Tea Party Nation has conducted another presidential preference straw poll.  This time, it included the eight announced candidates and the two potential candidates (Palin and Christie).  The results are in.


Who is the winner?


Herman Cain.


Herman Cain took in 44% of the vote, reflecting his surging popularity among conservatives and Tea Party supporters.  Coming in second, with 22% was Newt Gingrich, also reflecting his surge.


The rest of the field broke down as follows:


Sarah Palin 9%

Michele Bachmann 8%

Ron Paul 5%

Rick Perry 4%

Chris Christie 2.5%

Mitt Romney 2%

Rick Santorum less than 2%

Gary Johnson less than .5%

Jon Huntsman less than .5%


The numbers have been rounded.


This poll has some interesting surprises in it.  Michele Bachmann, who won the original poll back in June has seen her percentage drop from 43% in June to 8% now.   Rick Perry’s collapse has been stunning.  In June, even as an unannounced candidate, he was getting 15% of the vote.  In August, that shot to 29% of the poll vote.  Now he has crashed to 4% of the vote. 


The two big winners were Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich.  Cain drew a respectable 14% in Jun and Gingrich only drew a little over 1%.   In this latest poll, Cain has rocketed to the top with 44% and while Gingrich is not exactly nipping at his heels yet, has gone to second place with a significant increase.


For Mitt Romney, this poll is yet another sign he can forget about Tea Party support.  Only 2% of those in the poll supported him.  Last month, TPN did a poll asking, “If Mitt Romney were the GOP nominee, would you vote for him?”  A staggering 45% said they would not vote for him if he were the nominee.


Perhaps the biggest loser out of this poll is Michele Bachmann.  Her once strong Tea Party support has evaporated.   Rick Perry, who needs Tea Party support if he is going to prevail seems to have lost almost all of his support. 


Among the Tea Party, based on this poll, it seems to be a two man race for the support of conservatives between Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich.   


One of these two will be the conservative choice to face off against Mitt Romney. 



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I am sorry that Bachmann has dropped so much. But, it is still early.
THEY WONT LET HER TALK! :) Have you ever noticed that? They refuse to ask her many questions, they never let her finish and they treat her like she is second class. this is why she has low votes...NO ONE KNOWS HER! It makes me sick! This is why I stoped voting for her...I give up to be honest. She'll NEVER make it because they are making sure that she wont! Annoying!

I think Michelle is a great constitutionalist, but when they do give her the chance to talk, her main focus is to repeal Obamacare, which absolutely needs to be repealed, it is definitely a disaster.

But her platform needs to be much more than just Obamacare.

Her platform IS much more and she has said so, given the opportunity. That's why she won the straw poll in IA in 40 days of campaigning.  She knows that these two programs Obamacare and Dodd-Frank have businesses by their throats. It's extreme socialism that creates a business climate that kills jobs.

Remember that she has been tirelessly fighting in the House every assault this regime has shoved down our throats over the last 2 and 1/2 yrs.  She's fought Cap and Trade, went after ACORN and stopped their funding, card check, Obamacare, Dodd-Frank and the budget fights, the debt ceiling. She's been on the right side of defunding liberal programs like Planned Parenthood, propagandist NPR.  I can't think of a single issue that she's let down the conservative, Tea Party voice in addition to raising money and helping new congressional recruits come to DC to reinforce our campaign for liberty.


Boehner complained during the budget battle that some of these new Tea Party folks were hard to whip into line because he couldn't bribe them with something for their district -- in other words, 'business as usual'.  You won't see Ms. Bachmann sitting on a park bench with Nancy Pelosi chatting up curbing green house gases like Newt!



She's still the best choice, bar-none, in my book. I hope she makes a comeback!

Katie, if Michelle started talking about some of the pressing issues, they would be flocking to

her with microphones. I hear 2 talking points from her and I'm tired of hearing them! A titanium

spine and vaccinations for "little girls". Again I repeat, why isn't she YELLING about lodging

charges against Ovomit on Solyndra, on AG Holder lying and covering up D&F? Seems like

congress can't get far enough away from it, except Issa and Smith of Tx. That's why I'm sick

of politicians telling me what they would do! It's Show Me Time! ! ! "Go Patriot"

I agree, Debrajoe.  I think Michele Bachmann can overcome her current place in the poll, just like Herman Cain did.  She needs to ramp it up!

This "tag,  you're it!" process it getting a little exasperating (not that I wouldn't be grateful to God if Cain won the primary!).

However, it has given each of the main contenders a little time in the spotlight.  I prefer that, to letting the media pick a winner right out of the gate.


This is very ture. But however that's because when they do let her talk it is about Health reasons. That's why it seems that you are on target. It's just not fair to her. She is WONDERFUL, she is what we need. But how can anyone see that if they don't let her talk. I don't understand why she has not commented on that.


You are right on target there. That's what is happening, the Media is choosing who is going to win. Or at the Very least they are TELLING us who we want to hear from. Michele is a Strong, Smart leader that happens to be a woman. Liberals HATE women!


I think she's done a good job of jumping in and changing the conversation when she can, but she's getting that same treatment reserved for non-political class conservatives with an added measure of angst for being a woman.

It would come across as whiney or weak, if she complained about the lack of coverage or unfair treatment.  I think it's pretty obvious to anyone who watches the debates, interviews what's going on.  The best thing you can do is give her financial support, support her as we're doing now in social media and do your homework on the other candidates.

I've been watching and getting to know Michele ever since Obama got elected.  She, along with Jim DeMint, Mike Pence, Steve King were consistently at the forefront going after the progressive agenda with a vengeance. She's a true believer, and a fighter that deserves our consideration, whether the media and the GOP establishment concur or not. 

I had a feeling that this was going to be the turn out. :) I like both of them alot. But Newt is my favorite. now just for fun here is a great picture.

Did you hear Tom Trento ambush Gary at what looked like O'Hare Airport?

Johnson didn't know even who CAIR was, much less appear to care that

they were the Muzzlamidan Botherhood tentacle in the USA.  Johnson is

a dufus who is completely at sea beyond his few prepared sound bites.  I

would say he has a tenth of the qualifications of even Ron Paul, who has

himself come up clueless on Realpolitik in the larger World.

Yeah, smokin' that funny wacky weed kinda slows the thought processes, or makes one NOT

to give a damn! that's Gary Johnson. He wants to medicate America! ! !


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