figure out your message now and get on it.  Keep it simple and keep it positive.
  2. Stay on Message.  Ignore Romney.  Romney went negative and took Newt off your message.  Newt got made and wanted to hit back.   Newt’s poll numbers surge when he stays on his message.
  3. Stay positive.  People like the positive and the positive message.  The positive message offers hope.  No one really believes Romney.  He has lied so many times his credibility is pretty shot.  The establishment wants him because he is one of them and some Republicans want him because of the myth that he is the only one who can beat Barack Obama.  But he inspires no one.  Newt inspires people. 
  4. Get a coach for the debate and prepare.   The difference between Romney and Newt in the Florida debate was preparation.  Newt looked not only tired but looked like he had not prepared.  Debates are his strength, but Romney did better.  Romney prepared.  Romney figured out how to get inside Gingrich and throw him off his game so there would be no repeat of South Carolina.  Even the greatest athletes in the world have coaches to keep them sharp.   Romney hired Michele Bachmann’s debate coach before the last debate.  If you do not have the best coach out there getting you as prepared as you have ever been, it is game over.
  5. Neutralize Santorum.   Santorum is splitting the conservative vote.  Romney’s strategy has always been to be the last man standing.  He has no competition for the RINO vote.   When Santorum makes statements like he can carry Ohio, Pennsylvania, he is advertising his strengths to be the number two guy on the ticket.  Santorum has no chance.  He will crater with women.  Newt has no problem with women compared to Santorum.   Sarah Palin blasted Santorum for being a “Neanderthal.”
  6. Unite the party.  Newt is the only one who has ever united the party.  He did it twice in South Carolina.   Do it again at the next debate.  At the next debate, the drive by media will be working hand in hand with Romney to take Newt off of his game.  He should just ignore them as he has done in other debates and concentrate on his message.


In football terms, the two-minute warning has just sounded.  Newt is down by seven.  He has the ball first and ten at his own twenty yard line.   He’s got to go and score by Super Tuesday to kick this into overtime.


No one doubts that Newt can do this.   The question is will he?

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I'll vote 4 whichever Republican wins, but I reserve the right the keep them in the straight and narrow.  Mean while we need to convince Newt to go positive and  clobber Obama ever which way to Sunday.  Obama gives us fuel everyday.  Releasing Taliban while our men are still fighting them!  We have a worse than a complete idiot in the White House. 


Remember, a Morman who may think he is superior to you is still alot better than a Muslim who wants to kill you and all non Muslims.

Newt has to start talking about current issues such as, the Chinese are/will  drilling for oil 60 miles from our shore-why?  Why not us?  He should bring up Obamas political blunders as soon as possible.  Tell us how and what he would do or not do. When he is making a speech-never-ever mention Romney at all!

Judson, It sounds like this message is to Newt Gingrich. Have you sent it to his campaign headquarters?

If not, I will if you don't mind. Even if he has heard it, it can't hurt. Did he have a debate coach on the Carolina debates? He hit a grand slam then. If it is the same coach, what happened?

Like someone else said also: Pick a couple real problems in this country and then give the solution and exactly what you will do to solve it. That is what people liked about Cain. He stated the problem and gave a 1,2,3 answer that the simplest of people could understand. Hey, there are no debates left are there? It's gotta be a different plan than a debate to get his touch down!

SOMEONESAID SANTORUM IS THE PROBLEM, and is not the SOLUTION IN THIS RACE. neither is PAUL a solution as well. these 2 are killing the conservative VOTE. ROMNEY IS CERTAINLY NEVER A SOLUTION IN THIS RACE AS WELL. "BAGGAGE' A WHOLE TRUCK LOAD FULL enuf ammo fer obuma to slam at him. also obuma HAS A TRUCK LOAD OF BAGGAGE AS WELL. neither one has any plus factors to help the AMERICAN PEOPLE. this is the real reason SANTORUM SHOULD RESIGN THE RACE NOW and endorse NEWT. we all know the PAULBOTS and PAUL WILL NOT STEP ASIDE. to allow NEWT TO GET AHEAD IN NV. I believe something will happen to help NEWT in the next 72 hours. someone in the other camp might realize we need to hv a real conservative running against obuma. not a dumb stupid libertard disguised as a GOP conservative. I hpe I am right abt a positive happening in NEWT'S FAVOR. otherwise our TEA PARTY GOOSE WILL BE COOKED..

THE NEW TEA PARTY, SHOULD WE LOSE TO obuma. some one mentioned this in another thread. WELL got news fer you. obuma will work to kill freedom of speech during obuma's possible second term. YES we may have tea parties HOWEVER. we can believe with restricted freedom of speech and censorship such as in CHINA. our POLITICAL CLOUT will be very,very limited. almost no say or be critical of the regime in DC. REMEMBER RULE #1 LIBERALS HATE CRITIQUE. and will squash it thru their media and maybe killing off freedom of speech or thereby limiting it along with censorship of the PRESS. LIMITING FREEDOM OF THE PRESS AS WELL. so if any new TEA PARTY FORMS AFTER obuma has a possible second tern we are all scrooged at that point. let us hpe this scenario does not happen. keep us free on all fronts. NEWT 2012 NV.


Regardless of the outcome of this race, we must start working on a third party (Tea Party). I am tired of being forced to vote for a candidate that is put in place by the good old boys in the Republican Party. When I was young and lived in NY, the Conservative Party was always on the ticket as a third party. Most of the time they carried the same candidate as the Republican Party but occasionally, they would run one of their own. But you could always see by the numbers that it was the Conservative vote that put their candidate in office which gave the Conservatives a way to hold their feet to the fire.

If you have any sense of patriotism you know that any of the Republican candidates are far better for the country than Obama. We know what Obama's policies are and what they will produce, increasing debt, class warfare, increasing federal intrusion etc..

Knowing what we know about Obama through his past actions, how can anyone refuse to support "any" candidate who would rise to oppose him?

Ever since I signed on to the Tea Party website I attempted to get all of us focused on those areas which we can all agree. From what I have seen the issues presented to the Tea Party members were not to unit you, but to incite you to anger, and fragmenting any common goals.

Let’s all agree that Obama must not get re-elected. That being said then we MUST vote for whomever the Republicans nominate. To vote for any third party candidate or to refuse to vote is a vote for OBAMA.

See the goal and do not be dissuaded from it. Beat Obama!

I have another question. As part owner of a team (State Delegate, Republican) why and how was the winning team (Romney) called before the kick-off?  Even before the first Caucus the Umpires ( all the media) had declared a leader. How? Well, somehow the winning numbers were posted on the scoreboard before the game (Polls). Now,, I am very active and NO ONE ever ask me or anyone I know. As a fan I have been booing! The post game analysis (Pundits) are telling me why Romney is going to win and it stinks. The stats don't add up!


Obama won the GA case. Failure to appear, failure to produce documents and he won!

Maybe he produced a threat to the judge


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